Budget Cuts May Hamper Terror Security In NYC

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Budget cuts at the federal level may soon adversely affect our ability to protect our ports.

WCBS 880’s Pat Carroll and Michael Wallace with Rep. Peter King (R-New York)

According to the Wall Street Journal, a measure passed by the House last week slashes anti-terrorism grants for the Port Authority by about two thirds to just over $11 million.

The grants fund the protection of ports and terminals and were used to help reduce costs for other enforcement agencies, such as the state police.

Long Island Congressman Peter King, who chairs the House Homeland Security Committee, promised to work to restore the $22 million in proposed cuts.

“The reality is not enough thought went into it,” King told WCBS 880’s Pat Carroll and Michael Wallace on Tuesday morning.

Asked about New York getting shortchanged, King said, “We are, by far, the number one terror target in the world. I see all the intelligence estimates and no matter how the numbers are computed, New York always comes out the number one target, but we do not get a proportionate share of aid. Part of that is the way the laws were written after September 11. So much money has to go around the country, to states and localities, whether or not they even need it.”


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  1. Haste makes waste says:

    NYC spends BILLIONS each year on security. It seems to be working and there seems to be quite a lot of waste in the system already. Face recognition technology? Ring of Steel? Did any of these things stop Faisal Shazad from parking his explosive laiden SUV in Times Sqaure? NO! How ’bout the guy from Colorado living in Queens who wanted to blow up the subways? NYPD bungled that one and the feds had to move in an arrest him. If you want to spend/waste money on security, then you should want to spend it on education too.

  2. Elmer Fudd Gantry says:

    we can’t let the terrorists win …

    if you’re not with us, you’re against us …

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