Groceries, Clothing Will Soon Cost You More Money

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Coming to a store near you: Sticker Shock.

Global wheat prices have more than doubled in the last six months, corn and sugar prices rose 73 percent, and cotton futures are up 44 percent since the beginning of this year, according to analysts.

Shoppers in Queens tell 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera that they’re already seeing higher prices

All of this will mean you’ll have to dig deeper to pay for the basic necessities in coming weeks.

Food prices will rise – not just at grocery stores but at restaurants as well. Local merchants who say they’ve held the line on prices during the economic downturn say they won’t be able to do that much longer.

“Soon you’ll have to come with a shopping bag full of money to take home an item,” one shopper told 1010 WINS’ Mona Rivera.

The increase in cotton prices means you’ll be paying more for clothing — including anything from underwear to overcoats.

A mother of five buying groceries at a Stop And Shop in Little Neck told Rivera that the price of cereal is up but there seems to be “less and less” in the boxes.

“I can’t get out of the store without spending $300, $400 a week and I’m really not getting value for my money,” another shopper said.

One woman told Rivera that she’s noticed prices at the supermarket has increased just this past week.

Are you already feeling the pain at the checkout counter? Let us know below


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  1. zed says:

    I paid $6 for a jar of peanuts today. We’ve all been happily paying $10 for a bag of popcorn for years now. A ticket to see the Yankees, I don’t even know how much that would cost, because it’s outside my budget.

  2. Kenton says:

    If I had 300 to 400 dollars a week to spend on groceries I’d be eating Filet Mignon every night. Who are these incredibly rich people who eat that much food?, we feed a family of three on less than 400 dollars (Food budget) a month. We don’t have a car, but we have the basic luxuries, a roof over our head (which was fire damaged and we got it cheap and fixed it up) A decent yard for the family, my wife says we are on the Happy side of poor.

  3. jk says:

    What is our clueless President doing to turn this economy around. Two years and still no good plan. We get what we pay for I guess.

    1. Devenio says:

      It took 8 years for George Bush to mess up the country and you want it fixed in 2? Who is the clueless one here?

    2. Rev. William Rubin says:

      Not for nothing is it called OBAMAFLATION.

  4. cat says:

    Time to start even a window garden to supplement. Seeds are cheap and fresh is best. Sugar is bad for us anyway so just let it go. Second hand shops are just fine except for undies, socks and shoes. Lentils are cheap and make easy foods. We have to change our diets and habits as there are so many people who demand items and only so much supply. Blaming anyone is a waste of time and doesn’t solve the problem. I think the politicos should be eating public school lunches at their functions, but that is just me.

  5. JR says:

    Can you all say…”Double Dip Recession” ??????????? It’s coming, we have not seen anything yet, the last 2 years were just a prelude. Blame your Government and politicians who live fat, dumb and happy on your dime!

    1. johnny says:

      Blame your Unions for milking the system dry.

      1. Mohamed says:

        U.S. taxpayers give Billion$ and Billion$ to Israel…maybe some of this money can help the American economy?

      2. Johnny Handsome says:

        @jOHNNY: Anyone who thinks the Unions are the ones causing this economic crisis is someone who has no clue what is going on in the world. Do you really think teachers caused the problems of the country? You have to ask yourself, whats changed over the last 8 years? Why are states suddenly broke? What happened to all the money? Remember all those bail outs over the last 8 years? Well that was the money needed to run the states. The bankers – where your anger and hate should go – pretty much took OUR money and also decided they didn’t want to take a loss on their ill advise investments. At present states can no longer to pay WHAT THEY PROMISED and OWN BY LAW so the unions have to be made into this big evil money sucking monster. No matter the fact that it the states that invested in these same messed up home loans. You want a monster,its not the unions, its the banks but none of you seem to know this, Nor Care.

  6. Barre Flynn says:

    Peter pumpkin eater is to blame. I guess we will all have to go on a forced diet. Not to bad. Can anyone guess who is going to get rich over this? Someone will and most of us will get a little bit poorer. In 50 years nearly 75% of the world will go to bed hungry if current food production continues.

  7. Trader Vic says:

    So prices go up a little… With the huge bonus I get from my job ( on Wall St. as a highly valued and contributing member of society) I can afford all these increases, and much more. If you’re complaining, then you should have done better for yourself finically or educationally, or better yet been born born into a better family. There have always been kings, princes, knights, and surfs. And there always will be.

