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L.I. Cops Clock Street Racers At 145 MPH Before Spectacular Crash

Car Slams Into Gas Station Pump Off Exit 58 Of LIE, Causing Fire

ISLANDIA, N.Y. (CBSNewYork) — A high speed race and chase turned into an incredible crash on the Long Island Expressway on Thursday morning.

A driver allegedly tried to ditch a police officer at speeds of more than 140 mph, reports CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman.

Police said just after midnight two drivers were street racing on the LIE, spotted the police and zoomed off the highway at exit 58. But they lost control and the result was a nasty accident. A Dodge Neon slammed into a gas pump at Gulf station. Surveillance video shows two people get out of one car and run as the gas pump explodes.

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Ilkay Kilinc was working the counter Thursday morning when the car slammed into the gas pump.

“Car starting fire – that’s two seconds to get out of the car,” Kilinc told CBS 2’s Sean Hennessey. “One more second, maybe death.”

The other car, with a driver and a passenger, crashed to a halt in a Hooters parking lot across the road. Suffolk County Sheriff’s Department chief Michael Sharkey said his officer tagged the cars doing 145 mph. Every one, he said, got out alive.

“The others escaped without any serious injury. Any small change in circumstance could have resulted in a total disaster,” Chief Sharkey said.

The driver of the yellow Mitsubishi Lancer that stopped at Hooters was 21-year-old Jeff Browne. The driver of the car that crashed and started the fire was 20-year-old Joseph Skalka. He was held on $75,000 cash bail. His angry family and friends stormed out of the courtroom.

There were five friends involved in the scary incident, but only one minor injury – a concussion.

Court observers said even though no one was seriously hurt and there was no alcohol involved, the judge set a relatively high bail to send a message.

“It was all just bad decisions, bad decision-making,” Chief Sharkey said.

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One Comment

  1. Anthony says:

    There are a lot of ignorant people participating in the thread.

    1. cat says:

      Yeah, you

    2. Responsible Adult says:

      You, for example, boy.

  2. ed Vargas says:

    That’s a clown answer!

  3. Sea Hunt says:

    I thought Neons were shiny fish?!

    1. Dump Davis says:

      I thought Neons were phony conservatives.

  4. Paul says:

    Police should not chase fleeing cars

    1. Anthony says:

      You’re ignorant, They’ve made a solid mistake. It’s not that serious. Maybe “New York” need to fix their roads. By the way STUPID, speeding isn’t comparable to flashing a weapon. SPEEDING is a lesser CHARGE. Tell your parents they’ve failed you, and your grandparents have failed them.

    2. Frank Serpico says:

      Anthony: you are the ignorant one. 140mph is beyond lethal. This is not speeding. Driving 72 in a 65 zone is speeding. RACING 140mph on city roads is attempted murder. Just because no one was injured or killed is irrelevant. If you shoot a gun at someone and miss and no one is hurt, that is still attempted murder, you idiot.

    3. Ron Ernie says:

      they should shoot the driver dead between the eyes…

    4. Responsible Adult says:

      16 year old children like Anthony do not know better which is why his parents and the parents of children like him need to deny their children permission to take their license exam until 18 (or later if they remain under their parent’s care and cannot demonstrate the maturity necessary to be allowed to drive without adult supervision.)

    5. Responsible Adult says:

      The job of the police is to pursue criminals. Don’t commit crime and you won’t have to worry about being chased by the police.

    6. Rrrr says:

      Yeah, no difference between a gun and a car. Sure. Hey, let’s ban knives and baseball bats. They’re dangerous too!!!!

  5. Hassen Been Sober says:

    Never take a Dodge to a drag race. PS Parents are morons…thats all.

    1. Anthony says:

      The Dodge “NEON” SRT 4 is a high performance sports car. Don’t limit yourself to ignorance.

