Rep. Rangel Causes Stir In Courtroom, Gets Reprimanded By Judge

Congressman Chastised For Constantly Interrupting Hearing

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork)Congressman Charles Rangel caused a stir in court Friday while trying to lend his support for bail of Afrika Owes.

Owes, 17, had been a student at the prestigious Deerfield Academy in Massachusetts. Prosecutors say she was also a member of a drug gang that terrorized 137th Street in Harlem.

Owes was one of fourteen suspected  “137th Street Crew” gang members arrested last month. Prosecutors said the gang used shootings, beatings and robberies to protect their turf and gain street status on a stretch of West 137th Street. The gang allegedly openly dealt crack in apartment lobbies, near Harlem Hospital and near the Abyssinian Baptist Church.

Congressman Charles Rangel argues for Owes getting bail to Juliet Papa of 1010 WINS

The judge refused to release Owes on her own recognizance, saying tapes from Rikers Island have her involved in running guns and getting orders to “shoot for the head.”

The Abyssinian Baptist Church, which is located on 137th street, offered to post bond but the judge said it wasn’t clear if that was legally allowed.

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell describes Rangel’s courtroom behavior

WCBS 880’s Irene Cornell reports Rangel caused a stir in the courtroom, repeatedly standing up and interrupting the judge.

A court officer told Rangel three different times to sit down. When he stood up again, Judge Edward McLaughlin had apparently had enough.

“I see someone standing who should not be standing, unless you have a bad back like I do,” McLaughlin said. Rangel sat down.

Rangel says Owes was a straight-A student and should be given a chance to straighten herself out.

“All the discussions on the question of public policy boils down to a 17-year-old arrested student remaining in jail,” Rangel said.

Owes is due back in court March 22.

What do you think of Rangel’s courtroom behavior? Should Afrika Owes be granted bail? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. speedy says:

    no bail only jail.

  2. Bruce Smith says:

    Charles Rangel as a charactor witness? This dope dealer must be desperate! You don’t bring in a world reknowned thief to your trial, as a witness about your charactor. He’s still being given special treatment though. Anybody else that interupted court proceedings more than once would have been locked up, and or fined for contempt of court. We are of course speaking of Charlie Rangle, who can get away with not paying hundreds of thousands of dollars in federal taxes without being locked up. His punishment? A bunch of other politicians (read crooks) tell him what a bad crook he is.

  3. Edward Balz,jr. says:

    congressman Rangel is a disgrace to the human race and a blight on the united states goverment.. he is in my opinion a radical anti white,pro black person who should be kicked out of congress

  4. Hazmat77 says:

    Surely this Rangel incident is a joke. As a US Congressman, he shouldn’t be practising law, and if he was there as a ‘character’ witness, well, that’s enough to laugh at, isn’t it?

  5. becky says:

    She must be black. Like our top attorney says: “my people” are more special!

    1. ann williams says:

      kudos to becky…good response!!

  6. Al says:

    Rangell should receive the Oscar award for best actor. He performed so well according to the script: the perfect depiction of a black corrupt liberal politician,
    with all the ingredients of the black culture

  7. Mike W says:

    The members of the church and the poeple of the community in which the young drug dealers peddled their wares know who was doing what and who was not. The situation existed, grew someone got rich, and all this occurred within 31/2 blocks of the closest NYPD police station. Why didn’t anyone step up, stand up and speak out about the death being sold on the street in plain sight of everyone. The congressman, like the pastor, and the folk who attend the church know what was going on. Everyone is not seeling drugs, but a lot of people are using drugs. Nevertheless, Go to jail , be responsible for what you do. no-one put a gun to anyone head and made they sell drugs or get involved in the racket.

  8. Al says:

    I would expect to see the Sharpton sitting by his side protesting…

    1. Denis in Vermont says:

      NO Sharpton has moved on, he’s an analyst. Even HE knows charly is wacked on crack.

  9. Al says:

    I think Rangel is still arrogant and believes he is above reproach. He should be in jail himself for what he has done over the course of his political life. He is a disgusting individual and is probably hurting this girls chances for a fair trial…

  10. Thomas says:

    Rangel is a disgrace and should be kicked out of congress.
    Por little Miss Afrika deserves a 10 year prison sentence

  11. mrgrogro says:

    A straight – A – student in Harlem is likely a B- student elsewhere

    1. Andrew says:

      Did you read the article? She was at Deerfield. Go back and read the article before making further comment.

      1. Guess Who says:

        She got the A’s in grammar school. She was a poor student at Deerfield.

  12. Ron says:

    She’s black, of course Racist Rangel is on her side

    1. YourStillInThe1940s says:

      Of course Rangel is on her side>> When a jewish person is in trouble dont the leaders of the community rally for them; When the Irish are portrayed offensively doesnt the Irish leaders stand up for them; When an Italian kid is in trouble arent there Italian organization who also rally for them? Of COURSE Mr Rangel should help her. You still dont want us to have a community leader who rallys for us just like U didnt like it when Dr King did it. It shows the ugly inner working of your mind.

