90-Year-Old Among Those Charged With Stealing From Food Pantry

Harrison Town Employees Accused Of Robbing The Poor

HARRISON, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — The story has stunned a Westchester County community. Half a dozen town employees have been arrested and suspended. The group has been accused, of all things, of preying on a community food pantry.

Published reports say six Harrison town employees were charged with petty theft for incidents in December and January at the town food pantry, reports CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey.

Authorities would not confirm if it was just food or cash or both allegedly stolen from the pantry. Regardless, Harrison residents were floored.

“We can’t believe it. We can’t. We can’t believe it,” resident Chuck Allard said.

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Allard was among the residents stunned by the allegations.

“They stole from the poor. That’s as far as I see it. They stole from the poor,” Allard said.

Harrison Police were not talking about the case Monday night, so it’s unclear whether money or food was taken.

“That’s terrible that we’re living in times like that. It’s unfortunate,” resident Rosalia Daliapes said.

Among those charged was 90-year-old Florence Di’Imperio — the head of the community’s Meals on Wheels program. She turned out the lights of her home Monday night when Hennessey and his crew rolled up.

Also arrested was her son, Darryl, who lives nearby but wasn’t home, and Sheryl Toplyn, who also didn’t want to talk.

The mayor of Harrison is Joan Walsh. Hennessey went to her house to get some facts but, incredibly, she told someone inside the house to tell CBS 2 she was too busy to talk about the alleged thefts.

Neighbors of the suspects didn’t know what to think.

“If it’s true, it’s something that we can only condemn,” said Michel Botbol, one of the suspect’s neighbors.

“In my association with her she’s been nothing but a very nice individual and it’s very hard, hard to believe,” neighbor Tony Copolla said.

If true, do these allegations make you angry? Tell us in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. Sandra Reyes says:

    they need to give the public a lesson

  2. Diane Vitanza says:

    what has that got to do with Egyptian’s Army whether she was 90 or not she knows right from wrong .

  3. eddie ramosw says:

    i glad thay got what was coming to them next time check thay back groung i mean the family keep up the good work.god bless all. eddie ramos

  4. Laura-Jo says:

    It makes no diffirence if they took money or food or both. They given the trust by the people who over see the running of the pantry. And they were there to help ones who had to ask for help in a time of need. And they betrayed both.
    That to me is the way it is in a majority of these little towns. They have put their trust in the wrong people.

  5. Gholamhosain Tasbihi says:

    Some are so much generous as the Egyptian’s Army who let Mubark go with $70b while for a little bit of food you dishonor a 90 year old grandma.

    1. michael lopez says:

      so true

    2. Truth says:

      Yeah u guys are real smart to let him go with so much money. Your country would be a lot better off if they had an extra 70b.

    3. Laura-Jo says:

      She dishonered herself. If someone is teusted with a littel or a lot they should not think that it’s ok to betray that trust.

  6. Marelicia Y says:

    WOW. They must have been very hungry, including great grandma. II personally do not like food pantry foods. I would rather starve first. That’s just me.

    1. Sandra Reyes says:

      I never need food from the pantry but be carefull and mark your words lady

  7. Moi says:

    Well are we talking about eating an oatmeal bar here and there or are we talking about taking bags home?

  8. MARK says:



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