‘Two and a Half Men’ Crew To Get Paid; Sheen Continues Speaking Out

Actor Takes Lower Key Approach On CNN Monday Night

NEW YORK (CBS 2/AP) Charlie Sheen was back on the airwaves Monday, boasting about plans to sue CBS for halting production of his hit sitcom “Two and a Half Men.”

“I am on a drug it’s called Charlie Sheen,” he said. “It’s going to cost them a lot more because they’re on a battlefield and they let their emotions and their ego, basically they strapped on their diapers.”

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Sheen, 45, said he’ll seek millions for “mental anguish.” “They’re trying to take all my money and leave me with no means to support my family. It’s not rocket science,” he said.

On how he plans to win the suit, Sheen said “with zeal and focus and violent hatred.”

Meanwhile, Warner Bros. spokesman Paul McGuire confirmed that the crew of the show would be paid for four episodes, but declined comment on Sheen’s claim he’s pursuing further reimbursements.

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Sheen told The Associated Press that he was not satisfied with the crew payments, saying they should be paid for eight episodes. He said he was not concerned about his own paycheck.

Plans for a lawsuit came as Sheen demanded a raise from nearly $2 million an episode to $3 million for a show that may or may not even exist anymore.

“Cause I’m underpaid right now sure,” he said. “I’m tired of pretending I’m not b-tching a total friggin’ rock star like from Mars.”

A much more controlled Sheen appeared on CNN with host Piers Morgan Monday night.

The 45-year-old admitted he was warned by CBS President and CEO Les Moonves to curb his erratic behavior before the network pulled the plug on his show.

Morgan asked Sheen if he would apologize to Moonves, to which he replied “yes.”

CBS executives canceled the show after Sheen lashed out at the show’s creator Chuck Lorre.

“I just thought you wailing on me for eight years that I could like take a few shots back. I didn’t know you were going to take your little ball and go home and punish everybody in the process,” he said.

Sheen didn’t t deny his hard-partying past. “It was epic. The run I was on made Sinatra, Flynn, Jagger, Richards, all of them just look like droopy-eyed, armless children.”

However, Sheen said he’s clean now. “I blinked and I cured my brain, that’s how. Everybody has the power.”

Besides a raise, Sheen said CBS owes him an apology. “They owe me a big one, publicly, while licking my feet,” he said.

Psychologist and addiction specialist, Dr. Harris Stratyner has his own theory for Sheen’s erratic behavior.

“You’re hearing grandiosity. You’re hearing omnipotence And that’s very typical of somebody who has mixed bi-polar disorder,” Stratyner told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

Sheen also took two blood tests for interviewers and both came back clean, suggesting he has not used drugs in the last 72 hours.

Sheen, who has had problems with drugs and alcohol in the past, made headlines in New York last year, just months after pleading guilty in Aspen, Colo. to misdemeanor third-degree assault after a Christmas Day assault on his second wife, Brooke Mueller Sheen.

On Oct. 26, 2010. , Sheen was hospitalized after allegedly tearing up his room at the Plaza Hotel after a night of partying — tallying up at least $7,000 in damages to the suite. Sheen was not charged with any crime. Capri Anderson,  the woman who was found locked in the bathroom of Sheen’s suite, filed a complaint with police stating that Sheen was violent toward her. However, police had said that Anderson was never in any physical danger.


One Comment

  1. John Wicks says:

    I enjoy watching chldren stamping their feet and and pouting that they’re upset.. Sorry, Charlie, that’s not acting, that\s sleepwakking….

  2. Christian Bale says:

    I look forward to playing him in the biopic, hell I’m just like him.

  3. Gerard Lemise says:

    Underpaid!? NO WAY!!! He walked throughb that role as if alsleep. He was playing himself, how hard can that be. Any problems he has are of his own makeing. All I can say to him is enjoy the ride, it ends real sudden like.

  4. william says:

    Sheen is underpaid? HAHAHAHAHA He’s on drugs

  5. alice says:

    He is acting much worse for longer than LiLo and yet no one seems as ready to throw the book at him as the judges do for her. Is this sexism or something? he needs taken to task for these illegal behaviors so much more than she does. first the gal at the hotel probably WAS in grave danger and second this man’s kids with two addict and erratic parents are in HUGE danger. hello?

