NEW YORK (WCBS 880) – It’s been said that “reading is fundamental” and one Manhattan man is fulfilling his life-long dream of spreading that message to expectant fathers.

WCBS 880’s Marla Diamond speaks with Freytes about his mission

Elvin Freytes knows he missed out on a lot as a kid. “We had two books. We had the Bible and we had a telephone book,” says Freytes.

The 35-year-old college administrator believes reading to the unborn may improve a child’s intellect.

On his blog, Freytes wrote that in 2002 he had a vision of a child turning to him and saying “MaJenDome.” After eight years, Freytes says he figured out what it meant: to increase family bonds by having fathers-to-be read to children in utero. His program is directed at expectant parents in Washington Heights but hopes the message will be spread across the world.

“I’m trying to find a way to kind of have the fathers stay with them and be a part of the pregnancy,” says Freytes. “Imagine the impact, if an expectant father reads to the womb every single night.”

He believes the simple act of reading can put children on the path to a better life and a better world through literacy.

“Get the fathers involved early on because the earlier the better,” Freytes said.

Freytes has cited studies showing a father’s positive influence can increase a child’s moral, ethical and altruistic development.

He said that growing up, his own father was rarely around, and that as he encountered intellectual people throughout his life he noticed a trend: their parents read to them.

Freytes has written about MaJenDome many platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and his own blog. He has established World MaJenDome Day — which is held every third Wednesday of December — and is writing a book for fathers to read to their unborn children entitled “Hello My Little One, It’s Me Your Father.” He is hoping to have the book ready by Father’s Day.

Do you think reading to a baby in the womb increases their intellect? Creates a stronger family bond? Did you read to your child while they were in utero? Let us know below

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