Selden Teenager Charged With Killing Ex-Girlfriend’s Dog

SELDEN, NY (WCBS 880) – A Long Island teenager is facing animal cruelty charges for allegedly beating and killing his ex-girlfriend’s dog last month.

Suffolk County police say Vincent Maio, 18, of Selden, is accused of throwing the 5-year-old Pomeranian, named Foxy, into a nightstand and punching it in the head.

Officials said the dog died after suffering multiple rib fractures and a punctured lung  in the Jan. 31 incident.

Court records show Maio was arrested on Tuesday.

Suffolk County SPCA chief Roy Gross told WCBS 880 reporter Sophia Hall the dog had been abused before this incident.

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One Comment

  1. new york bully crew says:

    honestly i met this girl at the pet expo and this story really touched my heart. i have a dog rescue and we see this stuff all the time. and nothing ever gets done. i hope he goes to jail he deserves. stay strong girllll<33

    1. Damien Mace says:

      Whats more fun than an barrel of dead puppies?

      Watching Vincent Maio in action.

      1. Sparky says:

        I would prefer to see video of you being thrown against a piece of furniture hard enough for you to expire. If Vinny Malo did the deed that would make my day.

  2. new york bully crew says:

    honestly i met this girl at hte pet expo and this story really touched my heart. i have a dog rescue and we see this stuff all the time. and nothing ever gets done. i hope he goes to jail he deserves. stay strong girllll<33

  3. Jennifer Snyder says:

    Lock up Vinny Maio Dog Killer

  4. Saint Clotilde says:

    The only relevant question is whether or not he harmed a creature for no good reason. If he didn’t, let him go. If he did, grind him into dog food. Depending on the facts of the matter I could go either way.

    1. Gina Albero says:

      Saint Clotilde….Yes, he harmed her for no good reason. It was my dog and I was here when it happened so I know the facts.

      1. new york bully crew says:

        stay strong. and come volunteer at the dog rescue we need you

    2. Sparky says:

      What reason could there be to execute an animal in such a cruel way? The relevant question is why would you think there could possibly be a reason for this vile, cowardly behavior.

  5. Jaimee B. says:

    And for the record Vinny was not expelled from school, LOL, He took night school courses, past with flying colors and is now a highschool graduate and is planning to go to college.

    1. Dan Te says:

      For real?

    2. Dorothy Kuns says:

      There are a lot of college graduates I wouldn’t trust to wash my car. A college education does not make one an upstanding citizen. Bad analogy.

    3. Vinny M says:

      lmao “past high school?”

      you’re really intelligent.
      and he pass NIGHT SCHOOL with flying colors. hes a dirtbag.
      he will never go anywhere, let alone college.

  6. Pat says:

    While in jail, maybe he can find someone to treat him the same way. I kinda hate small yappy dogs like Pomeranians, but anyone who would harm them is just a monster. If he did it, he deserves the worst. The absolute worst that life can offer him.

  7. Vincent Maio the murderer coward says:

    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.
    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.
    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.
    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.
    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.
    Vincent Maio is a hideous murderer and a coward.

    His life is ruined YAY!!!
    His life is ruined YAY!!!
    His life is ruined YAY!!!
    His life is ruined YAY!!!
    His life is ruined YAY!!!

  8. LF says:

    Hes lucky he doesnt know me, I like to beat in the heads and ribs of UGLY life losers and their life loser friends.

    He does not deserve his life.

    He is safer in PRISON.

    1. lasstime says:

      ew scary talk ya pansy

  9. Em in Em says:

    yo sendd himm to jaaiil

  10. Marie says:

    don’t kill or hurt any dog, cat, bird, rabbit, etc. nothing alive, beat a pillow. I hope he gets jail time….this is a felony, this also is a strong indicator of becoming a human killer, not joking people….

  11. High School Dean says:

    This troubled boy was sent to my office almost everyday. He was suspended 3 times in one semester and finally expelled from school.

    1. sau sage says:

      You did a real good job helping him eh? No wonder they want to fire all the teachers.

      1. sparky says:

        Even a good teacher can’t do much for a sociopath like Vinny.

    2. Dorothy Kuns says:

      See? I told you he wasn’t a “model citizen”!!! What a loser.

  12. oh boy says:

    he is 18 is he going to big boy jail? you better buy your friend some lipstick and eye liner – he is in deep sht- he is what you call in prison instibtch

  13. Jaimee B. says:

    To every single one of the above comments besides the one appropriate comment, you all have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. Vinny was a friend of mine and I know exactly what happened. It’s rediculous that you people would even have the audacity to write these things when you know absolutely NOTHING about the situation at hand. His girlfriend did not break up with him, he was not jealous of a dog, I really am in shock of the blatant idiocy that you all are proving. If you have nothing intellegent or appropriate to say, don’t say it at all. You’re spreading false statements and rumors that Vinny most definetly does not need. Not a single person I know dislikes Vinny, everyone loves him. I’m not trying to justify what happened to this family’s dog, but I will be there for Vinny and support his end of the story all the way. All of the articles about this online are completely siding with the girls dog and making him into a monster of which he is most obviously to anyone around him, not. If you really need to sit here and comment on something you know nothing about, atleast have the decency to read MY comment, and furthermore no longer talk about. And if you feel the need to make childish comments about his appearance, take a look in the mirror yourself, or better yet look further into how ugly of a person you are for having no compassion regardless something you no nothing about. A future serial killer? I think not, keep your mouth shut. Thankyou.