      1. Hazmat77 says:

        While you make a good point, you apparently fail to take into account that her victims were also black, and perhaps Rangel and the Church people should be more concerned about their plight!

        Please note: Racial comments are not necessarily racist!

      2. Scott says:

        Stop commiting crimes and you might get sympathy. I dont think Dr. King was saving crack dealers. He was saving people who didnt get a fair deal and deserved an opportunity. Not somebody who was given an opportunity and wasted it selling drugs. STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR CRIMINALS.

      3. Andrew says:

        We want our criminals a certain way: we need to be able to judge them. Try to give them some humanity and you take that away.

      4. Gotyournumber says:

        Don’t tell me that you are comparing Dr. King to this slime bucket criminal. Not a very good community leader, unless you want to learn how to break the law.

      5. Big Ed says:

        Youstill in the 40s…. Tell us what to do then… Just look the other way and suffer our white guilt while the country is destroyed? The time is here for the black community to heal themselves. White people are tired of black thugs, blacks with their hands out, blaming whites for their failure as a community. Calling it racism and oppression don’t cut it anymore. Meanwhile successful educated blacks flee the problem like their hair is on fire only speaking up to point fingers at a white community that wasnt even alive when blacks really were oppressed. Your people are killing each other and destroying their chlordane future….YOU step up and help solve the problems….we have had enough

  13. gag says:

    Maybe africa would be happier in africa!

    1. Andrew says:


  14. Jack von Bauer says:

    The question is… Who does Rangle OWE for being willing to make such a contemptible ass of himself in court?

    1. sicko-it says:


  15. Rich says:

    Furnish Rangel a beach chait, an umbrella and a oina calada, He’ll stay seated guarenteed.

  16. bob barker says:

    Let me guess…what race is the accused student?

    1. YourStillInThe1940s says:


      Of course Rangel is on her side>> When a jewish person is in trouble dont the leaders of the community rally for them; When the Irish are portrayed offensively doesnt the Irish leaders stand up for them; When an Italian kid is in trouble arent there Italian organization who also rally for them? Of COURSE Mr Rangel should help her. You still dont want us to have a community leader who rallys for us just like U didnt like it when Dr King did it. It shows the ugly inner working of your mind.

      1. greyfox says:

        You’re still in the cotton fields bro. When any community stands up for someone who has broken the law, that’s wrong no matter who it is.

    2. Andrew says:

      Human. What race are you?

  17. tim dearman says:

    It only makes sense that one felon should stand up for another felon.

    1. VARGO , BILL says:


  18. SgtRock says:

    I like it.

    If you are an A+ student then you can be a local crime terrorists.

    Earn an A+…..receive a get-out-jail card.

    1. Jocko says:

      Or: Get elected to Congress….receive a get-out-of-jail card.

      1. Andrew says:

        Good grades keep naughty white boys out of jail with less noise from the peanut gallery.

  19. Matt Behnke says:

    Lock her ass up.

    1. Andrew says:

      Only her ass?

  20. Cheryl says:

    Rangel is TRASH !

    1. Cleary says:

      I have liked Rangel in the past; one of the few Democrats that seemed marginally reasonable. But here’s the deal I would make with him: You take her out of custody, Mr. Rangel. You put her up AT YOUR HOUSE, under YOUR ROOF. If she commits any crimes at all, YOU GO TO JAIL right along side her. And you get an extra 5 years for creating an unnecessary nuisance. If she manages to stay on the straight and narrow for 10 years, I’ll pony up $25K to a charity of your choice. Do we have a deal?

      1. Sam Carpenter says:

        That’s exactly right.

      2. HARRISON says:


      3. Raymond Velazquez says:

        Very rarely do I read common sense in a blog as this, kudos to you Ms. Cheryl…

  21. Woody3691 says:

    Rangel’s courtroom behavior is juvenile and reprehensible. Imagine a spectator going to congress and standing up interrupting proceedings. That person would be in jail.
    The accused is facing very serious charges. At 17 she is past the age of “innocence.” she should be denied bail regardless of the source.
    Why wasn’t Rangel an activist while all of this criminal activity was going on?
    With his history of alleged criminal activity should he be the source of truth?

  22. fern says:

    Criminal minds are found at all level of society, I may find excuses for the poor and uneducated but none for the rich and intelligent.

    1. Andrew says:

      What is a reasonable person like you doing in a place like this?

      1. Jack says:

        A criminal is a criminal period ,
        Do the crime do the time!

  23. George W says:

    Poor black child is being persicuted by whitey and the system but the courageous congressman Rangel is there to save her. He’s a criminal just like his constituents and should be in jail too but that won;t happen because Jessy and Al would lead a black riot worse than the Rodney King trial.

