RINGWOOD, N.J. (WCBS 880) — Police in New Jersey are still trying to sort out the theft of several artifacts taken from Ringwood Manor.

Thieves were able to get around an alarm and burglarize the national landmark by taking a dozen firearms from the 1800’s, antique clocks, silverware and two paintings by an artist named Jasper Cropsey.

WCBS 880’s Sean Adams speaks with DEP Spokesman Larry Ragonese

New Jersey DEP Spokesman Larry Ragonese told WCBS 880’s Sean Adams that no dollar figure had yet been calculated, but some experts estimated the theft to be about $300,000 worth. Historians have been taking an inventory of roughly 30,000 artifacts at Ringwood Manor to determine what else might have been stolen.

Ragonese said employees found the door forced open and the historic artifacts gone. He also speculated whether the thieves really knew the value of what they had taken.

“If someone is pitching you some antique rifles or bayonets or hand guns or antique clocks pop up today or tomorrow, or if someone offers you a valuable landscape from the ‘Upper Hudson’ or ‘Greenwood Lake,’ give us a call,” he said.

If you have any information regarding the theft, you can contact police or Ringwood Manor.

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