    1. Susan says:

      Jaimee B.,

      Now that we have heard from you that Vinny is just a wonderful person, please let us know his “side” of the story. It is not enough to assert that he is innocent, it is very important to substantiate his version of events.

      I have to assume, that if you did not know Vinny and you had gotten all of your information on the situation from the articles and tv reports, you would also be angry.

      So, as his friend, take this opportunity to explain Vinny’s side of the story and THEN the listeners, readers and observers can make an educated decision utilizing ALL of the facts.

      I look forward to reading your response.

      Thank you

    2. Macaque says:

      Maybe the dog laughed at him?

    3. DOG DEFENDER says:


    4. Keith Girard says:

      ya he might have been playing with and then beating it then smashing its face in. there no way to look at this and say he didn’t mean to kill it you don’t kill a dog by beating his head in and crushing its ribs as the article says

      i saw him is high school all the time never thought of him as a bad person.
      and who cares if he’s not the best looking person.

      from what i read he sounds like he went off on the dog. but idk everything

      i’m sorry for ashley losing her dog if i ever lost mine like this i would be broken

      i dont knew you guys that well but this sickens me that some one could do this then to a girlfriends dog

    5. gg says:

      your friend looks like a psycho waiting to kill 100 people! I think he should be tied down in a pen with 15 PIT BULLS let loose on his ugly foul azz!!

    6. lf says:

      You are friends with a serial kill, I hope he kill you next. He beat a tiny tiny dog to death.

      He deserves to die and hopefully will IN PRISON PRISON PRISON

    7. LF says:

      Jaimee B. loves murderers.

      I wish I could get my hands on you both.

      Then I’d have to wash them.

      You are not safe.

    8. Educator says:

      Well, your major spelling and grammar errors flag a certain serious problem in your education and logic. Mr.. Maio is far larger than the dead Pomeranian, he is still alive, and he is not undergoing treatment for rabies, which suggest he is indeed the aggressor. Hr. Maio chooses to look scruffy and unwashed; I’m sure that with a haircut, a good acne medication, and a daily shower he can look perfectly normal. A few anger-management courses will help. Your deep romantic loyalty to him may also help him to repent. But the dog is still dead.

    9. Dorothy Kuns says:

      You are obviously an idiot. He killed a dog! That’s the kind of person you consider to be a “friend” of yours? I would be distancing myself from him, not protecting him. What kind of a loser takes his anger out on a dog? They love people! For no other reason than because they are there! Unlike your “friend”. And you’re not going to shut anyone up. This is an emotionally charged topic. He didn’t kill a spider, he killed a dog! Oh, yes, I’m sure he had a good reason. A Pomeranian went for his throat! Sure it did. Stupid man.

    10. Sparky says:

      “…not a single person I know dislikes Vinny…” Maybe you need to find some different persons to hang with. He is a monster not because of how he looks but because he killed a helpless animal in a violent and cruel way. That is not a rumor. Your lovable friend murdered an animal. A criminal act for which there is no excuse. I have compassion for the dead dog not for it’s murderer. Serial killers start off their vile careers with animals and move on to people. If you care for your friend get him help since he will be out of jail and on the streets perhaps to murder again.

  14. canarsie kid says:

    that coward should suffer a beating just like he did to that poor dog

  15. Dan Te says:

    G.F. was spending more time with the dog than with him. He got jealous because a dog was competing with him.

    1. Sparky says:

      Is it OK to kill a small, helpless dog in a violent and cruel manner because you have no coping skills to deal with a gf who loves her dog. If Vinny was that upset thinking his gf didn’t care for him enough why didn’t he just get up and leave?

  16. C.J. says:

    Was his ex blind?

    1. Anthony says:

      Really? This kid is gonna go to jail and you’re making fun of his appearance? Do you always read news stories to work on your hilarious comedy?

      1. Micha says:

        Do you have a problem with him going to jail or something? He should.. apparently he can’t control his tantrums and needs to be put in prison. That could have been his ex getting thrown into a lamp instead of the dog, the poor thing was probably just in the wrong place at the wrong time. I am tired of there whiney lil “men” who can’t take being broken up with. MAN UP!

      2. C.J. says:

        yea that’s right, it’s hard not to notice how hideous he looks. it doesn’t concern me that he is getting locked up. Good for him, he deserves it. A future serial killer will be taken off the streets.

      3. C.J. says:

        Yes. Yes, I do. Next question?

      4. Dorothy Kuns says:

        I wasn’t going to say anything about his appearance, but now that you’ve brought it up, he looks like a loser. Has he never heard of a haircut? One’s appearance speaks for one. If I showed up for work looking like him, I would have been fired a long time ago. Ugh!

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