L.I. Cops Clock Street Racers At 145 MPH Before Spectacular Crash

Car Slams Into Gas Station Pump Off Exit 58 Of LIE, Causing Fire

ISLANDIA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A high speed race and chase turned into an incredible crash on the Long Island Expressway on Thursday morning.

A driver allegedly tried to ditch a police officer at speeds of more than 140 mph, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Police said just after midnight two drivers were street racing on the LIE, spotted the police and zoomed off the highway at exit 58. But they lost control and the result was a nasty accident. A Dodge Neon slammed into a gas pump at Gulf station. Surveillance video shows two people get out of one car and run as the gas pump explodes.

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Ilkay Kilinc was working the counter Thursday morning when the car slammed into the gas pump.

“Car starting fire – that’s two seconds to get out of the car,” Kilinc told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey. “One more second, maybe death.”

The other car, with a driver and a passenger, crashed to a halt in a Hooters parking lot across the road. Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department chief Michael Sharkey said his officer tagged the cars doing 145 mph. Every one, he said, got out alive.

“The others escaped without any serious injury. Any small change in circumstance could have resulted in a total disaster,” Chief Sharkey said.

The driver of the yellow Mitsubishi Lancer that stopped at Hooters was 21-year-old Jeff Browne. The driver of the car that crashed and started the fire was 20-year-old Joseph Skalka. He was held on $75,000 cash bail. His angry family and friends stormed out of the courtroom.

There were five friends involved in the scary incident, but only one minor injury – a concussion.

Court observers said even though no one was seriously hurt and there was no alcohol involved, the judge set a relatively high bail to send a message.

“It was all just bad decisions, bad decision-making,” Chief Sharkey said.

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  • paco

    thats what happens when you live life a quarter mile at a time…not double clutchin like they should….kidding….remember boys and girls– street racing is stupid dont do it…in this case as read above.

  • Brandstad

    Who knew a Dodge Neon could go over 70mph?

    • Rrrr

      Wow. That was an ignorant comment. You know nothing about cars, huh? I think you need to google “Dodge Neon SRT-4” before you say something else stupid.

    • Andrew Moore

      Dodge made the turbo charged SRT-4 from 2003-05. Actual flywheel horsepower was about 265, although advertised at 230 in 04-05. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Quarter mile in 13.8 at 103 mph. Top speed 153 mph.

    • A.C.

      They can go over 70, but once they do the paint starts to peel off. Neons…one of the biggest sh@#tboxes to ever come out of the Big Three.

  • V. Diesel

    He never had me. He never had his car.

  • Matt McLaughlin

    five years, all of em.

  • 8thcivic

    Shoulda bought an Si…

    • rrrr

      Yep. The “race” would have been over against an EVO or SRT-4 from the very first second, so 145 mph would never have been reached. Only need 10 mph to prove that point. LOL!

    • i8urgti

      think back a few months when 8thcivic got its ass handed to it my msf so smnf

  • Craig

    Too bad the kids lived. This is usually how society rids itself of the lowest common denominator. Darwinism. Oh well. They’ll probably keep on doing this and die at a later date. Hopefully they won’t kill any innocent bystanders

    • Joenz

      Let’s not wish death upon stupid kids that made a dumb decision. A lot of my friends did stupid things at that age, and grew up to be successful engineers, business leaders, etc. Let’s hope they realize how close they were to death and turn their lives around.

  • Nemo

    Stupid Long Island kids. No wonder Long Island is a cultural wasteland. It’s the only place in the world that when one says “Walt Whitman” everyone thinks of a mall. It’s too bad no one died.

    • JB

      In far more cultured parts of the country when you say “Walt Whitman” people reminisce about the phenomenal literary catalog of a great American essayist and poet….or more likely they assume you’re talking about the writer of “The Old Man and the Sea.”

      By the way, much like your face, the Walt Whitman Mall sucks ass.

    • Yerkel

      Street racing = cultural wasteland? When you learn how to use logic, try commenting again.

      • ZippityDooDa

        He said Long Island is a cultural wasteland, not street racing. When you learn how to read, try commenting again. Street racing is just for idiots with little to no common sense and a distinct case of unwarranted self importance.

      • Smashicus

        Are you trying to say that street racing is ok, Yerkel? Let’s put you out there for a game of Frogger, then.

