Report: Naked Party At Yale University Prompts Sexual Assault Investigation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A naked party at Yale may have crossed the line from salacious fun and into sexual assault and hazing, according to a report.

The Yale Daily News reports the Yale Police Department is looking into the party after several attendees were taken to Yale-New Haven hospital.

Yale Police Chief Ronnell A. Higgins notified the campus police “received information about a possible sexual assault involving undergraduates” attending an off-campus party on February 19.

The party in question was reportedly thrown by the Pundits, Yale’s private society prank group. Some 50 people attended the invitation-only function, according to the report.

While attendees arrived in costume, they were told to disrobe halfway through the party, witnesses told the Yale Daily News.

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Yale officials are examining whether the party – in which underage students were also reportedly drinking – amounted to a form of hazing. Attendees were reportedly told that the party was part of the ritual to potentially join the Pundits group.

After the attendees disrobed, several of them were forced to kiss each other by members of the Pundits, according to the allegations cited in the report. One male attendee reportedly had a penis forcibly pushed against his face.

The events are still under investigation.

At least one of the attendees seemed to think the party was nothing more than usual, rowdy, college hijinks, according to the report.

Does this amount to college kids having fun, or is there something more serious going on here? Sound off in our comments section.


One Comment

  1. Timothy Norling says:

    Good grief. Sybaritic Yalies. I think civilization will survive.

    1. Judith of Bethulia says:

      gays will exterminate the the human species and that was why sodom and gomorrah were destroyed because their sins were crying for fire and brimstone from heaven/

  2. Derek says:

    Hey, love those Yalies. Get naked, experiment with sex a bit, have a beer or two and enjoy life. I mean why not? After all, In a few years they’ll “grow up” and be just like the sanctimonious prigs who’ve written most of the comments here.

    1. Judith of Bethulia says:

      speak for yourself.

  3. Fred Lopster says:

    C’mon, these kids were having a ball…and a little shaft, by the looks of it.

    1. Judith of Bethulia says:

      certainly, duded. on the groove.

  4. Horice Sheet says:

    Expel ALL of them. Leaders and new followers. This needs to be STOPPED dead.

    1. Bebe Johanssen says:

      And why exactly? Simply because it bothers you? If activities like these were to result in automatic expulsion, Yale would have a greatly diminished student population- and even less of an applicant pool. Ivies are known for their elite sense of opulence. That’s what the system runs on- all we can do is maintain control of ourselves. You cannot “expel” all persons who have done stupid things in there lives.

      1. Dodia Fae says:

        Pretty sure Horice was referring to those involved in the hazing/sexual assaults. That’s not “just a bit of fun” as some have called it. Hazing and sexual assault are not just “stupid things” to do, they’re crimes.

  5. RAPTOR says:

    I love the way acts of indescribable depravity are couched in terms of “youthful indiscretions” or “kids’ fun getting a little out of hand.” Sadly, to point out perversions like those reported is to invite slurs of ‘fundamentalist reactionary’ or ‘Bible-thumping moron’. Our culture no longer truly punishes moral depravity. We wink, we nudge, and we giggle when we hear of such behavior. We do not stop for one second and question how we would feel ourselves if our daughter or son was a willing or unwilling participant in such debasement. Our culture is rotting in large part through the wanton debauchery of our so-called elites — those who should know better because they come from “the best of homes.”

  6. nancy says:

    “I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors…; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution.

    Not until I went into the churches (though not like most of the churches today) of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power (that is alone God, the Creator and His son Jesus Christ)..

    America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” – (Alexis de Tocqueville – from Democracy in America)

    We have ceased to be good. We are falling fast….just as Rome fell.

    1. RAPTOR says:

      Indeed, Nancy. It seems to be the fate of all great civilizations who have reached the pinnacles of power, wealth, and success. Lives of leisure seem to invariably invite decay and degeneracy. I had hoped that somehow America would have been spared, given her founding in Christian principle. Perhaps we should consider stories like this as abject lessons in the ultimate depravity of unregenrate Man and our desperate need for salvation.

    2. Bebe Johanssen says:

      No nation ever was or can ever be “good,” Nancy. Good is a term left to describe people, and people alone. That the youthful elite of America dabble in depravity is of no concern to our nation’s goodness, since goodness is not to be sought from a nation.

      Rome fell not because of its decadence, but because of its hypocrisy. That we all are sinners, yet turn to point our fingers in guilty judgment, this is the reason we fall. If the event was consensual, there need not be anymore investigation into the failing morals of our society- firstly, there has never been a society of morality, and secondly, what is morality? What consenting adults do in privacy is of no concern of morality.