    1. bob says:

      Nice, So you believe that your so special that you can’t be replaced .That’s great
      and you believe you will always be able to make more and more money and that your investments will or can never disappear and that your invisible to be come poor because of your Family .hum what side of the tracks did you come from ?

    2. Johnny Handsome says:

      I’m so happy for you trader vic. You’ll be one of the first hung from the wall street sign once the stuff hits the fan. Once the people realize that it was you and your wall street criminals that have them starving and dying in the street. Of course by then, you’ll be broke also because the real power only uses you to get what it wants. Be happy Vic. Your days are numbered.

    3. JK says:

      Nice try. Wall Street execs typically come from ivy league schools or have an equivalent level of education. You can’t even spell serf or financially correct. Stop trying to act like something you’re not for the sake of proving a meaningless point.

    4. Glenn Harding says:


  8. Robert Senn says:

    this is why we should not be in the midf east our gov should respect its people and get out of all foriun countries and start protecting its own the country is broke cause we give it all away we make alot of people rich in other countries but not in our own the gov just keeps taken and we get nothing in return

  9. TWIRL says:


  10. mjp says:

    Its not going to get better until we have population control. There is way to many people in the country, and we keep letting more join in on the fun, just not the taxes. Stop taking from the poor(middle class getting poorer by the day) and giving to the rich.

  11. Greta says:

    First of all, DO NOT buy cereal. It’s just sugar cubes with a few vitamins thrown in. Don’t buy ANY manufactured food if you can help it. Make your own bread for pennies on the dollar, grow your own vegetables and stop eating meat. Buy a fishing pole and go catch your own dinner. If you must shop, go to Best Yet supermarket. They have really low prices on fruits and vegetables. You can get a tomato for 69 cents there that will cost you $2.99 a pound at stop n shop. Coupons help a lot too. Some people just don’t know how to shop.

    1. pat Yeary says:

      A scientific study compared rats fed corn flakes with rats fed the boxes. The boxes won hands down for nutritional value. White sugar in any form paralyzes the white blood cells which are a major line of defense. God´s Word tells us to resist the enemy and he will depart from us. If you´ve taken even one anti-biotic your major line of defense has been destroyed and it will take 6 months of eating pro-biotics, 3 a day. If you eat white sugar and have taken a-b, you can´t resist.

  12. leisa says:

    a piece of bread will buy a bag of gold….

  13. Reginald D. Vanderbilt III says:

    Won’t have any impact on me. I am incredibly wealthy. You should try being rich. It is much better than being poor.

    1. Lord Mumpford B Climbsworth says:

      Ah Reginald, It’s so nice to have another person of high economic status here on the interweb. Personally I will be buying as many groceries as I can now and selling them to the pitiful residents of Cleveland over the next several years at highly inflated prices.

      Now it’s off to my dirigible/penthouse apartment where I can safely avoid paying property tax due to my non-permanent residence status. Isn’t life GRAND?

  14. REGINA says:


    1. food stamps for paco says:

      Hey twottzilla,

      How much time and gas do you spend “looking around”?

      Time is money too.

    2. June says:

      I agree with you that its the processed foods that cost much more to buy, and produce. There are ways to eat healthy and stay on budget. My only concern is the bill that was very quietly passed in December making it illegal to sell produce at a road side stand, which will include farmers markets unless they are established as a business and meet food health codes (which again increases cost).

  15. MH says:

    Does this surprise anyone? Goverment manufactured financial crisis under Bush! where thousands lose their 401 k plans! Prices continue to skyrocket! Wages go nowhere! Next they’ll want to raise the retirement age to 70! Oh wait a minute, they’re trying to pass that in the congress as we speak! Do you think that the goverment doesn’t want the baby boomers to retire? One has to wonder!

    1. Trish says:

      The boomers can’t retire, are being laidoff and can’t get a job because of age discrimination.
      Unfortunatly our dollar is being devalued as we speak. We are turning into Argentina at the turn of this century, where the cost to travel on a taxi changed by the minute: One price when you got on and a different price when you got off.

  16. Alex says:

    What sense for us to have President who is not accountable for anything? Just a rooster to scream?

