Garbage Luring Black Bears From The Woods In N.J.

POMPTON LAKES, N.J. (WCBS 880) — With the warmer weather, black bears were starting to come out of their dens in northern New Jersey in search of food.

As Sean Adams reports, it’s a good idea to secure your trash since these bears aren’t easily scared off.

“When we first started sending patrol units over there, they would hit the police car siren and they would scurry off into the woods, but now they’re so used to the siren they just look at us and keep doing what they’re doing,” said Police Lt. Steve Seifried.

“People put pizza out and the bears would sit down and they would munch on the pizza, and they don’t have a lid on the garbage can. They’ll rip the garbage can apart to get to a pepperoni pie,” he said.

Listen: WCBS 880′ Sean Adams reports

Residents weren’t accustomed to bear incursions.

Police urged them to reconsider how they store their garbage, suggesting that they get a bear-proof can, store it in a locked shed or garage.

The idea being if the food is removed, the bears will return to the woods.

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One Comment

  1. warren says:

    What is it about black and garbage?

  2. McBrooklyn says:



  3. herb says:

    Remember, state regulations say feeding bears is unlawful—unless you happen to be a hunter–who may even intentionally bait bears. I don’t quite understand that! and it certainly isn’t fair to the bears.

    Honest analysis of bear complaints for the last several years demonstrated that removing human food sources (garbage) is the BEST way to eliiminate conflict. But Gov. Christie wanted a hunt to satisfy hunting interests.

  4. Elleyby says:

    Some people, Mr. Steve M., simply aren’t smarter than the average bear. Which is the real reason why Yogy was created! We needed a smart bear, Boo Boo…

    To J., I’m sure giving the bear would be a tastey treat, if He eavens eat it at that! HA!

    To Mr. NRA member, the constitution doesn’t give us a right to kill bears, or to keep them for that matter.

    Marcus, we don’t kill them if they get in our way. But, we should save them, and STAY out of their way. They offer you motivation to seek organization, to keep your yard clean and clear… To me, their offerings to our ecology system and to our earth is great! Some of us are simply to blind to notice how they offer us or help us, and so we lose our blessings by killing them…. They simply don’t ‘know’ any better… If you love your life, then you outta love their life too! Don’t kill them… Save them… Who whos? … Maybe one day, they might even save you!

  5. Marcus says:

    I forgot one thing. If I wandered into a den to eat thier garbage, I’m sure they would try to kill me.

  6. Marcus says:

    I’m not really sure what these bears have to offer the ecology system of planet earth, but I say if they get in our way, kill them. If they are as smart as we think, they won’t come back to populated areas.

    1. Greg says:

      I just have few things to say. 1) They were here first!!. We invaded them!! If you don’t like nature and all it’s beauty, don’t live there!!!! 2) Great philosophy, Kill everything!! Too bad they don’t have guns!! Fair fight!! Let’s worry about gas, jobs, and our families, instead of Mother Nature!! Too bad our children and their children’s children aren’t going to experience and share the same same things that we have now. That’s a crying shame. I’m glad to see that some of us have brains!!

  7. NRA member says:

    the constitution says we have the right to arm bears and to bear arms

  8. j says:

    just get a cat.

  9. Steve M. says:

    “….now they’re so used to the siren they just look at us and keep doing what they’re doing,” said Police Lt. Steve Seifried.”….Which proves that people aren’t smarter than the average bear…..

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