      1. John says:

        Neon SRT 4 is a joke. A vette is a high performance sports car, a gto is a high performance sports car, anything from Italy or Germany that costs more than $100K is high performance sports car. A Ford GT40 is another example of a high performance sports car. Anthony you are a tool that can not afford a real sports car so shut your hole. Go watch fast and furious with a bottle jergins.

      2. The Great Anthony (or is it Nick) says:

        hahaha SRT4 a high performance car. hahahahaha. You should take your own advice and not limit yourself to ignorance. Also you said its not a serious mistake? Apparently the judge doesn’t agree with you. It is quite serious and he is right so setting high bail. I hope these criminal morons get long jail time.

      3. Responsible Adult says:

        A neon is a cheap, entry level car. The SRwhatever is marketed to cheap, entry level teenagers who are stupid enough to spend several minutes getting it to top speed right before crashing it into a gas pump or their drug dealer’s house.

      4. Rrrr says:

        A GTO is a “high performance sports car”?!?! You better be talking about a Ferrari, because if you’re talking about a Pontiac GTO….LMAO! A sports car can stop and turn, neither of which the Pontiac GTO is capable of. LOL!!!

  6. Lee Yarbrough says:

    Personal responsibility, that is greatly lacking in the U.S. today. This story is more proof of that fact. the ones driving should be arrested, charged and also made to pay for every bit of damage they did. The “family” is not thinking either. They are mad because of the judge, maybe they want to help pay for the business that was destroyed.

  7. Watasi says:

    No way should the people in this insident have been arrested. They should have been ice picked at the base of the skull and then returned to there parents. It sounds like everyone in both families are morons. God help us all in the direction this country is headed!

  8. ralphone says:

    Hey mom and dad, wake up, the judge and police did not (NOT) destroy a car
    damage a business, somebodies lively hood. Break the law by speeding/
    racing on public streets a danger to others.

  9. L82 ray says:

    Now if you want a real car, get yourself a old Corvette, push rods, rear wheel drive and torque. If these kids actually had to restore there toys before they drove them, they might have a little more respect for them. Its the moms and dads of these kids that I truly feel sorry for.

    1. 6G72AL says:

      There’s some sound advice. Two kids crash their cars and the first words out of this guy’s mouth are talking about pushrod V8’s and how these young adults should have gotten an old Corvette. You must also be an advisor to the Obama administration on cutting spending with words of wisdom like that. Any other advice on owning “real cars” you would like to dish out to these young guns in the crowd?

      1. bloodaxe says:

        Maybe an old VW bus would be better. They could go camping instead of drag racing at 145 mph. My old bus would be hard pressed to do half that but I had a lot of fine adventures init.

    2. Rrrr says:

      LOL. You want these kids to get an old corvettes, which has worse handling, way worse brakes, and is most likely slower than a lightly modified Neon SRT-4. LOL. Great advice.

      1. L82 ray says:

        Wow, you people really have to get off the caffeine. Kids have been doing things like this for time immortal, though my comment about an old Corvette my have been a bit flip, the point I was trying to make is that if these kids had goals, something to be proud of, an accomplishment, they might have a little more respect for themselves and all of the people around them. Our society has lowered expectations for these kids, so just like young children who are constantly ratcheting up bad behavior when they are ignored, we are all shocked when a slightly older child does something like this. We need to expect more from our youth. That is the difference between liberalism and conservatism, liberalism promotes mediocrity and conservatism expects excellence.

  10. Bubba says:

    The drivers are 20 and 21 years old, driving at 145 mph and the family is ANGRY with the judge? Let’s throw the parents in jail too.


    1. Mark says:

      samre thing caught my attention. A gas station explodes due to stupidity , and the parents are upset that the judge was sending a message?? WOW.

      1. Fidlin1 says:

        Strap the parents into the back seat and let their kid go thru town at 145 mph, that should take care of their ignorance and stupidity.

    2. Cody says:


  11. natural selection says:

    This proves that Darwin was correct about survivor of the fittest. These unintelligent idiots who don’t care about the consequences of their actions just to get off on adrenaline, usually die off or get locked up before they reach 25. They should be sterilized instead of locked up.