      The problem here in this situation at Yale, is of course, consent. However, the defense “I did it because I was given orders,” is no defense, but instead, a first-hand confession. If these students consented to the hazing procedures of the Pundits, first by attending the party and preforming in the rituals, they clearly understood that such behavior was necessary for admission. Why anyone would subject themselves to such degrading and undignified procedures as such, I do not know, however that is of no concern of mine.

      By your logic, we have been falling ever since mankind has been created, which might just be true, or not, I really can’t say. We do not fall collectively, just remember that. Though nations may fall, there are always men and women who rise from the rubble and rebuild. No sense holding on.

    3. Bob says:

      The above quote is wrongly attributed to de Tocqueville— it’s a fraud. As a rule of thumb only cite quotatons from the primary source, not, as was obviously done in this case, lifting them from idiotic right wing chain e-mails. Incidently Democracy in America definitely deserves more attention.

  7. Torrey Baird says:

    This reminds me of Abu Ghraib. Just a little horsing around

  8. Ryan says:

    As a student who transferred after three semesters to another college due to behavior like this (and now commutes from home), I can promise you that this is nothing new. These are weekly occurances at most colleges across the nation. Students are lazy and don’t want to do work, administrators turn a blind eye with donations from rich alumni and parents, campus police ignore or give light sentences as directed by the school, parents are kept in a naiive little bubble, students who dont want to do and act and be the way others want them to are socially ostrasized, and only, ONLY when there is press that makes the school look bad is there an investigation or “outcry.”

    Because everyone my age is told that they have to go to college , it is flooded with morons who think college is an MTV fantasyland where they can jerk around for four years. Who suffers because of this? Ultimately, you, because these are the people that are going to be in charge of your well being when they run the government and other major corporations someday.

    Hope you feel better about paying for your kids $200,000 tuition bill. You think “learning” goes on at these institutions of “higher” education? Give me a break.

    1. nancy says:

      Bravo….well said…right on the money. I’m glad to know there are sensible, responsible, intellignet, young adults still out there with a sense of propriety. I hope lots of people “hear” what you are saying here. One wonders what has happened with our culture (or lack of) and society.

      Yes, a scary thought that these students will one day be in places of authority + responsiiblity over others.

      Thank you, Ryan for speaking truthfully and plainly.

    2. Bebe Johanssen says:

      Haha, very true. Although, I don’t agree with the concept that all students must participate in these lewd activities or be ostracized- everyone has a niche, they just might not be considered cool, or hip, or whatever you whippersnappers are calling it these days. Which is the price you have to pay for maintaining your sanity, health, and dignity.

  9. Patrick Muller says:

    So glad I dropped out of college.

  10. Adam says:

    Yale: where our nation’s leaders come from.

  11. Brian says:

    Sounds like a Shane’s World party

  12. videoclaro says:

    What idiots !!!!!!!!! Back in the 60’s and 70’s, at least my generation had the sense to hold love-ins with plenty of good music, good pot and good whiskey. These idiots don’t know what they’re missing!..

    1. boca1234 says:

      Back then they didn’t have cell phones with cameras and youtube to blackmail these elites. These kids are truly stupid–how are they ever going to explain the evidence of their ridiculousness in the digital age? The youth of today must always be on their best behavior because people are watching and recording them at all times!

    2. amihow says:

      Yeah and it was your generation which started the slide into this type of debauchery.

      Now your progeny lack any type of self restraint, courage, dignity, self respect or respect for others and even sadder any understanding of the need for those attributes.


  13. William Shipley says:

    So, why is it that we want all our leaders to come from Ivy League colleges?

    1. Abilene says:

      Real thinkers don’t. It’s the gullible who think that these leftist bastions somehow produce leaders of superior intellect. A little encouragement by an incestuous, compliant media serves to perpetuate the myth, too.

  14. GL says:

    Don’t ask, don’t tell

  15. solo_poke says:

    Bush the cheerleader graduated from Yale, need I say more? Yale the institution for wealthy morons to hob and ride each others knobs.

    Bored wealthy and stupid is a dangerous combination.

    1. Tracy Schillaci says:

      How much of a moron are you that you would bring up the name of President Bush in regards to this?

      Hyper partisan, ignorant and stupid is a dangerous combination!

    2. Michael says:

      Don’t forget D-student Senator John Kerry.

    3. common_sense says:

      Solo_poke – so did John Kerry, Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and Sonia Sotomayer…. but don’t let the truth get in the way of an opportunity to bash Bush.

      do yourself a favor and read a little more…. or just stop talking

    4. YAI says:

      You. Are. Ignorant.

    5. Ziggy says:

      Please remember that Al Gore graduated from Yale as well. He was then asked to leave the Divinity Graduate Schoold at Yale for “poor performance”. I believe Mr. Bush graduated Harvard with an MBA.

    6. Lazybum says:

      and a Clinton or two!