    • http://firstin.wordpress.com CaptainAmerica

      In Philly Walt Whitman is a bridge…

  • A

    A neon and a Lancer…..Drag Racing……….HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Griddle Jim

      You can laugh…

      But they were going 145 mph, dude

      That’s a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution.

      The Dodge was a Neon SRT-4.

      Both cars push about 300 hp and weigh nothing.

      • Tom Franklin

        And obviously they don’t have the engineering and suspension to handle this kind of power! Had they been two GT3 ‘s going at it, the cop would have see 195 on his radar and they won’t have lost it exiting the highway.

      • Real Sports Cars have V8s

        A roller skate on steroids is still a roller skate at the end of the day. Maybe these tools should drive a real sports car than is designed from the bottom up to handle a drive like a sports car instead of a family sedan with some go-fast parts thrown on to make it appeal to boy racers.

      • whatajoke

        My 1987 Chevrolet Caprice base model put out close to 300 HP. Souped up and in a Corvette the engine produces approximately 700 HP. Yep, these guys really don’t have a clue what a real sports/race car is.

  • V8's Only

    How the hell does a neon do 145??

    • Griddle Jim

      Dodge Neon SRT-4

      Look it up.

  • Billsocal

    I think the police need their lazer device to be checked out. I don’t believe the cars were doing 145 MPH maybe 145 KPH. These kids need to spend a couple of years in jail for endangering the publib.

    • conversion

      that would only be 90 mph… my old 1986 Honda accord could do 100 mph no problem

      • FACE!

        You just got metriced!

    • rsrsr

      FYI, the top speed of a Neon SRT-4 is 155 mph.

  • Robotaz

    I cannot wait to hear what the gas station damage comes to for the stupid Neon driver to pay. He’s gonna have to sling an awful lot of dime bags to pay for that.

  • rlwieneke

    Typical dysfunctional family that the Democrats and Liberals lust after. Don’t blame their sons for causing this mess in the first place.
    “His angry family and friends stormed out of the courtroom.”

    How about a good public Flogging of these two with a bull whip.

    • A.C.

      What a family of tools…I wonder how they would have “stormed out” of the morgue? They should be thankful he is still alive, and they are idiots if they don’t think their Little Precious deserves to be on ice for a little while.



    • rzezz

      Somebody’s never heard of an SRT-4.

      • A.C.

        Yeah, they will do 145. And they handle great…ask the kid who plowed one into a gas station.

        145 MPH + Dodge econobox = dead moron

    • hahaha

      well done

  • Spongebob Obama

    Young punk street racers grossly over driving their limited abilities. Drunks perpetually getting on the highways going in the WRONG direction. Makes me very glad that I do not go into NYC or out to the island anymore. Them peoples out there are just flat out STUPID!

  • Ricky Babaloo

    It’s all Bush’s fault.

  • Paco

    Hope these two idiots enjoy that jail cell — no excuse in the world that they found it necessary to drive 145 mph on a public road — none! If they wanted to get all fast and furious they shouldve taken it to a track or to some desolate road in no-mans land where they dont put other lives at risk besides their own —
    i enjoy however enjoy reading these threads and response to the badly misinformed….probably the same type of individual as these 2 that got caught…

  • DAVE

    the cops aren’t the cause of the crash but if they stop pursuit, they will undoubtedly reduce the likelihood of bystanders getting hurt. they are just prolonging the high speeds and increasing the chances of collateral damage

    • fgarvin

      See Dave supports using deadly force as soon as the car becomes a weapon. Stops them dead and immediately. Way to go Dave!

    • Dunnyveg

      Dave, you’re right. While you’re at it, you might as well fire all the police and open up the jails.

      I’m sure glad I don’t live in NYC with all of you eunuchs.

    • Ted

      you are a jerk

  • Max

    Ding ding.. Filler Up !

  • Dr. Glickman

    $75K restitution? How many trillion burger flips will that take from these 2 semi-literate, marginally-employed knukleheads? Good thing these cars were actually subcompact, economy, 120 mph beaters and not the Ferraris the news article tries to portray; they are still a menace to society. As far as gross disregard for human safety – there’s not enough horsepower,cerebral or otherwise to form the necessary criminal intent, just the mindset: “lemme push the pedal to the floor and hold it there and see what this thing can do”. Scary.

    • JB

      Hey doc, you are familiar with a Lancer EVO, right? That “beater” costs $35k base and can make most mid level sports cars look like they’re standing still. Its 0-60 is under 5 seconds and 145 (which the article claims it was going) is well within its limits.