    1. Yahya Sharif Shabaka says:

      Every official in America is a criminal. When view the history of this country and Europe, you begin to understand why things are the way it is.. Congressman Rangel is no exception.. His one mistake, like that of his predecessor Adam clayton Powel,is that they think and thouht that they can do the same thing as their white counterparts and get away with it…America is a ROGUE STATE,and soon will receive the full wrath of GOD, for her evil done to his people (so-called Negroes). Shame on you America for having a great opportunity to be fair and straight,chose to be unfair and crooked.

      1. Mike says:

        Yea, and the Islamic world is so kind to it’s people. Beheading, human bombs, torture. You Islamist are the scourge of the planet. The day of reckoning is yours for the murder of millions of your own in the name of your evil ideology which you claim is a RELIGION.

      2. VARGO,BILL says:


      3. 3dogmom says:

        May I suggest you go to travelocity,com and book a flight to Libya. YOu will probably be much happier there.

      4. Andrew says:

        Travelocity doesn’t have any flights to Libya right now.

  24. D Brince says:

    Chucky is trying to remain relevant in a time when he knows (like al, jesse, and the rest) that he (they) are not.

    Keep your name in the media at all times and at all cost. The arrogance of these people is baffeling.

    She’s going to be going on trial for a capital crime, denying bail for that is common place no matter who you are(example OJ Simpson). I dont care if she was 17 or 37, you are accused of something like that- something that the mobsters typically go down for – you damn well are a menace to society, straight A student? good covery story- so she’s a kinda smart criminal, not too smart to not get caught.

  25. HeckSpawn says:

    I really don’t know that I would want Chuckie Rangel vouching for me in any courtroom.

    Might taint my jury…

  26. JMWinPR says:

    Abyssinian Baptist Church? Rev Butts could be looking to proselytize Ms Owes for Old Westbury College. He is another “rev” cut from the same cloth as Al, Jesse, and Jim. I liked the comment that started with innocent until judged guilty. As if anyone were saying she is guilty of anything. Some one else mentioned Angela Davis. Is she still in Cuba/? I know Maxine Waters was trying to make a Federal case of her son’s murder. Interesting how they all seem to get linked together.


  27. AmericanMark says:

    What, there’s a shortage of good citizens to vouch for? No boy or girl scouts in his district? Just disgusting and unworthy of any congressman.

  28. Jim Pinflock says:

    Was her mistake shooting for the head and missing?

    If de ‘steemed congressman sey she din do it, den she din.

    1. Andrew says:

      Do you do a black-face act too, bigot?

  29. turk 182 says:

    Charles Rangel walked into that courtroom truly believing in his mind that his mere presence there was enough to get this student released – the judge would be so amazed to see a member of Congress in his courtroom, that he would feel obligated to let her go.

  30. FedUp! says:

    This female thug obviously needs to be behind bars!! Having a criminal (rangel) arguing in favor of another criminal is just a circus!! He should be behind bars right now for ripping off the taxpayers for the last 40-some years!!!!

  31. Ted says:

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful if Chuck threw a press conference and nobody showed up?

    1. HeckSpawn says:

      He does, all the time.

      But you never hear of them…

      1. Ron says:


      2. Andrew says:

        But lacking in accuracy.

  32. solo_poke says:

    INNOCENT UNTIL JUDGED GUILTY…interesting how some people jump to conclusions just because cops slap a pair of silver bracelets on people.

    Its not like police and prosecutors don’t have a history of convicting innocent people. Close mouth and open mind you may be surprised at how much you can learn that way.

    1. Interesting how EVIDENCE exists against the hoodlum and yet you engage in grievance-mongering.

    2. Brad Krones says:

      No one is proclaiming that this person is guilty at this point. And, it is true that prosecutors and police do make mistakes. It is also true that certain members of the community will defend the actions of certain gang-bangers, hoodlums, and even cop killers based upon nothing more than shared race. The Jamal case in Philly is but one egregious example of this unfortunate trend.

    3. proudnot2bliberal says:

      Yes more racist undertones form the community where they are taught from birth to hate the Pole leece.

      Truth is the race hustlers like sharpton, jackson, farrakhan & most of the leaders of the black community are racists just like the palestinians are taught to hate the Jews for no reason.

      Truth is if this was anyone else but this clown sharpton they would have been found in contempt.

      hey look at where following this fools have gotten you in the last 40 years? they are full of a lot of empty promoses (among other things) that only serve there interests

      1. Andrew says:

        What did they teach in your community? Spelling? Punctuation?

      2. olegunny says:

        Nah Andrew, the teachers spent all their time trying to teach the illegal aliens english.

