To Many Area Drivers, New Jersey Is Gas Price Utopia

Stations Near GWB Packed As Serious Savings Are Found

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — New York drivers know there’s a not-so-secret way to ease the pain at the pump. That’s right — gas up in the Garden State!

Reporter Tony Aiello was out on “pump patrol” in one of CBS 2’s Mobile 2 units on Thursday.

On the Rockland side of the New York/New Jersey state line one Gulf station Aiello saw was pretty much a ghost town.

So where did all the drivers go?

“Jersey. Where else would you go?” driver Louie Salerno said.

With gas prices about 14-percent cheaper than New York, Bergen County beckons.

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AAA said a gallon of regular in the five boroughs averages $3.51. Across the river in New Jersey it’s $3.09.

gas pump To Many Area Drivers, New Jersey Is Gas Price Utopia

Gas Pump (credit: CBS 2)

One New Yorker said his vehicle has a 60-gallon tank. By gassing up in New Jersey he saved $27. The owner of the Exxon near the George Washington Bridge said most of his New York customers are like Susan Sladowski — people who take advantage of a scheduled trip to Jersey.

“My daughter lives out over here, so when I know I’m gonna visit her, I don’t fill up in New York. I come over here and fill up. Taxes are less here, so gas is less,” Sladowski said.

But because of the traffic and the tolls to cross the river, “it doesn’t pay unless I happen to come to Jersey, because the tolls zero out the difference,” Sladowski said.

But one Pace University economist said as prices rise there is no doubt many New York drivers will “do the math” to see if it’s worth a special trip to gas up in New Jersey.

“If you have a 20-mile-per-gallon car, and you can save 50 cents a gallon, and you can take 20 gallons, suddenly that’s a 10-dollar saving. You can drive many miles to take advantage of that savings and still be ahead,” Professor Ron Filante said.

As the intensity of the civil unrest rises in Libya, so does the price of oil. It hit $103 a barrel Thursday, the highest since August 2008, and worries over supplies abroad were sparking fears here that not only could the cost of gas soon surge past $5 a gallon, but that prices for food and clothing could rise even higher as well.

The Commissioner of Consumer Affairs tells 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks that you are getting what you’re paying for at the pump

“I’m like, wait, November it was $2.79. Now, $3.73,” complained Sara Connoly of Brooklyn.

Libya exports less than 2-percent of the worlds oil, and a fraction of that comes to the United States. Also, consider it typically takes weeks, if not months for Middle East crude to be shipped and processed into gas we can use.

So it’s easy to understand why drivers are questioning why their price at the pump is rising so rapidly now.

 Why do you think gas prices are on the rise?

Asked what he just finished paying to fill up his jeep, James Carlton of Brooklyn answered: “More than I should have paid. I paid $58 for 15 gallons of gas.”

“Oil speculation is what’s driving up the price. I think it’s the greed of oil producers and certainly the speculators on Wall Street that have everything to do with the increase in oil prices. So I think thats really the issue,” said resident Ken Estey.

Even Coney Island Shell gas dealer Cuneyt Erdal said he was forced to pay higher wholesale prices. He said some of that extra cost has been passed onto a dwindling customer base.

“Of course I’m losing customers. And they increase 22-cents in two days,” he said, noting that the drop has cut into his profits.

One driver seemed suspicious of the price hike, suggesting companies look for “Any excuse they can find, it seems” to hike prices. “Just call me a disgruntled driver,” he said to CBS 2.

Consumer Affairs tells WCBS 880 Reporter Rich Lamb that consumers are getting every drop of gas they are owed.

With gas prices rocketing out of site, the Consumer Affairs Department inspected over 10,000 pumps around the New York City and found 97 percent of them delivered what you’re paying for.

“Even though prices are up our inspectors showed some fantastic news; accuracy compliance rate is at 97 percent across the city,” Consumer Affair Commissioner Jonathan Mintz said. “Ninety-seven percent of the time, almost every single time, these gas pumps are accurately dispensing what it is they tell you they’re dispensing.”

Do you head to New Jersey in times like these? Tell us about it in the comments section below.


One Comment

  1. johnny says:

    It’s looking like NY is shafting people by jacking up the tax per gallon.

  2. barre flynn says:

    This is america. Oil is a monopoly and we are beat. Someone gets richer and others get poorer. Anyone disagree

  3. poopie pirate says:

    i will not over and spread my a$$ cheeks to the gas companys

  4. HUGO says:

    Obama = FAIL

    1. Golan M. says:

      you said it 🙂

    2. Retired44 says:

      Looking forward to Newt, Mitt or Sara to stabilize gas prices….in 2012.

    3. Tom says:

      Nope, oil loving Republicans = FAIL

      This is why we need high speed rail

  5. Gudafffi says:

    On the bright side, the spike in prices will help curb greenhouse gas emissions, right? I bet the environmentalists are popping champagne bottles left and right. The Lybian uprising is reducing our impact on climate change! Yaaay!

  6. PaPa Joe says:

    As far as gasoline/oil prices go: if a dog peed on an oil well in Libya the oil companies would raise gasoline prices. After all, dog urine is a major threat to the civilized world and oi l supplies would be threatened. You could look it up !

  7. Mike says:

    Oil Prices go up, and gas prices follow right after. But, recently oil was down about 11% – to around 83 a barrel. Guess how many gas stations lowered their prices???? Right!

    1. Truth says:

      Don’t blame the gas stations, the oil companies don’t lower them. Another problem is the credit card companies, Since the majority uses credit cards, the gas stations have to increase their price by another 15 cents or so.

  8. nyer says:

    if u complain too much about gas prices, then leave ur car behind and commute or better not pedal ur bicycles.. i know, u people are just damn too lazy to commute or bike.. d only pedal u push is ur gas pedal..

    1. jtorres says:

      Sometimes mass transit or biking isn’t viable. You try “pedaling” from The Bronx to Staten island twice a week. In the rain and the snow or when it’s 12 degrees out. Or loaded down with groceries. It’s easy to sit there and judge but if you had no other choice you might see things differently. All prices are going to go up and that applies to everyone — including you, nyer.

  9. Cos says:

    Let’s put it this way… For the last 10+ years, Exxon has reported record profits for at least 4 of those years…. Now ask, “What does one think the reason for the hikes are?”

    1. Tom says:

      Which is why we need to reduce dependence on oil and have high speed rail 😀

      Other developed countries have it and Africa might have their first line built before we have a mile of True HSR in thus country. Go figure 😉

  10. Steven says:

    One word…..Greed

    1. infowars says:

      Another word … Control

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