      • ed

        @ Dr.
        ive seen tricked out Evos smoke just about every high end car on the market under a quarter million dollars, a beater it is not, it is also a top contender year after year in rally and drift racing… @300hp and 300lbs/ft torque STOCK, no mods, this car is certainly no schlub…. the dodge neon, not so much…. that i will give you is a beater

      • Smashicus

        No matter how hard the little rice rockets try, muscle cars will always rule!

  • tubaman

    I hope the judge throws the book at those idiots.we complain about gas mileage etc. so cars should have governors so they can’t go faster than 60 mph.

    • Make Everything Illegal

      Now you’re getting it tubaman! Forget that speed limits on most highways off the island are 65, and in some cases 75. Lets get this law into effect immediately!

      I just hope whoever writes the law knows about the whole “use proper punctuation and capitalization when calling others idiots” thing.

    • supercharged-turbo-nut

      See, the problem with this logic is that governors are easily removed. Both of these cars are turbocharged and gain over 50 HP by just reflashing the ECU to up the amount of boost and fuel. These programs that reflash the ECU also remove the governor (since it is just a flag in the engine’s computer). So, in the end, you would just end up with street racers that can do 150 and everyone else is stuck at 60 MPH.

      Australia has laws that prevent persons under the age of 21 from driving a turbocharged or V8 vehicle. When most people hear about that, they claim that is a commu-socialistic state and that people should be free to drive whatever they want.

      The reality is, parents will allow their kids to get these kind of cars because they just look like riced-out family cars. I bet none of these parents realized that their kids were driving cars that – with some after market exhaust and an engine tune – would outrun a base model Corvette of the same year. Since most people are pretty ignorant about cars, they don’t believe or realize this.

      But parents, next time your kids go out with their friends, don’t for a second think that, just because their friends are driving a four door sedans, that riding in a nice safe, slow car. Cars have changed a lot since you were young; we are in an era where a V6 Camry will run low 14s on a drag strip. To put it in perspective, we are in an era where an average family sedan is faster down the 1/4 mile than a Ferrari 308 from the year you (the parent) graduated.

  • Turna

    They speed. They crash. The law arrests them. The judge fines them. No need to wish death on anyone. log/splinter

  • GGriff

    What if there had been a family car or SUV at the gas pump and these idiots would have killed them all?? No excuse for driving like this! Felony charges and mandatory jail time for any speed above 100!

    • Make Everything Illegal!

      YES! More laws! Make everything I don’t like illegal! What if a Galapagos Tortoise were at the gas station and died because of this?! They’re endangered! ENDANGERED!

    • fgarvin

      Just shoot at them, that’s what I do. As long as I don’t hit them or their kids, then how am I hurting them right? Same logic.

      Also, dumping sand around bends that are frequented by white trash on crotch rockets is a great way to thin out traffic. Just another daily tip from fgarvin

  • Make Everything Illegal!

    This is definitely the fault of Grand Theft Auto, Fast and the Furious, violence in video games, negligent parenting, the schools, fatty foods, cigarettes, internet pornography, Four Loko and the media.

    All of it should be illegal to keep our kids safe and off our streets. No one should be allowed to drive a car that goes faster than the speed limit. Everyone should be forced to wear the same non-revealing, non-individualistic clothing. We need more laws and more police to help save us from ourselves and our evil freedoms to do what we want.

    You are all diseased.

    • Don

      You are misinformed and not thinking clearly.
      “No one should be allowed to drive a car that goes faster than the speed limit.” First, what speed limit do you wish all cars to not exceed, the one in your neighborhood or the one on the highway?
      Secondly: Internet porn is responsible for speeding?
      I believe you must have been talking into a mirror when you wrote your last line.
      Please don’t procreate!

      • Make Everything Illegal!

        Don, you make some good points. Clearly I’m not as educated as you in the ways of knowledge and sarcasm. I’ve decided I don’t like you, Don. This is America, Don, and in America we make things we don’t like illegal. Therefore, I’m crusading to make you illegal.

      • Trolled

        Don im just going to put it out there. Obviously you can’t spot a troll. You sir have been baited, hooked, pulled in, and filleted. Please save us all the trouble for the rest of our lives and never comment on a internet website again.

    • John Knight

      Don’t forget every action movie made since the French Connection and Serpico.

