Report: Naked Party At Yale University Prompts Sexual Assault Investigation

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – A naked party at Yale may have crossed the line from salacious fun and into sexual assault and hazing, according to a report.

The Yale Daily News reports the Yale Police Department is looking into the party after several attendees were taken to Yale-New Haven hospital.

Yale Police Chief Ronnell A. Higgins notified the campus police “received information about a possible sexual assault involving undergraduates” attending an off-campus party on February 19.

The party in question was reportedly thrown by the Pundits, Yale’s private society prank group. Some 50 people attended the invitation-only function, according to the report.

While attendees arrived in costume, they were told to disrobe halfway through the party, witnesses told the Yale Daily News.

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Yale officials are examining whether the party – in which underage students were also reportedly drinking – amounted to a form of hazing. Attendees were reportedly told that the party was part of the ritual to potentially join the Pundits group.

After the attendees disrobed, several of them were forced to kiss each other by members of the Pundits, according to the allegations cited in the report. One male attendee reportedly had a penis forcibly pushed against his face.

The events are still under investigation.

At least one of the attendees seemed to think the party was nothing more than usual, rowdy, college hijinks, according to the report.

Does this amount to college kids having fun, or is there something more serious going on here? Sound off in our comments section.


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  1. TOOBAD2 says:


  2. flashman1854 says:

    No question, this is all George Bush’s fault.

  3. joe says:

    is that the collage that clinton, weiner, and schwartzanager went to

  4. nyc says:

    I don’t believe it ! Show me evidence. ie: pictures or video will do !

  5. Judith of Bethulia says:

    that was a gay hazing party so no girls were allowed. reread the report and in between lines you could see that those organizers were gay deceivers and those who attended and complained afterwards were unsatisfied spectators and so feigning indignation they started complaining.

  6. James says:

    Now did Pres. Bush make Yale bad or did Yale make Pres. Bush bad? Seems to me that every problem with this country is Pres. Bush’s fault according to the left. When will the left take responsibility for their own ineptness? They know that nobody is always right, but they never claim to be wrong. The facts do not dissuade the left.

    1. Billy Bob says:

      Instead of thinking everything is terms of right and left, perhaps you should think in terms of truth and false. That will clarify many things. Thanks.

  7. Billy Bob says:

    Yale sucks. Bush went there too.

  8. James says:

    Progressive is such a silly name for the socialist left. Once they progress to where they are going, are they going to change their name? Is progressive just change for the sake of change? When will they be done “progressing”? How will they know when they have arrived at utopia? Will they leave uoptia to progress some more? Meaningless name for the meaningless folks who buy the lie. “Progressive” is stage one pre-adult thought. The rest of us will be here to help you once you mature in thought.

    1. James the 2nd says:

      F’in hilarious! Right on!!

    2. Jon from soutthampton says:

      ‘Progressive’ is actually’ regression’ when You think about it .Social regression.
      Just another word like ‘diversity’ that’s used to dupe an unsuspecting public and push an agenda..

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