Eye On New York: Mouth Off To Montone

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — In this Eye on New York segment, New Yorkers mouth off to 1010 WINS’ John Montone about laws that make it illegal to wear headphones on the streets, elevator etiquette and slow bus service.

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  1. Linda S. Hauff says:

    I believe CBS’ “Living Large” segments could not be more inappropriate than in these terrible economic times. There used to be the “haves” and “have-nots”. Now, there is a third group — the just barely getting bys. Why laud such blatant opulence as though it were status quo? Especially when so many people are in danger of losing their meager homes or already have lost them? Even most of the “haves” do not have that kind of living grandeur. CBS could perform more of a service if it were to have a “how to get by” segment and offer ideas and services and programs available to struggling hard-working families and seniors. Finally, when have-not people see such opulence, they wonder why they can’t have it too and believe they are entitled to it, and some tend to just steal it and take it from who they consider to be the “haves.” This could lead to massive anarchy, the type of which we have never seen before. Many more police officers will have to be employed and every US citizen should have a right to bear arms in their own homes for their own protection. To Hell with NYC laws which are antiquated. And, NY is supposed to be one of the capitals of the world? Ha!

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