On WFAN: Isola Defends Isiah-Carmelo Report

NEW YORK (WFAN/AP) — Frank Isola of the Daily News joined WFAN’s Marc Malusis on Thursday to talk about Isiah Thomas’ alleged involvement in the Carmelo Anthony trade, and what he described as “spin control” by Knicks owner James Dolan.

“I would also say this very directly. While Isiah Thomas is a friend of mine, a very good friend, he was not at all involved in this process,” Dolan said during Anthony’s introductory press conference Wednesday. “He wasn’t advising me or telling me what to do in any way, and any reports that imply that he was doing that are simply untrue and a fiction in somebody’s mind.”

Isola was among those reporting Thomas’ alleged involvement.

“We know it was Isiah Thomas telling him to get the deal done, he helped facilitate the deal. But it’s all spin control,” Isola said. “Why would I write it? I could be fired if it wasn’t true.”

LISTEN: Frank Isola talks Dolan, Carmelo trade with Marc Malusis

Dolan didn’t take any questions during his session with the media.

“He’s making it … about himself, stealing some of the thunder from Carmelo Anthony,” said Isola. “He’s also looking to try and come across as tough. Well, if you’re tough, take questions then.”

The Knicks released a statement Sunday saying Dolan, Donnie Walsh and coach Mike D’Antoni were on the same page, and the owner repeated that Wednesday, insisting they were “completely coordinated throughout this process from start to finish.” Isola has a different take.

“I thought Mike D’Antoni and Donnie Walsh were going to chair off their chairs when he was saying that,” Isola said. “They both know that Isiah Thomas was involved.”

What do you think? Does Isiah have Dolan’s ear? Sound off in the comments below…

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pixy On WFAN: Isola Defends Isiah Carmelo Report

One Comment

  1. GoNYGo says:

    It’s a fact that Frank Isola has a grudge against the Knicks. Where are the facts? What are his sources. I can’t imagine that Dolan has any reason to lie.

  2. MKE says:

    Isola, like everyone else is entitled to their opinion. But i think this guy has gotten to a point where he tries to push too much what’s in his mind even when he’s not being asked about it. I watched Isola being interviewed over the phone on ESPN and he just splattered Isiah, Isiah and Isiah without even being asked. I don’t know what Isiah or Dolan did to him personally but this is already becoming Frank’s obsession to the point that he’s trying to put down the franchise again along with the fans with him. I also follow some of this guy’s tweets and from the looks of it, he’s a “know it all” type of person who will keep pushing his thoughts (fact or fictional doesnt matter) into yours until you say you’re right Frank! Then he’ll be satisfied. Pity. Just my thoughts which I am also entitled to.

    1. MKE says:

      I’m talking about Frank Isola by the way and not frank in the comment section.

    2. frank says:

      i like the response– enough with this guy lets enjoy the knicks while we can–but with walsh at the helm the future looks great

  3. frank says:

    tim dog if u were talkin about isola scratch anything i said

  4. JMS says:

    how are they gonna “chair off their chairs” anyway. nice editing folks.

  5. Timdog says:

    frank please stop, you sound stupid. Isiah and Dolan are allowed to talk, Walsh is making the decision, it shows, now just stop and wipe the egg off your face

    1. JMS says:

      agreed timdog. the players are the story, not the reporter.

    2. frank says:

      first get a normal name something other than timdog secondly i never said they werent allowed to talk i just said no matter who they get and how if isiah comes back in any capacity it will be the last time i watch a game–its not like that will matter to anyone but thats my opinion. walsh is the man and has a proven record, thats why he was brought in to clean up the mess created by ure boy–if you dont see that your blind–give the guy an extension and if walsh retires sell the team before you bring isiah back

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