  6. taraannrose says:

    We are all guilty of exploiting famous people for our own voyueristic cheap thrill.
    We enjoy looking on at other people going crazy because it makes us feel better about ourselves.
    There comes a piont in everyones life when we confront that others are using us for their own agenda.
    He finally gave up being the patsy for everyone who benefits from him and took them to the level they grounded him to beneath himself.
    He is a human being that has the same weakness as the person next door who isnt who he appears to be behind closed doors either.

  7. Godric says:

    I say good for Charlie. We only hear one side of the story. Maybe Chuck Lorre and CBS are a pain to work for. After 8 seasons maybe Charlie just said enough. We never hear what goes on behind the scenes.

    1. phil82 says:

      maybe they are a pain to work for yes, we don’t know but in no way does that justify Sheen getting 3 million, even 2 million per ep. are way too much…

  8. hiromihall says:

    Ozzie Ozbourne move over. Charlie’s comin

  9. jennifer says:

    Such a jerk….I saw his bio and turns out he has beat up many of his prior girlfriends. Yet nobody has trashed him like they did Chris Brown and he’s still successful despite his rants… such a sick, sad human

  10. veronica says:

    Charlie I am unemployed at 58, could you help me to get a car to find work? Thanks

  11. nick says:

    i and my family watch these episodes in panama. e like it a lot.
    we will miss it.
    CBs doesnt have much to offer.

    they too are right by the way martin is pressuring them. i have no words to defend him or them.

    only episodes of friends to watch now and switch channels.

    god bless all

    1. phil82 says:

      CBS has much more to offer… Big Bang Theory for example is much funnier than Men. Then there are great shows like NCIS, all the CSIs, Criminal Minds etc. etc.

  12. jimmyswitters says:

    he looks like death.

  13. Gino says:

    Shoot a reality tv show on how Charlie is handling (mishandling) all of these. It might make better tv than 2.5 Men.

  14. Anthony says:

    All you hypocrites and liars who say they won’t watch his show are full of BS.

    He plays himself on the show. He’s no different than his character and you watch it.

    And you’ll watch it again.

    1. JobcCa says:

      or NOT

  15. Chris says:

    He’s now caused me to stop watching his show…although I liked it. I’ll never go back to watching him or anything he’s ever in after listening to his B-S!

  16. Ellen says:

    Charlie Sheen is the biggest ego maniac that I ever saw or heard, Pretty soon people will get tired of good old Charlie and his rants.

  17. tired of the crybaby says:

    he is a total jerk, complaining about how much money he isn’t making when there is so much unemployment right now. Seems like he said the first “blow”, now when someone slaps him on the hand he can’t take it and cries like a baby. doesn’t care about anyone else on the program having a job just his 3 mill. poor baby! GROW UP, you are not a great actor, other people write those lines for you, you still have more acting to do if you get over yourself.

  18. Rory Calhoun says:


  19. Charlie Fan says:

    It’s so funny to see how every woman hates this guy. Think it has anything to do with the person he’s acting out on the show. Hmmmmmmmmmmm. I think most men envy this guy. He’s just trying to be real and isn’t hiding anything. He has the money. Why not enjoy it.

  20. Jim Masterson says:

    Sheen, “nails” Dykstra and crazy Jim Cramer. America’s new pantheon.

    1. the chief says:

      props for the Dykstra mention

  21. mobean says:

    Really sad. He has no moral compass and live as if his choices affect only himself. EGO on the throne. Pride goes before a fall and boy, a fall would be an understatement!

    Just like most of the comedies on TV today, the writing is hilarious but, if one really lived that way in “real life”, well, we are all witnessing the consequences of the lines of fantasy and reality being blurred right here.

  22. get them help says:

    Does this remind anyone of Mel Gibson? Look into Mel’s eyes… he’s certifiable and still making movies. I was one of his biggest fans. Same with Charlie Sheen… he was so good, now just sad.

  23. Omar says:

    He has totally lost his mind and now we get to witness the epic spiral down into Bolivion (sic). I expect this to end Anna Nicole Smith style and I’m sure he’s got no one who is willing or able to intervene and get Sheen the help he needs.

