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Update: Hank Steinbrenner stopped in the lunch room today at the stadium that bears his father’s name, and briefly spoke to reporters looking for clarification of his remarks from the day before that seemed to condemn Derek Jeter for caring more about his new house than about winning.

For better or worse, the oldest of George Steinbrenner’s four children certainly doesn’t lack his father’s impulsiveness. The first brushfire of the 2011 Spring Training seems to have been doused for now. Jeter later acknowledged that he had gotten a message from Hank through a third party, and reiterated what he said in the morning, that he had no problem with the team’s ownership whatsoever.

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Derek Jeter took the high road. You expected different?

Over the course of 10 minutes this morning inside the Steinbrenner Field clubhouse, Jeter giggled his way through a very long “no comment” and gave no indication he was annoyed at Hank Steinbrenner’s comments.

Jeter’s biggest defense was that Hank never mentioned him by name. It’s hard to mistake the “busy building mansions” remark, but that didn’t stop Jeter from playing dumb regarding the latest verbal missile from The Boss’s oldest son.

Here is the complete session with Jeter this morning, who begins by playfully giving reporters his thoughts on what he thinks is the story of the day:

Several years ago Jeter and George made up with a playful Visa commercial. Maybe there’s a Home Depot spot in the making here. Or maybe the Captain will just ignore it altogether and go back to playing baseball.

Sweeny Murti

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