    1. Ralphie says:

      Except they can also easily kill innocent people while doing stupid things. Look at all the victims of drunk drivers

    2. HansJurgen says:

      But, if you were to take the “survival of the fittest” to the fact, then we, the intelligent folks, would be killing or taking these thugs out of our society so they couldn’t inbreed and create more thugs. Too bad we’re being “nice” and allowing these thugs to destroy our society.

    3. George Spelvin says:

      ‘natural selection’ doesn’t seem to understand natural selection. Not only did these guys survive, their reproductive viability will almost assuredly outlive their prison sentences.

      1. Responsible Adult says:

        How long they live in prison depends upon what their daddies inject into them after bending them over in the shower.

  12. frogman says:

    Street Racing will never die, and thats the reality. The comment about the racetrack, well they race there too. But what happens when the racetrack is closed? What happens when you just finish tuning that sweet new ride at 12am? You want to test drive it.

    You can make the sentence 20 years and they will still do it. It’s about the adrenaline, the feeling of being in control. When the cops chase you, it adds to the excitement. You want to out run the police! Hell, the cops in the locations where street racing is common love it. The town or county then buys them faster cars to combat street racers.

    Ironically, you should only know how many cops are street racers and flash their shield to get away with it.

    1. Chris says:

      What amazing fantasy worlds people cook up in their parents’ basement.

    2. Gomez says:

      Chris doesn’t want the truth. Chris can’t handle the truth.

      1. Ralphie says:

        You guys watched Fast and Furious too many times.

        It’s a bunch of stupid kids racing. Put them in jail and auction off their cars. No cars – no racing. Maybe on their bicycles

    3. Jack Trieber says:

      Street Racing will never die… but street racers will. The same selfish adrenaline junkie attitude displayed by “frogman” will continue to wreck countless lives. I say lock these idiots up for at least 5 years, send a message that their childish need for adrenaline does not trump the safety of the rest of us.

    4. James says:

      You want some adrenaline? Run for 50 feet at about 2 miles an hour,fall about 100 more feet, open up your chute, fall SLOWLY for while longer, thenget rid of yoru shoot, meet up with you buddies, give a thumbs up, and try not to get killed by the 200 enenmy combatents in a 10 mile radius who want to kill you. You go in liberate a small village, run away, get to your helicopter or beach, get on and get out, all the meanwhile dodging rounds of varying calibres and firing back whenever you can and not hitting anybody on your team of 5 year old children holding a malibu barbie. YES, i mean we should send these deliquent kids to the army or the marines. They’ll learn a funny little thing called discipline and respect, and be eligible to get all the adrenaline they want… and some they dont. but hey

    5. 05 Pontiac GTO says:

      Obviously you haven’t gone to a few of your friends funerals. We did this alot during the Late 60’s and early 70’s when the older muscle car generation were not as safe as what they are now. If you ever been with the parents of friend who blew through a busy intersection test tunning his car and collided with a station wagon filled full of kids who just came from a little league baseball game you would know what I was talking about . Have a sense of responisbility, besides if I had just got through spending the kind of money the new millenium muscle cars cost or just restored that 68 Z-28 camaro which cost me thousands of dollars why waste all that on some illigitmate, proves nothing, and could kill somebody else race. Just because you have raced a law enforcement offical doesn’t make it right, they are just as irresponsible.

      1. 05 Pontiac GTO says:

        James you bring back some memories. The judges back in the late 60’s didn’t put up with irresponibility and if you continously broke the law as a young man who was of driving age or older, then the judge had the authority to put you in jail but I did witness a few guys get sent to do time in the army and after 6 months they were headed to the battle fields or jungles of Vietnam and some came home changed and some didn’t come home at all, but those who did come home looked and sounded like they had just had an encounter with God almighty. I guess combat has a way of maturing you. After I went to a few of my friends funerals in the Alamo city back in the early 70’s, watched their sisters, grandparetnsk, and parents cry and blame themselves and have other physicologIcal problems I stopped the street racing and would go to Alamo dragway when I wanted to test and tune my car. It changed me and today in my very late 50’s I own an 05 GTO which 99% of the time sits in my garage and only goes to car shows, Houston raceway, and Texas mile once a year. It cost me too much money to tear it up or have it taken away because of street racing which is what they do here in Houston, Texas…….