  24. Captain America says:

    WOW! Clean for a whole 72 hours. Color me impressed!!

  25. Malomar Gadafy says:

    He seems like a reasonable choice to take the reins of my embattled regime.

  26. Trishe says:

    He wants a raise because the miserable 2 million that he get per episode is not enough to feed his family?? he must work for the government, unable to produce a balance budget. He should go and live in a 3rd world country and learn how to appreciate life.

    1. Lauren Korn Popkoff says:

      2 million could BUY a thrid world country. why not donate some to a good cause?

  27. Shiney says:

    He needs an massive intervention. Tell him there is a big drug party going on.. he will show up!

  28. badman says:

    it’s kind of fun to see someone so high profile exercising no restraint whatsoever. I almost kinda respect him for that. He doesn’t care about anything. He’s out of control and proud of it.

  29. Denise says:

    He is a joke. He should never receive the kind of pay that he does. I feel bad for the rest of the actors and stage hands.

    Put Charlie on Jersey Shore.

  30. linda says:

    No !!!!!!!!!!!! NO!!!!!!!!! You are a total jerk, your family surely must be quite embarrassed with you. Grow up, get off drugs and be a decent human being.

  31. concerned citizen says:

    Whatever anyone says, everybody that I know loves the show, He is the show

    (behind closed doors….they covet…..and want what is his)
    I can just see Jerry Seinfeld and Jon Stewart on the new Two and a half MENCH . NO SOUP FOR You, CHARLIE it is all mine mine mine (gelt gelt gelt)

  32. JohnW says:

    Bi-polar. Gotta be.

  33. linda says:

    NO he is not under paid, he is one stupid jerk, he needs to grow up and apolagize to CBS

  34. concerned citizen says:

    ohy vey,
    replace him[ the goym shlep] with Jerald Seinfeld, a nice jewish boy, already:o)

  35. Charlie Sheen says:

    I’m seriously thinking about joining the cast of the View.

  36. knowitall says:

    PS Get over yourself Chuck

  37. charlie Mann says:

    give this man a pay rise anybody who can come up with “I blinked and I cured my brain” deserves a pay rise.

  38. Susie Fiorini says:

    They will never be able to replace Charlie Sheen, or anyone a little like him. The cast just seems perfect together and when you have a kid that is as good as the people older than him, what can I say?

    Good luck to the whole cast, everyone, and let’s get our act together and keep on going. I am a senior citizen and it is about the only show that that I find hilarious.

  39. knowitall says:

    he is N0. 1 in my DEAD POOL

  40. AndyR says:

    Planet Hollywierd at its’ best…

  41. WIMPY says:

    As far as i can see CBS owes sheen NOTHING,sheen is the one who should be apologizing to everyone whose life he ruined!!!!!!!!!

  42. Vin says:

    Ha! He hasn’t used in 72 hours. Give him a week and re-test him.

  43. Doctorkosh says:

    Poor guy! He barely makes 2mil an episode and now can’t even feed his family. Let’s all start a fundraiser for the poor fellow! My heart so breaks for him!!!!! And he is such a dear in real life too! The humanity!

  44. Bridget says:

    Jerk is right. He does not seem to care at how he looks to his family, co-workers. Many people will be out of work because he does not now how act responsibly. He really should shut is mouth. I am sure his ex wife’s lawyers are taking note of all the inappropriate behavior and hopefully a judge does not let this fool near his children. I don’t think he even cares that his young children know about what he really is. With all of his money does he really need to pay for sex. What a sleaze ball. He is beyond rehab

  45. Vin says:

    This man is a waste of life, seriously. If he didn’t spend all his money on booze, broads and bongs he would have plenty to support his family. And besides that he has a big mouth, no class, no respect for himself or for others. Good for CBS for putting their foot down. Mr. Sheen just doesn’t like the fact that somebody isn’t on the floor licking his feet for a change. So sad. Too bad. Go cry to your dad you dilussional, to far in denial to even see the Nile self-centered, self-absorbed moron.

  46. liwingnut says:

    What a jerk !

  47. pugphan says:

    Wow he let his peeps down, and they all lost their gigs. Too bad they can’t go out
    and find somebody to replace sheen. He is not un-expendable. Everybody can be
    replaced. Scweu im! smokersodysseycom

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