      Weak ones to the edge of the herd, please, slo_poke

  16. R Smith says:

    One only needs to be part of a group if the benefits outweigh the negative points. Is hazing worth it? No.

  17. Gooch says:

    You’ll poke your eye out with that thing kid

  18. BootEmOut says:

    Boot the little perverted freaks out. The message has been out there for a over a decade on hazing. If they are too stupid to understand that then they don’t deserve to be at Yale.

  19. kristoporskikr says:

    Yale, home of the Skull and Bones, sell your soul to the devil secret societies in exchange for wealth and privilege. Global criminals you better HOPE there is no higher power to answer to.

    1. Scott says:

      I can save you the suspense- there is no higher power to answer to. However, it’s still good to be a good person and not do things like this. Is God the only reason you wouldn’t do things like this?

  20. Scaramouche says:

    It’s all fun and games until someone gets a peni5 in the face.

    1. budro says:

      yep, that’ll damper just about anything…

    2. Judith of Bethulia says:

      that must be the reason why the legs of sissy matthews tingle when he hears an ivy league speaker uses his teleprompter..

  21. Jimmie says:

    yale unlike BYU has a dis=honor code….you have to be willing to sell out your friends to get in….

  22. hayduke '70 says:

    thank you for the link

  23. Edward Gibbon says:

    Keep doing what your are doing, morons. This and that idiotic sex demonstration at Northwestern U, are just two of MANY reasons why you’ll all be working for your Chinese masters in a generation. Moral relativism, depravity and endemic laziness and materialism… the list of ills is quite long. This country is done.

    1. ManassasGrandma says:

      It makes me terribly sad to agree with you . We used to be great , because we were good.

      1. nancy says:

        Amenm ManassasGrandma!

        “I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors…; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning. I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution.

        Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.

        America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.” – (Alexis de Tocqueville – from Democracy in America)

  24. Quickstep says:

    College kids being college kids…

    In my day it was streaking…

    Tell your children to simply leave any situation (or “friends”) they are uncomfortable with. Most of us manage to survive and actually become productive citizens.

  25. anonymous says:

    God and Men at Yale… Maybe Buckley was right after all.

  26. Tyrone says:

    Wow…..what a contrast… the Ivy Leagues, liberal elitist morons cavort in depravity, education and ethics be damned…… BYU, they can one of their best basketball players for consensual sex with his girlfriend because he violated their code of ethics….I may not be Mormon, but hats off to BYU
    So glad my daughters decided against the Ivy Leagues and went to schools with apparent ethics and educational values.

    1. hoozierr says:

      1/2 the BYU football team has admitted privately to also vilating the rules – wiill BYU man up and decimate thier cash cow?

      1. doogles says:

        Hoozierr – you obviously have a short term memory. Last year the leading rusher in BYU football history, Harvey Unga, left because of honor code violations. A simple google search would have helped you avoid looking ignorant and biased…..just sayin.

    2. John Knight says:

      Probably because she was white

    3. Ystudent says:

      The actions of 12 members of one of Yale’s secret societies at an off-campus party involving 50 people do not reflect the ethics or educational values of the student body as a whole. In fact, as a member of that student body, I can assure you that I am not alone in thinking that this behavior is deplorable. Likewise, to think that this is a reflection of the quality of education is outrageous. Yale’s world renown researches, faculty, and resources have nothing to do with a naked party. On the topic of BYU’s enlightened code of ethics, the school is also known for ostracizing students who drink caffeinated beverages, watch rated R movies, or fail to attend church 90% of the time. My point being – no school is perfect, but to deny the advantages of a Yale education because of this incident is silly.

  27. Rick says:

    Gays at Yale, Harvard, etc? Anyone surprised?

  28. marc says:

    What an uptight bunch that can’t have a good time of any kind at just another college party. So what’s the big deal? College students in canada and usa try the high jump every so often, nobody gets “hurt”. Just check out any spring break location and you will see and hear guys trying whatever it is they want……duh! Either they like it or they don’t.

    1. Hank says:

      Seems sort of Obvious, MARC likes it!

  29. Katie says:

    Someone else said it, but I’ll say it again….there is no moral compass at Yale. And the vast majority of today’s college and universities. Narcissists make headlines, hazing practices are spectator sport, and young men and women are degraded—for the jollies of the perverted, immoral punks who tried to be cool.
    They were nothing more than debased, self-centered jerks. I bet the lot of them were educated in public schools

    1. InternetSavage says:

      @Katie You couldn’t be more right.

      1. Hank says:

        Also Obvious, the Management and facilty at Yale don’t care what we think of them and their INSTITUTION!!

    2. A/L says:

      Written like an undergraduate who thinks she’s a journalist. Your argument is incomprehensible. Wait another 15 years before you try to opine, novice.