    6. Responsible Adult says:

      Throwing reckless teeny boppers in the clink for stupidity will never end, either. Too bad cranberry juice won’t help the kind of period they’re going to get from the other inmates.

  13. BB says:

    Nor organ donors? What a waste! They certainly don’t deserve them.

  14. Jay says:

    Well maybe if we had a drag strip people wouldn’t street race but no instead we get a man made lake built and a bunch of golf courses

    1. Rrrr says:

      Lame excuse is lame. Even if you had a drag strip, kids would still street race because they’d say they didn’t want to pay the entrance fee, or someone with a high horsepower wrong-wheel-drive car (SRT-4) can’t launch and wants to race from a roll.

      1. G37 Driver says:

        “Wrong wheel drive car”…. I LOVE THAT!!!!!

      2. Jay says:

        If you can afford a car an entrance fee shouldn’t be a problem

      3. Sean says:

        Yes people will still street race but a much smaller number then in an area that doesn’t have a track. I’ll admit I have street raced before, but it has been years since I have done that thanks to all the tracks now open locally.

    2. 9mmchlorineforthegenepool says:

      Yes reward Illegal activity with Tax dollars, hmm where have I heard that before, oh yeah Illegal Immigrants want the same thing. You cite two activities that generally Law Abiding citizens enjoy and the Cities and States can make revenue from there legal application. With all the money thrown around on these cars the owners and businesses that profit off of it could easily buy a piece of land, improve it and have there own Legal race track, but no being Illegal and endangering the innocent is more fun, and of course they get to whine about not getting free stuff from the government for their illegal activity

      1. Jay says:

        I said nothing about illegal immigrants and your probably one of the people who complain about them then hire them for something cause there cheap and you can’t manage to mow your own lawn in your busy schedule. Nothing but a bunch of hypocrites on here acting like they never did anything wrong. Sure those kids were morons for going down the road thst fast especially on the lie where you know cops hangout but what gives the cop the right to do 140 after them cause he has some flashing lights and a badge.

      2. Ralphie says:

        What gives cops the right to chase criminals? You seriously can’t be that stupid can you?

    3. Phrg34 says:

      Jay you are using your rectum for a brain. Street racing kills, I don’t mind if it you but others are killed.

  15. rokko says:

    The cops created this by chasing them. The police cars were also doing 140

    1. Neons are for Wussies says:

      Yep, cops should never pursue dangerous criminals who are already endangering innocent members of the public.

    2. Rick Owens says:

      None of these cars will go 140mph

      1. Rrrr says:

        An SRT-4 has a top speed of around 155 mph. Way to show your automotive ignorance.

      2. Jason says:

        Rick – I’d suggest you read what a Neon SRT is capable of (153mph) as well as a Lancer EVO (150mph) straight off dealer lot. Both can be hopped up even more with aftermarket parts. Leave the car knowledge to those who know cars, genius.

    3. CW says:

      Really, the cops are to blame? The people driving the cars knew they were breaking the law and had a chance of getting caught. They chose to drive that fast. If the cops tried to pull them over and they ran then they made two bad choices that night. One – to drive like idiots in the first place, and two – running from the cops when they were caught. I can’t believe people try to place blame for things like this on the police who are just doing their job in trying to stop crime.

    4. 9mmchlorineforthegenepool says:

      NO silly, the CRIMINAL created this by running from the cops after commitiing another FELONY act.

    5. Ralphie says:

      No doubt you’re a braindead 0bama supporter.

    6. Gary the INTJ says:

      Oh, I totally see your point. The guys were just having a little fun, why ruin it with the cops. They should be allowed to race on streets at 145MPH, after all, they are just expressing their independence!