  17. Davd says:

    Well, it might be a big deal, except the price of wheat only amounts to 4 cents a loaf, so we double the price of wheat, and it’s 8 cents a loaf. Sugar costs double.. raising the cost of making a soda pop a whole 1 cent. Hot dayum, cotton is up to 75cents a pound, up from 50 cents.. and it adds a dime to the cost of your favorite pair of levi’s.

    Folks, the simple truth, food, fiber, any ag product is an absolute bargain and has been for over 60 years. This sticker shock might, just might mean you turn off the lights in an empty room, or you walk that block to the park, or better yet you get off your dead ass and do something besides spend money on your cable, your music, your ipad, your cell phone all the stuff that really only adds pleasure to your life, instead of meeting your basic needs.

    Get Real is so appropriate here.

    1. Ryan Flannery Robinett says:

      I agree

    2. GW says:

      But isn’t it a shame that we are all going to be reduced to only being able to purchase “the basics”. The American Dream is quickly becoming something only to be remembered.

  18. weathergirl says:

    It’s the weather, not politics. If you want to make it political, blame the government for not signing on to Kyoto, and the idiots who still deny there’s climate change going. You reap what you sow. This has nothing to do with Obama.

  19. Mike H says:

    They say the the reason for higher oil prices aside from the current middleast crisis is due to speculation. I wish someone would speculate on my income and send that through the roof!

  20. regular white guy says:

    The real cause of this can be traced back to David Tolsnack. He is to blame.

  21. Doris says:

    Incredible that the media does not connect Obama with the inflation his policies have created… How come when Bush was president the media covered, non-stop, how high gas prices were… Since Obama started implementing his policies, both food and prices have gone up! Why isn’t CBS, NBC, or ABC not even minimally questioning Obama’s policiesand reporting more on how fast inflation in going up… I bet if you asked any of those media outlets, they’ll blame it on Bush! Frickin idiots!

    1. iincredulous says:

      Well let’s see, genius, did Obama start TWO foreign wars and then LOWER TAXES? Do you think that could have anything to do with what’s happening to prices now? Come on, I know you can think it through…

    2. Darwin says:

      To all the idiots blaming Obama, this is happening around the world in every country, how can you blame one man? Go watch some more FOX news.

    3. Diane says:

      When Bush was if office and turned a large surplus into a deficit with foolish refunds, bogus was and bailouts or banks and corporations, no one made a peep about the wasted money. Now everyone is jumpi all over Obama for not only his part in borrowed money to try to help the country get back on its feet, but Bush’e deficit as well. Obama has nothing to do with the rising prices, but I dare say the corporations controlling big oil do, and the speculators that keep jacking up the oil prices, which in turn jack up shipped goods.

    4. Johnny Handsome says:

      Doris, please tell us less informed people what polices of the Obama admin do we have to blame for the current WORLD economic problem? If you looked at the world and noticed that this is happening in every country on the planet then maybe you might be able to see who the real boggie man is. Who has global economic reach into every country? Not Obama. Try the banks. Look at the big picture.

  22. xl500steve says:

    thats what you get with the OBAMA /DEMOCRAT Stimulose print lots of money Give it to Unions and Banks NO Jobs then Rampant INFLATION

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      xl500steve – The United Stated does not print its own money. We borrow every dime we spend at interest from the Federal Reserve which in not part of the United States government, Its a group of private banks that lends money to countries and if you followed who has the money, you would know who is responsible for the current economic crisis.

  23. jim Smerdon says:

    Yeah, and Glenn Beck was called all kinds of names including the ever so popular FEAR MONGER , when he warned people THREE MONTHS AGO of the price increases they will see this year.

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      Glenn Beck is an idiot. If you want the real deal about whats going on, check out Alex Jones.

  24. jackie denney says:

    last winter I bought a lot of flour and sugar for my holiday baking..and sugar was .99 for a 4lb. bag and now it’s over $2…flour could be bough on sale for .79 cents and not it’s close to $1.50…that’s just 2 things…I used to have over $300 dollars after I had paid all my groceries and paid my bills. Now? I have less than $90…

    1. food stamps for paco says:

      jackie, sounda likea you needa a bettera yob mang.

      boosh ees to blame for dees sheeit, no obama]

      no geta me wronga. obama ees a burro

      but a boosh, he causa alla dee problemo.

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