N.J. Drivers Of Snow-Covered Cars Risk Fines

MAHWAH, NJ (CBS 2 / WCB S880) — If you’re driving a snow-covered car in New Jersey Tuesday, you’re risking a hefty fine.

WCBS 880 reporter Sean Adams along Route 17 in Mahwah

This is the first winter since a new state law took effect, holding drivers responsible for clearing snow and ice from their vehicles, and police have been writing citations.

Around 1,800 were issued by the end of January.

Basic fines range from $25 to $75, but they can go from from $200 to $1,000 if flying ice and snow from your car damages a vehicle or hurts somebody.

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  • Schwinn

    MA has a law about this, but I still see vehicles (particularly lazy SUV drivers) with snow left on the roof. If the police are crying about money, you’d think this would be an easy target versus stop signs and speeders… I mean, a simple photo is plenty of proof in a court, if the recipient chooses to fight it… versus the video-type evidence you’d need for other stops. Yet, the cops don’t bother…

  • vengeance

    I want a law that prohibits singing while driving!

  • Jorma

    How about enforcing the laws against using hand held devices while driving?

  • DanTe

    The cars are a small part of the problem – the big problem is the tractor trailers. Go after them, you fat lazy donut eaters!

  • Eric

    I wish NY would do this!! It would generate an awful lot of money from all the people that are too lazy and inconsiderate (of other drivers).

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