      While we’re at it, any wreck would obviously be the responsibility of the person who pulled out, unable to judge the high rate of speed. After all, it’s only physics!


  16. Michelle says:

    I hope they end up in at Rikers. I would gladly pay to have their butts sewn back up after the prisoners finish with those pretty young boys. I will even supply the lube and lipstick. Hope thier families take some responsibility for raising idiots.

    Are they here legally?

  17. Tom Troll says:

    The children of liberals, no doubt.

  18. Jake says:

    I hate a story with a sad ending, that is, the knuckle-draggers survived the crash.

  19. The Oracle says:

    I hope that they saved the Cuban flag that had to be still dangling from the
    rear vierw mirror.

    You ever have one of these drivers pull up next to your car ? His radio is
    totally cranked up, his hat misplaced on his head, he’s short, has a mustache
    and his primary language is of course, Espanol. Kid, you won’t be missed.

  20. 2011 STI says:

    I only read the comments to see if one of their friends listed the car mods. Racing over 100 mph is dumb though. The smart racers do a 30-90 mph roll race. Amateurs.

    1. 408swinget says:

      there is nothing more stupid than racing on a public road. also, roll racing is for people who dont know how to drive.
      there are plenty of people that street race around my location. we race in the middle of the night and only in industrial areas where theres no traffic and no homes around. it isnt safe, but its a lot safer than open public streets.
      there is a difference between what these kids were doing and what i have done. i make sure i wont hurt anyone else. these kids just didnt care.
      say what you want about street racing. its one of the funnest things ive ever done and ill most likely keep doing it and racing at the drag strip as well

  21. Detter says:

    The children with high performance cars should be tracking them. On the open streets you either get caught, or have an accident.

    Go to the track and compete with others…or are you afraid you might lose? LOL

    And don’t be surprised if a track official checks out your car to determine if it is safe…and check the rules or they may not let you drive fast and furious.

  22. A.C. says:

    Nice driving, Toretto… One forty-five looks SOOO easy in the movie, right?

    Have to admit I am kinda disappointed. I was hoping to read about an early contender for the 2011 Darwin Awards who had kindly removed his DNA from the gene pool by incinerating himself.

    1. roadmaster says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. GET OUT OF THE GENE POOL, DUMMY!

      But I admit to being almost as stupid when I was that age. A buddy had a ’59 Ford Fairlaine with a police interceptor engine that we drove 145, everywhere we went. That was across the wide open spaces in WY, however. Finally burned up the motor and slowed down somewhat, until I got back from Nam and my uncle loaned me his ’68 Impalla SS427 convertible. Woo Hoo! Good times!

      I thank God I lived through those days.

  23. Walter Rorhl says:

    god is dead shut up
    also there’s nothing dangerous about driving fast, Germany has better road safety than we do and about 2/3 of the road network is de-restricted

    1. Cliberg says:

      You’re an idiot if you belive that. I’ve lived in Germany for almost 30 years… the segments of Autoahn that have no speed limit are far less than 50%. And even if you could theoreetically drive w/o limit, there is usually much too much traffic to allow it. There is an awful lot that is dangerous about driving fast. Anyone who doesn’t thihnk so is living in denail and should have their head examined. (Bet you’re in the Tea Potty, eh?)

      1. Vince says:

        Cliberg..try to comment without calling other people names and you won’t be seen as the real idiot. I live in Germany now, and I say that (network De-restricted percentage aside), Walter is right about Germany having better road safety. As you know, even the back roads can have a speed limit of 62mph, while the highways range from 62mph to 81mph.

        The real story here is the high-speed car chase as noted in the story. Why do the police always feel the need to chase after people at high-speed. Personally, I feel the police put the public in more danger than the alleged criminal.

      2. Gavrikon says:

        I live in Germany, too. I appreciate not having to constantly be looking over my shoulder for a revenue hungry state trooper pulling me over for going 10 miles over the US interstate limit. There IS one simple rule for driving fast, of which most folks in the US are unaware.