    • paco

      you sir/ma’am need to calm down — grow up and read a book….
      I realize this is America and we all have the right to think differently but
      please practice some intelligence in your thinking — or try to….

      • Make Everything Illegal!

        Good thinking, paco. Thankfully I always keep a copy of “1984” in my pocket for just this situation. This time, instead of using it to swat flies, I read it. Man, this thing is great! We need way more laws than I originally expected. I have a lot of work ahead of me….

    • Smashicus

      Who the heck are you talking to dude? Is it some imaginary strawman? Do you disagree that these punks should be severely punished for potentially putting others at risk?

      • paco

        I was talking with “make everything illlegal”….not sure if he was one of those overly paranoid anti govt the men in black are out to get me types….i ofcourse firmly believe these 2 meatheads deserve some jail time and can’t get a drivers licence anytime soon — maybe in a qtr century or so sounds about right.
        my groin itches really bad

  • John Knight

    Those racers were really lucky.

  • fgarvin

    Damn they didn’t die. I hate it when they don’t die.

    • Ed

      Don’t see where it would be a big loss to mankind

  • kentex1146

    The bad news of this story is that the dirt bags didn’t die in the explosion.

  • AtlasObjectivist

    Stormed out of the court room – LMAO! They should have all been arrested for stupidity.

    • fgarvin

      White trash doesn’t fall far from the dumpster!

      • John Knight

        Street racers aren’t white trash!!

      • rjm2238

        At least the white racers are using their own cars. Your kind no doubt steal theirs.
        This I know.
        Rich in New Mexico

    • fgarvin

      Not only White Trash, billbob wantabes, but they’re also Wigggggggggggars!

      • John Knight

        Wiggers? were they playing C rap music?? Seems to me white trash wouldn’t have any type of vehicle that would go over 60 m.p.h., without shaking to pieces.

  • Obamateur

    If the family thinks that $75,000 bail is too much, just wait until they get the bill for the gas station damage. Ha!

  • ben dover

    Drag Racing is awesome .This was STREET racing ,which is stupid ,and done by homicidal idiots .they drive pathetic hundais and hondas with loud pipes .
    these are go carts .

    Drag racers go from zero to 320 plus miles an hour in under 4 seconds.these are hundais.

    • Shalom

      Can you even call it “drag racing” if they don’t have a drag chute fitted? I thought that was the whole point of the name.

      • Evan

        Yes, you can. You only need a chute if your vehicle goes over 150mph in the 1/4mile. I could race my Mustang, run 13’s and a little over 100mph (it’s an all original 65) and it could still be considered drag racing. Street racing is stupid.

  • Mr. Armenia

    The pasengers of both cars will now sue both the gas station,hooters,as well as the parking lot owners and the police.

  • Brian Riley

    It bothers me everytime I read an article like this and the author or police spokesperson calls it “Drag racing”. It is NOT drag racing, it is street racing. Those of us who legally race our cars at the drag strip do not condone or encourage street racing. Keep it on the track!!

    • duh

      drag racing is as boring as drawing a straight line

      • Former racer

        Stupid is as stupid does ! ! !

      • Marc M

        I am sure half of the things you do for enjoyment would be considered boring by most of us.

        Your name reflects your intelligence.

      • Pedobear

        I agree drag racing is boring. Chuck E Cheese is much more fun.

    • Bobby Clifton

      Get a clue Brian. Way back before your time drag racing was on the local city street. It got way to dangerous (and deadly) so drag strips were built and the sport of idiots got organized. These two brain dead slugs were simply doing it the old fashioned way.

  • Fred Buse


    Having stupid friends is more dangerous than having smart enemies.
    Choose wisely.

  • j

    145 on a deserted highway late at night…. probably wouldn’t have crashed if the cops weren’t scouring for every chance to catch speeders…

    • duder

      Yeah its the cops fault they crashed, youre smart do you have your grade 10 already?

      • Definitely not Pedobear

        He’s obviously smarter than us. What’s wrong with society is society.

        I think I just struck philosophical gold in that statement. Wanna reward me with a chil- I mean cookie?

    • Medic

      You are an idiot Jay,

      Having worked as a medic for years I have seen what these idiots do when they crash.

      They kill innocent families .

      • A Completely Rational Man

        And what do you do to these people who kill innocent families?
        You save them too, thus contributing to society’s problems by giving them a chance to do it again. Way to go Medic.

