Bay Ridge Sexual Predator Still On Loose, Cops Release Sketch Of Suspect

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police have released a sketch of a sexual predator who has been stalking his victims in Bay Ridge.

Police said the man assaulted two women just minutes apart last Friday before robbing both of them.

A surveillance video showed him after one of the attacks.

Police said he hit the first victim in the face with a gun, but she fought him off.

Twenty minutes later, he sexually assaulted the second woman.

Police are asking anyone who recognizes the suspect to call the police immediately.

How worried are you about this suspect on the loose? Let us know in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Ratter says:

    Obama shats on the White House lawn-film at 11.

  2. Sylvia says:

    He really should have went and found a job packing bags or something to make his money instead of attacking helpless women. He is definitely a coward. If he got that much heart why the hell haven’t went for big money robbing a bank with his dum ass. They will catch him really I truly believe that. He better pray that nothing like this happen to any women in his family that he loves and care about. He need to turn his self in.

  3. Jessica Franco says:

    look how short this story is……do they really care? Nope. He’s just another man trying to get laid to them. Irritates me how the news don’t really get into details with these losers who are raping woman or beating their children but when it comes to OBAMA talking hnonsense, we have to see a 10 page article about it. RIDICULOUS!

    1. JT says:

      you’d really waste time complaining about Obama when two poor women got hurt like that? Get some perspective and get off your high horse, you fool.
      Also, yeah, Obama is the president, and that makes almost anything he does pretty important. Get over that too, please; at least he was elected, unlike GWB part 1…

      1. MC says:

        Hey JT You get off your high horse! Guess you didn’t get Jessica’s point and judging by your comment you must be one of the fools who voted for Obamarama!. Oh, and no, the fact that he IS President does not make anything he does important!

  4. RICK H says:


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