‘Hero’ Westchester Teen Stops Alleged Drunk Driver

Takes Matters Into His Own Hands After Car Side-Swiped

YORKTOWN, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A quick-thinking teenager is getting the credit for stopping a suspected drunk driver, using his own car to get the job done.

Police told CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis the woman, who allegedly struck the teen’s car on Tuesday night, had a blood-alcohol level of more than five times the legal limit.

Max Yovane, 17, is a hero among his friends and family. The Somers teen was in his car, driving with a friend, when his vehicle was hit on the driver’s side.

“I didn’t even see it coming, and she flew past me and sideswiped the side of my car,” Yovane said.

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Police said Yovane’s car was struck by 25-year-old Kathryn Angi, who was so drunk that she had to be hospitalized.

“I think it’s pretty scary because she could have really hurt us, or even one of my friends,” Yovane said.

He said he really didn’t know who he was dealing with behind the wheel, but that he knew he had to stop the woman in her tracks. So he decided to cut her off and got her to stop the car.

“She was laughing, crying, trying to talk, trying to apologize,” he said.

“I’m proud of him for stopping her,” his mother, Annie Yovane, said.

The incident brought back a terrible memory for Max’s mother.

“My mother was killed by a drunk driver when I was 13, so it had a bit of an effect on us,” she said.

“There was actually…there was a bottle right in the center console,” Yovane said.

Angi was charged with aggravated DUI, and she’s scheduled to head to court next Monday.

In the meantime, Max’s car needs some major TLC.

“I really like this car a lot, and I’m pretty upset about it, but at least we’re not hurt,” he said.

The minor damage that night could have been much worse had it not been for Max’s courageous act.

Max just got his driver’s license four months ago. His parents said they may reward his bravery with a brand new car.

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  • Jason

    All the people with negative comments toward a teen, who in my opinion did the right thing,
    should really consider the potential for tragedy that this girl could have caused.
    This girls Blood Alchohol level was so high it’s amazing and fortunate to all involved that this was a minor crash.

  • Jason

    This is response to regular white guy

    You are,” irregular.”

    I would love to know what kind of people in their twenties would even think of a 25 year old womenl and her “crew” beating people up.
    Your comments speak volumes as to your your stupidity!!!.

  • Max's Uncle

    Whats wrong regular white guy,you got your onions kicked in by kathy and her ugly friends .What a whimp

  • Max's Uncle

    WHats wrong regular white guy,no response.I’ll kick your ball right up into ypur neck.

  • kevin

    Alll of you who say he is not a hero are dumb, he potentially saved someone else from getting hurt or worse all of you schmucks who say he needed to be tested or that he isnt a hero need to find something in your lives worth this kind of recinigtion…..you all should realize what a courageous act this was and how uncourageous and outlandish you all are, your premis is irrealivent and your intelligence obviously not high at all.
    Well done Max

  • Grobbers

    If by hero you mean idiot kid then yes… He’s lucky he didn’t get his friend killed the way he ‘heroically boxed her in’… Stop praising people for idiotic things

    • Martin

      For your information ,he boxed her in at a traffic light and waited for police to to arrive.. I would hardly call that being an idiot… Would you rather her continue driving in that condition???
      With that much liquor in her system he probably saved her life…….

  • rangerfan

    She got arrested for a dwi in 2009 also why is nobody talking about that too. WHy was she allowed to drive

  • Mary

    This young man is not a hero…..he could have killed himself or someone else by trying to play “cop”. He should have called 911 and followed her from a distance to give the police a description and plate #.. 17 yr olds are far from ‘experienced ” drivers……I am glad he and his friends are alright. And shame on this woman for driving while drunk.

    • Martin

      I don’t think this boy tried to play cop or hero. From his comments it seems he turned his car around to find out why she was leaving the scene of an accident , called 911 and detained her untill police arrived.
      and it was a good thing he did. Some one that drunk should not have been driving.

  • sally rogers

    Stupid, just stupid. That is what you call 911 for. Its not like the cops in Westchester have anything better to do. Unless they are shooting college students.

    • Martin

      So your saying all westchester police are out looking
      to shoot college students?

      Shame on you for being so ignorant.

      911 was called,and luckily she was stopped in her tracks and no one was injured.

  • Devenio

    The term “Hero” is being tossed around rather loosely these days.

    • rena

      I guess you have never known someone injured or killed by a drunk driver.
      You sure as hell would be happy if you or a family member was on that road and he stopped her.

  • Scott Eaton

    micheal h needs to stop watching mayberry rfd

  • Scott Eaton

    Michael h you watch to much mayberry rfd ARREST THAT KID

  • Danny Schuler

    WHo is this woman, I need to (hic!) marry her.

  • bi-polor

    This kid did the right thing. Good for him. Others should follow his example.

    However, this kid should not have done this – he could have gotten himself or others hurt. Leave it to the cops.

  • Mr. Armenia

    The lady aologized and this teen went to far.

    Did the police ever mention where the teen was coming from or why he was on the road and was the teen driver tested for drugs and alcohol?

    • Nick G

      He was coming from mcdonalds lol
      It was 6 oclock at night thats why he was on the road
      He was clearly not on drugs or alcohol if the cops suspected he was they wouldve have tested him they talked to him for at least a half hour

    • C.J.

      Don’t understand why this makes him a hero.

  • Mr. Armenia, Sr.

    Please ignore my son’s incoherent ramblings. He’s what you would call…”special”.

  • raz

    pretty stupid i think, taking the law into your own hands, didn’t an employee just get fired from walmart for stopping a shoplifter? but this was way more dangerous. and be gifted with a brand new car? I should have had parents like that, i was lucky to gt fed. I dont get it.

    • Mr. Armenia

      The teen should be arrested for reckless driving and false imprisonment

      • rena

        Get your facts straight!

      • Mrs. Y

        You must be a moron! to say the kid should be arrested. That kid stopped an incoherent person from potentionally killing innocent drivers. Also, wherever and whoever this girl was drinkig should be questioned for allowing this person to get behind the wheel of a car.

  • Mr. Armenia

    Why is the alleged drunk drivers photo already being shown to the media?

    This violates the privacy act

  • Mr. Armenia

    He should just got the license plate of the cars driver and called 911.
    Taking the law into your own hands can result in dangerous consequences.

    Will the teen be investigated for impersonating a police officer for stopping the car?

    • Michael H.

      Impersonating a police officer? not quite. He executed what is called a “citizen’s arrest”. He witnessed a felony and detained the perpetrator until police arrived. That is the definition of “citizen’s arrest” and is perfectly legal.

      • drny

        Mr. Armeina – Seldom right and wring again!

      • Mr. Armenia

        sorry Michael he violated the ladies civil rights.

  • John Farnsworth

    This isn’t her first DWI. She was also arrested in 2009 for the same thing.

  • magpi

    amazing this kid survived cutting off someone who was that drunk, probably was not thinking too clearly himself at the time

    • Nick G

      If someone hit your car and than drove off you wouldnt let them get away stop using your GIRL LOGIC

  • Alex Paterson

    not a very good move actually, call the police and let the professionals do their job,
    you’re a smart kid, don’t become a statistic of motor vehicle accidents, he was very lucky.

  • regular white guy

    The kid is lucky he didn’t get his butt kicked by Kathy and her friends. They are one tough crew.

    Max should put some speed holes in his car – makes it go faster.

    • Max's Uncle

      Whats wrong stupid white guy,no response.You must have got your onions kicked in by Kathy and her drunk friends.What a whimp

    • Max's Uncle

      Ya there a real tough crew, If it was me I would have took a dump in her pocket book after I boxed her in

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