NY Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Prevent Gas Price Gouging

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Drivers have been reeling at the rapid rise in the cost of gas, and worries have cropped up that some prices are being pumped up to scam consumers.

On Sunday, a pair of New York State lawmakers called for action, reports CBS 2’s Dave Carlin.

“It’s crazy. I’m paying $38…on not even a full tank of gas,” one driver said.

State Senator Eric Adams and Assemblyman David Weprin said the price of gas is getting out of hand.

“We are on the verge of $5 a gallon,” Sen. Adams said.

“Prices are going up on a daily basis,” said Assemblyman Weprin.

Sen. Adams and Assemblyman Weprin announced a public awareness campaign on Sunday to let New Yorkers know that the New York State Consumer Protection Board is the pace to turn if they suspect they’re being ripped off at the pumps.

“If you find there is too much water content in your gas, or finding the price gouging increasing rapidly in your community or your area, we want you to call the Consumer Protection Board,” Sen. Adams said.

Gas retailers said they are paying higher wholesale prices and have no choice but to pass it on.

Gas stations said drivers can blame the price spikes on the unrest in Libya. Even thought the U.S. doesn’t get much oil from Libya, other countries do – and oil prices are set on a global scale.

Assemblyman Weprin, though, said he’s concerned about the few greedy gas station owners who go too far.

“Unscrupulous owners are taking advantage of the public not knowing what the actual price should be,” he said.

“Gasoline pump pain is something no driver in New York State is a stranger to – however, that pain should not be exacerbated by fraudulent tactics,” Sen. Adams said.

The rocketing gas prices prompted New York City’s Department of Consumer Affairs to inspect more than 10,000 pumps, and the findings were encouraging – 97 percent of them delivered what drivers were buying.

The legislation will require all gas stations in New York State to post signs near gas pumps listing contact information for the CPB, which investigates such complaints and takes action against violators.

“If they believe they’re receiving a poor quality of gas or being overcharged, they can call the appropriate number to report,” Sen. Adams said.

The two state lawmakers also want more spot checks at gas stations, and new laws to make the penalties for gouging even more severe.

SOUND-OFF: Do you feel you are being ripped off at the pumps?  Have the gas prices hit you particularly hard?  Let us know in our comments section.

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One Comment

  1. blackgama says:

    Aug 3, 2011 Gulf Station at 219-02 Horace Harding Blvd, Bayside NY 11364 is ripping customers off and is a gas gourging. The price for regular gas today is $4.59, yes $4.59 for regular. 4 blocks away at anotherGulf Station $4.03 and at another a fewblocks further $4.05, that is a difference of 54 cents. He should be fined.

  2. jane v says:

    no doubt in my mind that we are being ripped off . talk is cheap still do not see outr new york state officials DOING ANYTHING ABOUT THE RISE IN GAS PRICES all they do is talk . iwould like to know how the gas stations here in monticello ,new york and the surrounding area can raise the price by anywhere from 3 to 6 cents per gallon overnight… went pas a station the othe day was $3.75 (reg) next morning it was $ 3.79 how the hell do they get away with this ?

  3. alan says:


  4. Bob Barrie says:

    How can you charge one price today after receiveing a load of fuel and not receive another load for 2-3days and in between poald raise the price, the price is set at delivery, should not be raised until another load is delivered.
    Raising prices daily or twice in same day is gouging to me. Smeones getting rich and its not the everyday consumer.

  5. ratso says:

    I liked when Senator Adams holds up the bottle of water and says if you have too much water in your gas to call this number. What a tart. I mean at least have an intellugent conversation about this. Station owners cant add water to the gas as water doesnt burn and the result would be cars that dont run. The problem is the way energy is traded on the market, THis allows traders to prop the price up at will and make BILLIONS in profit everytime some one like Ghadaffi takes a dump.

  6. Larry Pollins says:

    Our greedy politicians should cut some of the taxes on a gallon of gas, then it might be more affordable. Nobody stops to think that every time they raise the price of gas, the state and federal governments make more money on a gallon of gas than the oil companies and service stations. The government hasn’t got a nickel in the production of any fuels in this country. “What a Racket”

  7. jerseyjoey says:

    They are good old capitalists without morals supported by a government who under Bush made many back room deals at 2 am to give a free license to greed as payback for political support, now that said our wonder Nube president now also does nothing to stop the greed oil boys, they own his arse too. So the answer here is simple BOYCOTT everything but Your needs to live for 1 month, this way it hits all involved in the greed from oil ceo”s to gas stations and all in between. After all America your power is not your worthless Vote, its in Your WALLETS, USE it to win the war on Greedy Corporations and bad Gov.

  8. sandbagged says:

    I’ll say it again–it is the role of an American president to start wars whenever we feel the pinch at the pump.

    Unfortunately, our president hates America. His wife is denying our children their Ring Dings and Big Gulps, and he doesn’t care what it costs to fill up our tanks. how much more do we have to take?