  30. Billy the Kidder says:

    “One male attendee reportedly had a pen1s forcibly pushed against his face.”


    Oh well. Tell the poor fellow that it’ll likely be gone by morning. These conditions usually are except in the severest of cases!

    1. A.J says:

      Right. Seriously: would we care if it were a foot crushed against his face? Don’t flatter yourself by believing this is sexual assault.

  31. some guy says:

    Now these are the real teabaggers.

  32. Kevin says:

    Hay female censors – Enjoy your special rights while they last………….

  33. Itzik says:

    This was predicted years ago:
    God and Man at Yale by William F. Buckley

    1. Lone Ranger says:

      These are young folks having fun…admittedly, ribald fun, but fun none the less. If someone was offended they should have just left.

      1. Bullies deserve beatings says:

        Or better yet beat the punks doing the hazing to within one inch of their ugly little lives. Beat a couple of these punk bullies half to death and the word will get around and the disgusting bullying will stop once and for all.

  34. Bob Tarasiak says:

    Yale was founded upon Christian/Biblical principles, yet today the immorality is out of control, there is no moral compass and no study of biblical principles as the Bible was the main study book in the beginning of the School! Shame on those who do not care!

    1. Charished says:

      Nudity begets sexual promiscuity. Peer pressure to follow others for fear of ostracizing Reminds me of hitler and fear to stand out and make a difference.

  35. Bobmc says:

    It sounds like liberal morons at work!!

  36. Verheek says:

    I can’t believe some of the comments on here. “If you don’t like it don’t go?” Is that the coverall du jour for anything someone finds disagreeable? Sheesh. People are responsible for their conduct under the law no matter what.

    1. that one guy says:

      That’s because no one forced these people to go, stay or strip. College is a place of learning. These kids just learned they have no spine. Now they can grow one.

  37. erick l says:

    If you dont like it – dont go.

    Typical libs whining about “hazing” or “sexual harrasment”. If you dont like it you can always decline the invitation – if they want you to take your clothes off – leave.

  38. Sexoholic says:

    Sounds like a great time. At least that school is good for something

  39. mlite9 says:

    I don’t know what’s more troubling – the fact that this sort of thing is condoned at a (formerly) prestigious Ivy League school, or that the collective intelligence displayed here (apparently a common age group) will someday be running things. Yikes.

    1. ystudent says:

      Formerly prestigious? Almost 30,000 high school seniors applied for admissions to Yale this past year. It’s faculty members are at the forefront of their fields, its students graduated in the top 10% of their respective high schools, its financial and academic resources are rivaled by just one institution. Leaders in government and policy (Last I checked, members on the Supreme Court, the past three Presidents, the current Secretary of State are all Yalies), entertainment, journalism and media, law, medicine, et cetera, claim it as their alma mater.

      1. Judith of Bethulia says:

        sodom and gomorrah all over again.

  40. Right Makes Might says:

    The REAL story here is in the comment section. With Americans this inarticulate, it’s no wonder the nation is in decline.

  41. Slightly Educated says:

    The Yale man stands straight and tall while banging his buddy against a wall,
    Yet all this is done in jest, while the other fellow cleans up his mess.
    Now here at Yale we decree, that we are here just for degree so, if we at some time have some fun, get naked and go on the run, please don’t blame the lad on top because the guy on the bottom could not stop. The Dean says it’s all O.K. because the men at Yale are slightly gay. (Sir Walter Radcliffe 1778)

    1. Tacitus7 says:

      That should have been — A Yale man knew the difference between an iamb and a trochee. Sorry for the typo.

  42. Kelley says:

    Nope, you thought really didn’t surprise anyone. Heard that all too often. Lacks originality Nice try. Better luck next time.

  43. Mike Savage says:

    Yale guys are all a bunch of morons.

  44. Andre says:

    No one out of Yale or Harvard in the last 20 years has done anything good for the US! don’t blame fox news for that. Blame slimy liberals!

  45. Mike Hunt says:

    This article is useless without pictures!

    1. hayduke '70 says:

      good point.

  46. Tom Bosley says:

    You’re a loser.

  47. Fred C. Dobbs says:

    This is just part of growing up in LEFTIST LIBERAL academia.

    1. WFMN says:


    2. SHELTON says:


  48. PatrickP says:

    These are the people who will be running our banks and corporations and sitting in state houses and on Capitol Hill. Lovely.

  49. theJackal says:

    Sounds like their name should be the D-bags instead of the ‘Pundits’. Liberals are such losers.

    1. Wynn Donofrio says:

      Totally agree I wouldn’t let my dog more or less my child go to those liberal elite colleges.

  50. PIKE BISHOP JR. says:


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