        Keep right unless passing.

      3. MarkBench says:

        Why, does he want lower taxes, less government, and more jobs?

      4. Ralphie says:

        Why do the police chase after them? Do you really have to ask that question? Going to jail is a deterrent. If they police didn’t enforce the laws against street racing, there would be a huge increase in the number of racers, speeders, and deaths of innocent people.

      5. Ned says:

        I bet your a filthy liberal,eh?

  24. nick says:

    Put a track on long island

  25. anthony says:

    so who won

    1. A.C. says:

      The guy who DIDN’T almost incinerate himself, mook. He won.

  26. Eagle in NYC says:

    >>The driver of the car that crashed and started the fire was 20-year-old Joseph Skalka. He was held on $75,000 cash bail. His angry family and friends stormed out of the courtroom.<<

    Why were they angry? At their ne'er-do-well son for driving 145 mph? For crashing his car into a fuel pump and causing a gas station explosion? For nearly killing 2 passengers plus endangering the people in the station and the people on the LIE? For totaling his car? At themselves for raising such a reprobate?

    WHY were they angry?

    1. MarkBench says:

      Because they are part of the secret NYC hillbilly underground? Because of inbreeding?

  27. SerfCityHereWeCome says:

    I think the cop with the radar gun should be tested since a Dodge Neon has a top speed of about 60.

    1. Rrrr says:

      An SRT-4 has a tip speed of about 155 mph. Way to show your automotive ignorance.

      1. Brewskie says:

        I thought top speed for an SRT-4 was about 40mph!

        (good job missing the sarcasm)

  28. paco says:

    The threat isnt street racers…the threat is dark comets…seriously read about it…theres thousands of them heading our way…google “our solar system approaching denser region of space”…street racers be warned..the end is nigh! the end is nigh! your Turbo power is no match for an asteriod straight to the face….i’m heading north to feed off the polar ice caps when they’ melt from the
    awesome heat of the impact storm….h20 is key

  29. jr says:

    its a shame they couldn’t got away without wrecking,maybe next time ,more horsepower a little better handling machine,and nitrous

  30. Rick A Hyatt says:

    Stupid is what stupid does.

    1. MudSlinger says:

      Stupid ricers

      1. Pappy says:

        I don’t think Dodge Neons are made in Japan

  31. Fred says:

    The little 4 bangers may go 145, they just won’t do it for very long.

    1. Rrrr says:

      Somebody is butthurt over losing a race to a 4 banger, huh? 😉

  32. Douglas says:

    Like the reporter stated Nascar not drag racing speeding maybe but not drag racing. this is how drag racing get a bad name. I really dought that they stop highway traffic and held a drap race. Besides drag racing is 1320 ft

    1. Biff says:

      Not any more. 1000 ft. for the pro levels.

  33. Lou Voren says:

    Too bad the drivers weren’t “removed from the gene pool.”

  34. vaglover says:

    Thats what he gets for driving a gay neon. haha

    1. Thomas Foster says:

      whats funny is at that speed the neon could easily outrun that evo. the awd only has the advantage under 30mph

      1. Evo VIII says:

        And I’m sure you’ve driven and reviewed telemetry of both vehicles at these speeds to make a comment like that?

      2. Dustin Behrendt says:

        Your retarted… if you read the article it says that the evo was doing 145 and the neon was only doing 140. Therefor your an idiot!!! 🙂 Evo>SRT4

      3. A.C. says:

        This ass#ole skidded out of control and hit a gas station, and you are actually saying that AWD “only has the advantage under 30 MPH’? Seriously?? Ever heard of TRACTION CONTROL?? It wasn’t a coincidence that the Evo didn’t crash. The Evo DIDN’T SKID.

        Do us all a favor and NEVER EVER drive anything on a public road.

  35. sjh says:

    After whatever stiff penalties, all these slimy piles of human garbage should never be allowed to drive again for the rest of their stinking lives. Innocent people were lucky in this one. I’m sitting here so wishing I could take each one of them and pound their ugly faces into unconsciousness. Make them hurt for a long time.