    • You'ramoron

      Yea, Those stupid cops. Why pull anybody over for doing 145. Just let ’em go.

    • rjm2238

      I agree with you. What happened to most of you pansy azzed, girlie men back in NY. When I grew up on the Island in the 1960’s everybody drag raced, all the time and God forbid, on the street. We built some really nice cars and took pride in them.
      Before I get Mayor Bloomberg’s little wuzzies out here telling me how dangerous it is let me tell you that it is also dangerous to live free. If you can’t handle it get out. Go live, if you can call it that, in Cuba or Venezuela or even in NYC for that matter. Your big brother will keep you perfectly safe, even if they have to save you from yourself.
      Many of you people have become docile, cowardly little sheep. It is a shame you get a vote, I can only hope you don’t use it. Go enjoy your secure, meaningless and above all else safe, boring and judgmental little lives, just stay the heck away from me. You would no doubt find me dangerous.
      No I know I moved out of there back in the 70’S.
      Rich in New Mexico

  • Rick von Berne

    Joey’s license and driving privileges should be revoked permanently, but if not, keep riding with (or like) him, so we can be amused by the two of you scattered across the crash scene when he’s not so lucky next time.

  • Red Ruffansore

    Angry family storms out. Wait till you get the bill for the gas station losers. Then you’ll have something to cry about.

    • duder

      do you cry because you are ruff and sore?

      • Smashicus

        duder, please tell everyone how youi deal with the chafing of your canal.

  • duder

    I am 12 and wut is this?

    • duder

      yay fore teddy bears

    • Nacho

      this is my favorite thread ever

    • Pedobear

      12 you say?

      • duder

        Yes I looking for sponge bob on my dads computr, what is pedobear?

  • shigbig33

    damn, wish they would have died

    • duder

      I wish everyone would die

      • Dudebro

        Second, duder.

    • rjm2238

      I’ll loan you a pistol if you’ll promise to start with yourself, and necessarily, finish there as well.
      PS: And yes, we are actually ‘allowed’ to own and carry pistols here.
      Rich in New Mexico

  • Alex

    >> His angry family and friends stormed out of the courtroom.

    His family is angry? At whom exactly? Moron was running 145 miles per hour? He could have killed someone. If I had a family member driving on the LIE at this time I would like to see these idiots tarred and feathered. And the family can join them if they think their kid is getting a poor deal. Jeez, what gabons.

    • JB

      If you had a family member driving on the LIE at that time of night they’d be driving 80+ like everyone else on that road at that time. Also grossly breaking the ludicrous 55 mph speed limit.

  • p3orion

    I’d like to see the insurance company refuse to pay, on the basis that these were losses incurred during the commission of a crime. Aside from the cars (which likely had some pretty expensive customization) the liability for the damages to that gas station could run to six figures.

  • gd

    You are apparently just as stupid as the kid racers. Moron.

  • gd

    Dumb-@$$ kids.

  • beelzebubba

    The family is angry at the court? Wow. I’ll LMAO if the judge decides these public menaces can never drive again so the uncontrite parents have to shuttle around their anti-social misfits.

  • penguin

    In Germany 145 mph is a moderate speed… Why all the fuzz?

    • carljk

      In Germany, they know how to drive. Here, they use gas pumps as brakes.

    • SanAntonioblue

      Not true. The speed limit only disappears in the countryside in Germany. Within the cities and towns, the autobahn has speed limits that are heavily enforced by cameras and police.

      • Marc M

        I’ve driven in Germany and the difference there is if you do things like don’t move out of the way, tailgate or pass the wrong way the police will nail you.

        There is no reason the speed limit should be 50-60 with modern cars on todays roads in 95% of the country, it’s just a way for them to give out more tickets to raise cash.

        Obviously most of our roads can’t handle 145 but driving down I5 or I95 you could certain do 85-90 in the left lane.without any issue whatsoever.

    • Roy Rogers

      As if you had a clue. This ain’t Germany, and it’s too bad these morons failed to make the Darwin Award list.

    • Kevin T

      We don’t have an autobahn where there is no speed limit. Also, the vast majority of Americans are horrible drivers.

      • DeutschDriver

        There actually is a speed limit on the autobahn.

  • Macaque


    It’s time we met. Call me by name.