    1. dw25 says:

      Too bad there’s not a like button on this forum like FaceBook…

    2. me says:

      why are you breathing my air?

  9. ron says:

    Well if we all acted like we were poor and used public transportation, walked and the occassional taxi,then gas insurance and financing a car would be irrelevant. See all the bicycles in Holland. Americans are lazy greedy and disconnecyed from the rest of the planet

    1. jmailboxus says:

      How can you say that?

      First off, most places in Holland are within Bicycle distance, most places in the USA are not. You cannot expect the average person in the USA to ride a bike for 30-40 miles both ways to get to and from work. On top of that, how the heck would you buy any products like clothes and food and slap it onto a bike?

      These Gas prices are ridiculous all because greedy companies want more and more profits. Tax the rich people and companies at 90% and this behavior will stop.

      Also, OPEC has cut back production so much, they are artificially inflation the cost of gas.

      Supple is not meeting demand, because supply production is being choked to keep gas prices high.

    2. marx engels says:

      re:ron right on lazy greedy arrogant spiteful americans especially fat ones in Nassau County on long island – support LI Bus, stop the cuts, walk, ride a bike to get your bagels and rolls on Sundays. They take their SUV’s to drive 2 blocks to stuff their faces and talk their heads off on their cellphones, blow red lights, run down pedestrians especially on Hempstead Turnpike. Sad bottom line – they’ll scream and scream, BUT THEY’LL PAY!!

  10. Loraden Bare says:

    El problema es que ahora si llueve o relampaguea, si hace mucho sol, o si hace mucho frio eso es una excusa para subir los precios de los combustibles. antes de la administracion Bush todos pasaba huracanes, tormentas, roptura de tuberias y los precios seguian igual, ahora si en cualquier parte del Mundo pasa algo hay que subir los precios. Senores el petroleo se carga por el mar no por tierra, nadie vas a impedir que los barcos continuen.o es que somo idiotas.

    1. Alex says:

      What did you say?

  11. A Person says:

    This is the latest fable spun by big oil to make some bucks for a new record bonus payout.

    Big oil needs to be regulated like a utility because what they are now is an unregulated monopoly.

    Rockefeller would be pleased.

  12. Chris says:

    Europe and parts of Asia has been paying more than 8 bucks a gallon for gas for a long time now. Fat stupid politicians should go to Libya and stop the investors driving up the price.

  13. Realistic says:

    Let’s break it down

    Cost of gas 2.65
    Gas fed tax .184
    Ny gas tax .319
    Oil company profit .10
    Credit card company .20
    Gas station owner .05

    Equals stupid politicians blaming it on the guy who is at the bottom of the totem pole

    1. Karen E Scavone Rizzuto says:

      well why not tax us then? Or even cut the tax in half.I am paying $3,49 cents a gallon. I am a single mom on a fixed income.

      1. joe casa says:

        HI YOU right karen I feel bad for people who have to pay, people told me in new jersey and pennsylvania they pay only two dollars come on are they going to do some thing about these our countrys people told me in middle east, and why they make us pay more in new york.

    2. Realistic Fact Check says:

      Regardless of costs – what you get should equal what the pump reads .
      Apparently 300 of those “guys at bottom of totem pole ” were caught ripping consumer off .
      Nice to see 97% of stations checked were honest . All those “stupid” politicians are calling for stricter penalties for those that don’t !

  14. Truth says:

    The barrel of oil goes up and so the oil companies raise their price who in turn naturally causes the gas station owner to raise prices. If gas stations were making so much money, how come I’ve seen so many close recently? If the gas station is gouging, the consumer has the right to buy it somewhere else. I bought a tv stand the other day from best buy and it was 95 bucks, it was 54 on amazon including shipping. Does that mean best buy is gouging me too?

    1. Dagmar says:

      I have a good example for you. In our town one gas station is charging 3.93 and the other one 3.75.What will you call that one?

  15. retired, bicyclist and walker says:

    The oil price per barrel is for future delivery ( like April) prior to refinement and should have no effect on the price at the pump.
    Shoulda listened to Jimmy Carter back in the 70’s…

  16. pugphan says:

    anytime somebody coughs in the middle east the prices at the pump jump up. It’s
    disgusting. Same as the jive 20 – 30 mpg cars coming out of Detroit. smokersodysseycom

  17. david bernstein says:

    how stupid is stupid ? instead of our gas station operators, why don’ they get our president to announce NO restrictions on exploration & pumping of our own gas reserves……it might be that the ‘green revolution’ will have to wait a while. SORRY !

    1. Steve M. says:

      I agree; along with building nuclear power plants, which are now a lot safer than the plants built in the sixties, and are about as carbon neutral as you can get. Waiting for wind and solar and the infrastructure they need to have built to support them, is a losing game…

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