    1. Rodney says:

      To SJH: Such violent urges ( “I wish I could pound thier ugly faces into unconsciousness” ) in reaction to a situation where noone actually got hurt tells me you should be in the jail cell right next to them. No telling when a hothead temper like yours would actually act out and kill someone for real. Besides, you have no clue if they had ugly faces. They could well be very handsome individuals. Maybe you ought to get facts before you open your judgemental mouth!

      1. Rodney says:

        Hey Rodney,

        You’re an idiot.

      2. MarkBench says:

        And Bloombast wants gun control…..LOL

    2. Deb says:

      I dont think the “innocent” gas station owner was lucky. Insurance rarely covers everything and those drivers and their angry families may not have the money to pay for the dammage caused by the accident. The bail money, if they come up with it, should be given to the gasstation owner and the driver should have to work at the gas station to earn it back! I know, there are a thousand reasons why that wouldnt work but in a perfect world where people take responsibility for their decisions and want to right the wrongs they have done it would be fair.

  36. solo_poke says:

    Wall street kills and maims so many more, yet the corporate clone slaves want their pound of flesh out of a bunch of kids.

    That is why it is the end of american, people only recognize evill if it is sensational, not dressed in a suit and smiling pleasantly as they ruins millions of lives.

    Quit being cowards picking on the weak and dumb, if you are truly interested in justice demand justice on wall street.

    1. Gerge J says:

      Wait…what? Because there is corruption on wall-street we shouldn’t be sending a message to people that recklessly and knowingly endanger large numbers of citizens?

      Seriously, how in the hell do you bring Wall-street into a judgment on a street racing accident?

    2. SJH says:

      Oh go away liberal. By the way,proofreading and correcting what you write could make you sound a tad more intelligent.

    3. Jon says:

      Good luck getting people to pull their heads out of the sand. =/ Its a nice thought though. Where people think for themselves and work together…

  37. FN Cee says:

    Jail the parents too … and the kids for the whole summer … no more driving for the kids until age 21 … these are felonies …

    1. Scott says:

      Until 21? One is already that old, and the other doesn’t have much longer to go.

  38. henry says:

    Sentence: Death by Hanging. All of them

  39. beelzebubba says:

    “God does good, YOU do bad and sometimes we suffer from YOUR decisions…”
    So your god is like an unfair teacher who punishes the entire class when one kid clowns around? If I suffer because of my ancestors, then why doesn’t god go back through our ancestors ancestors until he gets to the heart of the problem? Because (assuming he created us and is all knowing and all powerful) he’d have to blame himself for setting it all in motion.
    “The fact that God is nice enough to intervene isn’t good enough for you?” Well, if you’re going to claim he’s nice when he intervenes, you have to accept that he must not be nice when he doesn’t. You can’t give him a free pass without living in denial. Which brings us to the next point…
    “I don’t blame you for MY mistakes, why do you blame God for other’s mistakes? I can intervene and help you and I get credit.” So the god who could end all suffering simply by raising one little finger would rather just watch all our actions and debit or credit our accounts in the ‘book of life’ like a sadistic accountant?

    1. jan says:

      would you want someone to love you because they did or because you held a gun to their head? He gives people free will, He doesnt do anything bad to you, when you do what you want you do it to yourself.

  40. Alex says:

    Don’t see why people were complaining about the bail amount. Going 145 MPH on the public highways is just as likely to kill someone as a drunk driver doing 50 MPH — or perhaps someone driving at 50 MPH and using a cell phone.

    1. MarkBench says:

      yep. And they can vote and procreate.

  41. Robert says:

    We’ve got some of these yahoo’s around here, blasting their motorcycles full throttle through areas where a safe max is about 12 mph. Their route takes them by at least two residences with young children in the front yard more often than not. The bail should be high. It’s folks like these that think it’s all a grand video game… until someone looses an eye.