    • Magnum


      One kind of cancer you will never have to be concerned about is a brain tumor! Providing it could even find your brain, there wouldn’t be enough there to sustain it.

  • Kevin

    A Neon can do 140 MPH? Amazing….

    • Andrew Moore

      Dodge made the turbo charged SRT-4 4dr sedan Neon from 2003-05. Actual flywheel horsepower was about 265, although advertised at 230 in 04-05. 0-60 in 5.3 seconds. Quarter mile in 13.8 at 103 mph. Top speed 153 mph.

    • Kevin T

      That’s exactly what I was thinking! lol must not have been stock. probably had nos.

      • j

        neon srt4…. it’s a turbo 4cyl… pretty quick from the factory… not your sisters neon

  • SGT Ted

    dirtbag kids sprung from the loins of dirtbag parents. Ii hope the gas station owner takes these negligent parents to the cleaners in court.

    • Erico

      I always thought the term was “dirtball”, not dirtbag….A bag implies it can hold something of value.

      • hbear

        Yea … it holds dirt!

  • Bill in Tennessee

    What self-absorbed little jerks. As I have always said, Life is not for everybody. The sooner these idiots off themselves and get out of the gene pool, the better off the human race will be.

    • Kevin T

      You’re a jerk, wishing death on other people. These kids are young and stupid, but they won’t always be. People can change, but maybe you’re too thick skulled to see that.

      • Brad

        Your blind optimism does not change the future. Typical pieces of trash like this do not ever change, they continue to be a liability on everyone around them until they finally, and thankfully, off themselves.



    • Eric

      Spell check is you friend… Use it. Also if you press the Caps Lock key again, that’ll clear up the all caps problem you seem to be having

      • hbear

        “Spell check is you friend” ??

        Takes more than a spell checker to produce correct prose!

    • patriot

      just saying…learn how to spell,…just saying

      • Mark from Staten Island Bro


  • jack

    What bs. These cars are incapable of even 60% of that speed

    • factless

      60% of 145 is 87 mpg……do own a calculator moron!

      • hbear

        Wow, 87 miles per gallon! I want one!

    • Kyle X

      Well the SRT 4 Neon & Evo both put out about 300 HP stock, so yeah, in a 3200lb (roughly) car, yeah they can go that fast.

      • eman

        What good is all that power if you can’t handle or brake? That little pop can can turn into a coffin very quickly.

      • Kevin T

        The SRT4s only ever came with 230hp maximum and that year of Evo came with around 287hp. And that’s crank.

      • rzezz

        FWIW, the SRT-4 was underrated and put out about 220 hp at the tires.

    • Kevin T

      The Evo is more than capable and the neon (as long as its an SRT4) would probably be able to do it with enough time.

      but that begs the question, who in the world would buy an SRT4?

      • Doug

        I have got a SRT4 and just stay out of my way on the highway. I don’t do 50mph on a city street but the highway is my way. So just make out of the way your way, :)

    • John Knight

      Yeah, but if the headline read racers crash at 45 m.p.h. no one would readit. It was probably the cops going 145.

  • Peter

    To Dan and the rest of the idiots out there who are complaining that they don’t have a drag strip and that someone else should build one for them. I don’t have an island vacation home and you should build me one. What kind of entitlement idiots are you? Nobody owes you anything. Society would be better off without people like you. Maybe you should grow up, get a real job and contribute to soceity instead of taking from it. What have you done to improve it? It is all about you – narcissism (I don’t expect you to understand this word and don’t expect that you could look it up either). Would you please consider moving to another country. That might be something that we would pay for.

    • colin

      The Me generation at its finest.

    • Rob M

      Listen Peter this has nothing to do with entitlement either, we have already had a track built on Long Island that was closed down because of people like yourself. A lot of these people are hard workers who make good money to afford their hobby of choice and it is also release from the work week. The last time I checked, something like a strip built here on the Island would generate a nice revenue and lower illegal street racing a significant amount too. The only reason people are getting in accidents at racing spots is when the cops come and force everyone to scramble. Now since there is nothing much to do on weekends nowadays a lot of us like to go out and race. Nobody owes you anything, and we aren’t expecting to be owed a track either and based on the type of laws set in place chances are we will never get one. Now if you don’t like that why don’t you move your nancy ass out of the country instead, preferably that island vacation home, in the center of the Gulf of Mexico. That might be something that we would pay for. Because we have been racing here for years and we will never stop.

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