Tri-State Union Workers To Rally In Solidarity With Wisconsin

TRENTON, NJ (WCBS 880 / AP) – A rally at the New Jersey Statehouse this Friday is just one of many being held across the country.

Union workers in the Garden State will hold a rally to support Wisconsin state workers, but New Jersey AFL-CIO president Charles Wowkanech draws comparisons between what’s happening in the Midwest and the state of things back east.

“This isn’t just about New Jersey. This is people all across America to stand up and fight to restore social and economic justice,” adds Wowkanech. “We’re prepared to make some concessions, but we just want an issue of fairness.”

He calls Gov. Chris Christie’s budget proposal tying property tax rebates to union givebacks divisive.

“We’re being blamed as the people that are responsible for this. You know, he’s taking advantage of this because of the economy,” Wowkanech tells WCBS 880 reporter Marla Diamond.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond with a preview

Christie says he’s not trying to break the unions or do away with collective bargaining.

In New York City, union members rallied at City Hall to protest what they call Mayor Bloomberg’s anti-labor policies and declare their solidarity with workers in Wisconsin.

WCBS 880 Reporter Rich Lamb with protesters outside City Hall

As Republicans in Ohio edge back on a bill that would strip public workers of their union rights, their counterparts in Wisconsin are slogging ahead on a similar proposal.

Both bills would take away many public workers’ right to collectively bargain benefits and work conditions. Wisconsin’s preserves their right to negotiate wages, and Ohio Republicans agreed to do the same Wednesday.

In Wisconsin, the Assembly has been debating the measure since Tuesday morning, with only a few short breaks. Senate Democrats are still missing, preventing that chamber from taking up the bill.

Republicans in both states maintain the measures would limit spending by giving local governments more flexibility in dealing with workers. Democrats and unions say the bills are political attacks on Democratic allies.

Do you side with the unions or the government? Let us know below

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One Comment

  1. Richard Zoppo says:

    I am being taxed out of my home and business. The wages and benefits being paid to public service uniom members are not sustainable. No one in the private sector gets pensions or 401 Ks without contributing at least 50% to them. The real question is, who is going to pay these union wages and benefits when all the citizens are taxed out of their houses and private sector jobs?

  2. bill beall says:

    no one is stopping any of you from joining a union to have a good job with good benefits. It is your right so step up and use it and dont be jealous of us who have. We fought for it and will fight to keep it. Solidarity forever

  3. Christie says:

    When will people understand that this country belongs to the rich?

  4. The Koch Brothers says:

    we are sick and tired of you lowly bugs getting in our way!! Shut up and do as you’re told! You have no chance of winning as we don’t play fair and never will. We are destined to rule this country and don’t have time to worry about your problems. We are tired of your pathetic whining!!!

  5. Mike says:

    I love how union workers drive Hondas, Hyundais and Toyotas – all non-union made – they don’t even support their own.

    1. Wis. says:

      The Gov. Bailed out the auto industry and the union made concessions to save their jobs. Now the top 100 got a 50% bonus. THAT’S THE AMERICAN WAY!

  6. Jeff says:

    Proud Union worker and must say the obvious. Just because you are not bright enough to insist on working for a union protected job does not give you the right to take from me. If you would wise up and stand for the unions your employment would be better, but as long as you suck up to the man and do his bidding you will be nothing more than a slave.

  7. Corey Booker says:

    Government Union workers are pieces of umemployable garbage. They should all be fired.

    1. Wis. says:

      Tell that to your snow plow driver next time you have a blizzard!!

    2. WI Proud says:

      Tell that to your kids teachers next time you show up for a cofernce; or tell that to a nurse the next time someone close to you is either really sickj or has been in an accident and needs to go tro the hospital.. YOU tell that nurse thats caring for your loved one what an unemployable piece of garbage they are!!!

  8. Kent Ebner says:

    Thugs always stick together. The Mafia controls the Unions. Every product used in N.J. & N.Y. costs more becasue of the billions of dollars skimmied off by the mafia controlled unions.

    1. Wis. says:

      What happened to Enron, Tyco,World Com etc. etc.? Do you think Ken Lay, Dennis Kozlowski or the rest of the CEOs belonged to a union? Wake up before it’s to late.

  9. Ann Marie Kellett says:

    Do union “workers” ever actually work – between the massive vacation days and holidays and the all important protest time when do they actually do the jobs they are paid with my money to do?

    1. Wis. says:

      Yes and you enjoy the same benefits because union workers fought and many died for them for all union and nonunion workers. You shoul be thankful.

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