    I’m also not a fan of the noise and racket from the modified exhaust systems you can hear over a mile away, in your home, even with all the windows closed.

  42. Mark says:

    These idiots should of DIED! Would clean up the gene pool….

  43. JZ says:

    2005 Neon SRT for sale.. New paint! Anyone interested?

  44. DesertRat says:

    Let me get this straight – the parents were angry at the JUDGE for a high bail??? They should have smacked their errant sons upside the head! Where is the parental and personal responsibility???

    1. Rrrr says:

      While I kinda agree with you, they do have a point about the bail amount. The amount is disaproprately high compared to other, more dangerous vehicular crimes. A drunk driver gets out of jail for far less and they are a greater danger to the public than any racer.

      1. jon says:

        how is a drunk driver swerving at 60 mph more dangerous than an unexperienced kid driving at 145? i miss your logic on that

      2. Rrrr says:

        I’ll take 145 mph kid on aside road over a 60 mph drunk in a neighborhood any day.

  45. effnyc says:

    Everyone has missed the real solution here.

    Ban New York.

    1. efftexas says:

      Sure thing pal – right after we give texas back to Mejico (although I don’t think they’re gonna want it back…)

      1. the man says:

        they’ve already overrun texas, but i have to agree, just let NYC sink back into the ocean along with commiefornia

  46. paco says:

    turbo’d lancer vs a turbo’d neon…now that is so fast and so furious 6!

  47. daniel says:

    they need to make examples of these young gun wannabee race car drivers now and for all. They are risking everybody else’s lives not just theirs. more of the drivers need to die fiery deaths so that this stops. put them in prison if they live for endangering society.

    1. Rrrr says:

      Damn straight. Street racing kills 10’s of people every year. Super dangerous. Need to come down hard on them, never mind the old drivers, SUV’s, texters, and people who couldn’t pass a driving test to save their life that kill tens of thousands of people. No. Go after the street racers and ignore the underlying fact that the driving test and requirements in this country is a complete joke.

      1. Patrick says:

        Here we go again! An SUV cannot kill someone, it’s the operator of the vehicle. How in the heck can we blame an SUV for automobile related deaths? What about vans, trucks, and sports cars??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        The judge isn’t making an example out of “streetracers,” he’s making an example out of dumb ass drivers who should never have been on the road in the first place. Anyone who is going to drive 140+ miles per hour should be locked up in prison – streetracer, texter, old people, etc. These two guys are low lifes who risked the lives of other innocent people. Not to mention Hooters and the gas station now have to repair their business at the inconvenience of their customers in hard economic times because of these shining examples of intelligence. Even if “10’s of people” are killed every year, that is still 10s of families who have lost innocent loved ones due to the stupidity of streetracers.

  48. Dom says:

    Ask any racer, any real racer. It doesn’t matter if you win by an inch or a mile; winning’s winning.

    1. whatajoke says:

      Winning doesn’t mean a thing when it takes a half hour to get up to speed in a straight line. Go to the track, pay a small fee and see if your little car really is fast or not with an official time. Might even really win some money. Winning on the highway only depends who is dumb enough to take their foot off the throttle last.

      1. seanq says:

        u missed the point man

  49. Harry @ The Racer's Edge says:

    Amateurs don’t use nitrous oxide! Everybody knows that.

  50. Dom says:

    Granny shifting, not double clutching like they should – they’re lucky that hundred shot of NOS didn’t blow the welds on the intake.

    1. Macaque says:

      Double clutch my name, yo!

      1. whatajoke says:

        Double clutching is not necessary for any cars for the past 40 years. Synchronizers handle the job nicely and if you can’t make the gear and need to double-clutch then you missed the correct gear. Get real race training from real racers at a track.

    2. A.C. says:

      Gahhh…for anyone who actually KNOWS anything about cars, that movie is UNWATCHABLE. It was made for 19-year-old mooks who just inherited their mama’s Accord and don’t know how to drive.

Comments are closed.

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