  33. Patriot One says:

    Rangel shopuld be sitting next to her in jail. The idiot’s who re-elected this corrupt, tax evader are as ignorant as he is!!!!! My question is” How many drugs did Charlie purchase from the girl”?

  34. Ted says:

    Didn’t Chuck terrorize Washington D.C.? He is far removed from reality. The facts never did seem an impediment for him in his world. If the fact didn’t fit, he threw it out. He no longer has a conscience, or a soul. He sold them out long ago. He sold them for fame, fortune and power. We all know to whom he sold them. The debt will have to be paid some day.

  35. Elle says:

    This attractive young thug with the good grades had every advantage, including a scholarship for a fancy private school education away from the neighborhood (until the darling girl was suspended). She still joined up with the gangsters that terrorized that same neighborhood by selling poison and murdering anyone who resisted or stood in their way.
    She deserves to have the book thrown at her for the contempt she has shown for her immediate neighbors and the general community. She deserves LESS consideration than her thug boyfriend who never had the support which was showered on her.

    1. 3dogmom says:

      Amen Elle! You are right on

  36. Walkin Fenix says:

    Is Charley a character witness?

    1. Shablon says:

      What is in the American psyche that wants to see a 17 year old go down? Mr. Rangel is a fine human being for standing up for underpriviledged. So, she made a mistake, give her a chance, Angels Davis made it so could this young lady!

      1. TheMadKing says:

        Shablon, Give her a chance to do what? Run more guns, shoot for the head, deal more crack and terrorize Harlem residents? lol!

      2. Dorothy Kuns says:

        Puleeze. Rangle is a criminal so why should we believe in anyone he stands up for?

      3. There is absolutely nothing in the American Psyche that wants to see a 17 year old go do. That is an asinine question.

        There is, however, a sense of responsibility and demand for justice in the American DNA that expects her to be punished, if convicted, for what the evidence so far shows she has engaged in.

      4. the dapper rapper says:

        Dive into your own psyche. It’ll have to be a solo trip. No thoughtful human would cnsider accompanying you. May your tribe decrease. Unless you were tryng to be sarcastic, Fail on either count.

      5. Andrew says:

        I think Shablon wants her to have another chance at life.

      6. greyfox says:

        Why should anyone go down? Or do we pick and choose who can be allowed to break the law with impunity. Hardly worth a comment.

  37. RUSA says:

    Afrika is a girl’s name? Who knew?

    1. And, because of her name, it makes for Good headlines.

  38. Billy Bean says:

    Charlie is just full of vim and vinegar from having slept the winter away at his resort in the Dominican Republic.

  39. will kane says:

    She is just another one of those good kids who was just turning her life around and now whiteys dun gone and spoiled that.

    1. Andrew says:

      You are a bigot.

  40. will kane says:

    She is one of his people in the words ot Attorney General Holder.

  41. Mitch says:

    Rangel is a buffoon who should be in prison for his crimes. He is one of the typical Washington elite who thinks the rules don’t apply to him. And what is truly pathetic is the fact that he is right as is evidenced by the fact that he was re-elected.

  42. TeeOff says:

    “All the discussions on the question of public policy boils down to a 17-year-old arrested student remaining in jail,” Rangel said; TRANSLATION: All the discussions on the question…boils down to charlie rangel and nyc 15th district corruption;

  43. glo says:

    Shame on the congressman, this lad has demonstrated that he is not fit for normal society.

    He should be admitted to a program that will teach him how to cope with every day challenges.

    We fund those programs through our taxes right?

    G from FL

  44. Nicademus says:

    Rangel should have been held in contempt of court

  45. TeeOff says:

    charlie rangel: corrupt congressman 15th nyc district; gullible electorate: harlem, spanish harlem, washington heights, upper west side…; aka gangland;

    asked how he would like to be remembered, “… quite frankly I don’t give a damn.”

    censured: failing to pay taxes on his Dominican villa; submitting incomplete and inaccurate financial disclosure statements; use of his Harlem apartments as an office when he had Congressional dealings with the landlord; soliciting donations for the Rangel Center from those with business before the Ways and Means Committee; improper use of Congressional letterhead and House resources;

  46. rick says:

    He is defending her because she is one of the hundreds of the hundreds of children he fathered while being the head man in charge.

    1. Andrew says:


  47. Mike Jefferson says:

    Rangel should be thrown in a cell alongside his honey

  48. R.M. says:

    Crooks of a feather flock together!

    1. Andrew says:

      One need only consider the finance industry to concede your point.

  49. skot says:

    So by Charles Rangel’s logic as long as I make good grades, its justifies bad behavior?

    1. Andrew says:

      I can’t speak for the man, but no, I think you missed his logic.

      1. greyfox says:

        I think I did too splain it to me please.

  50. Dominici Vablatto says:

    Charlie needs to have his bowels rupture. That would be the end of his reign of terror.

    1. Andrew says:

      Are your comments typically sociopathic?

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