Tony’s Table: Orzo Pasta, Andouille Sausage & Asparagus

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — In this segment of Tony’s Table, CBS 2’s Tony Tantillo teaches Cindy Hsu about his fabulous orzo, sausage and asparagus.

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  • ginny

    I agree with all above comments. Saw a recipe on Ch 2 tonight for mushroom bruschetta that looked delicious but did not have a pencil handy to write down intredients. Have been searching and searching and they make it impossible to find. If anyone saw it and knows what he did please advise.

  • Barbara Barrella

    Please I would love the recipe for this orzo dish. Please send to my email
    Thank you

  • kelly

    Has anyone been able to get this recipe yet? How annoying

    • Gary

      OK, I finally gave up on the recipe. I went to Tony’s website to let him know what was going on. All I got in response was an email from a “member of his staff” basically blaming CBS for everything but still not volunteering any recipe. Totally unprofessional. I took the list of ingredients and used my own judgement on how to prepare it and discovered it’s fairly easy to duplicate and most of the ingredient amounts are relatively flexible. Cook the sausage first for about 20 min. then cut into bite size chunks. I cut the asparigus into 1″ pieces and steamed them for three minutes before adding them. The rest was just common sense. Whatafiasco! Could have been easily avoided and just as easily remedied.

      • hungry now

        Hey Gary — Did he cook the orzo before the segment? He threw it in at the last moment and it takes longer than 15 seconds to cook…

    • janet

      No, his website email suggested I return to this website and choose a different recipe!

  • Louis Fiore

    Tony, We watched you make this on channel 2, we have the ingredients but no recipe. Please forward us the recipe. Perhaps we can enjoy it tomorrow night.

  • Jetty

    OK. Enough already! Give us the recipe!!!!!!

  • nancy

    i want recipe too, very frustrating to find the video and not the recipe

  • Steve

    This is a disgrace you cant even get the recipe from his web page !!! why have a damn spot on it its a total tease and waste of time!

  • Joseph Tricarico

    Well once again cbs forgot to give the recipe. This web site is horrible and that is why it is not my home page.

  • Joseph Tricarico

    This is not the first time you show the missing parts of the recipe and then you fail to give us the recipe on the web. I agree with Vikki the web is horrible. Who ever created this web page needs a new job.

  • Jetty

    I also want recipe!!!!!!

  • greedo

    nathan frandino

    • greedo

      was his job to put up recipe

  • Dr. Maggie Indrepidino

    I must have this recipe by this evening. I think I will email Tony directly. His email address is located on his website. Just GOOGLE his name.

    • globronx

      Plse pass along if you’re lucky to get it! Thks!

  • PO'ed!

    I AM SO ANGRY!!!!! I WANT THIS RECIPE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!


  • sumpa

    no recipe find me can. do to what? food make no time then finish.

  • Lucille

    Please forward recipe for Tony’s Table: Orzo Pasta, Andouille Sausage & Asparagus

  • miriam ruth kantorovitz

    where is the recipe? i keep clicking on the photo at the top but nothing happens.

    • Scott

      How do I get this recipe??

      • miriam ruth kantorovitz

        i have no idea. i was clicking on the photo for over an hour but nothing happens. this is very frustrating!

  • Donna

    Where can we find the recipe?

  • Tracey

    would love the recipe, but like others can’t find it

  • Anon

    I love Andouille, so I took 30 seconds to watch video-here’s what I saw
    Throw some chopped garlic in a pan with EVO.
    Saute sliced Andouille, together with some jalepeno pappers (to taste) and Asparagus (looks sliced to about 2-3 inch pieces. Add a little water to help the cooking process) then add some shopped tomatoes and even some chopped scallieons (a passing comment I think I heard). As the whole thing starts to cook well, Add the Orzo- cook for a couple more minutes and serve- looks yummy!
    Will make it tomorrow with remaining Andouille I just used for Gumbo.

    • globronx

      What about the ORZO, did it look like 1/2 cup cooked to you?

  • Vikki

    Seriously, I cannot believe that CBS has such a poor website. The person maintaining this site should be FIRED! I want the recipe for Andouille Sausage and Asparagus recipe. You have the worst site, who is reading these comments? Obviously not anyone with any supervisory powers!

  • Rick

    This website redesign continues to be a terrible experience. It is no longer a “favorite” of mine. Please forward this to your advertisers – they may be interested in knowing that you are driving your demographic away!

  • nathan

    Yes but more importantly, how is Cindy’s burn?

  • Eunice Guttenschlein

    I wanted to make this for my family tonight. Why isn’t the recipe available? What is going on at CBS? Why do they keep doing things like this? Is there anyone actually working at CBS? What is wrong with you people?

    What is Tony Tantillo’s email address?

  • Judy

    I don’t want to watch the video, already saw it on tv. I want to be able to print out the recipe. Why is the print button there just to print out the web page?

  • Ann

    Same – would love the recipe, looks delicious!

  • Ross

    Just remember to approach the orzo slowly with your sausage so as not to suprise the asparagus which could result in a rather flacid meat which does not go well with organic rise or merlot…

  • PO'ed!


  • globronx

    Tony – where’s the recipe?

    • janet horton

      where can i find the recipe?…thx, janet

  • Gary

    Ditto here. Where can I get recipe?

  • mattie

    cant get recipe please foward thank you

  • Lisa

    Please forward this recipe to me. Thanks so much. Looks delicious

  • Gjm

    Same can’t get recipe

  • jeanne

    unable to find and printout recipe. please forward – thanks

  • louis

    cant get recipe website not working. please forward recipe.
    thank you

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