Coleman’s Corner: Beltran’s Position

One day after the possible new Mets centerfielder rolled into camp, the incumbent centerfielder came to town to report for work. Carlos Beltran showed up in Port St. Lucie, sought out manager Terry Collins, and sat down for a meeting to decide whether he’d remain in center or move to right field. Collins explained what Beltran said.

G.M. Sandy Alderson further clarified matters by detailing what Beltran will start out doing.

As for Beltran, he’d prefer to remain in center but will keep an open mind.

Many people feel that the outfield is the outfield, but Beltran wanted to emphasize that playing elsewhere from center is something very foreign to him in his career.

Whatever the outcome, Beltran said it would be a group decision and he would be on board with it.

Legendary Hall-of-Fame pitcher Sandy Koufax made his first visit to Mets camp this spring on Saturday. He paid special attention to lefties Chris Capuano and Jon Niese, and Collins, who’s known Koufax for 30 years, said it was both enlightening to his pitchers and a thrill for him.

Jason Bay arrived late Saturday and will work out on Sunday. Still no Luis Castillo sighting – maybe Sunday. We’ll see.

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pixy Colemans Corner: Beltrans Position

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  1. Vincent C. says:

    Carlos Beltran is the key to this team, full stop. The Mets can win without Reyes, but without Beltran they don’t have a hope.
    People wonder why Wright’s power numbers are down over the last two years. Simple reason is that he didn’t have Beltran protecting him. Reyes is fast, but he does not have one ounce of baseball instinct. He gets picked off, overruns bases, dives past balls. When Reyes’ natural athletic talents start to wane his career will come to an abrupt end. It’s not a coincidence that the Mets made the playoffs when Beltran had one of his best years and when Beltran left the line up completely mid-way through last season the Mets when into a nose dive. If Beltran can regain his form they will do well. I say trade Reyes now when you can get something for him like a pitcher or two, move Castillo over to short and have Murphy play second. Reyes is as good as he’s going to get.

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