Mayor Booed At Parade For Comments About The Irish

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) – Attendees to the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Rockaways on Saturday reminded Mayor Bloomberg that they did not forgive or forget about his comments about the Irish.

Many booed and heckled the mayor during the 30-block route for his comments made at an Irish Historical Society dinner last month, referring to inebriated people “hanging out the window.”

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“Normally when I walk by this building there are a bunch of people that are totally inebriated hanging out the window waving. I know that’s a stereotype of the Irish. Nevertheless, we Jews from around the corner think this,” Bloomberg said.

He later apologized for his remarks, adding that he did not mean for it to offend anyone.

The mayor will march in two other parades on Sunday—the annual Staten Island parade at 12:30 and the parade in Sunnyside, Queens.


One Comment

  1. jerseyjoey says:

    Your right, did not even think of that, God forbid you say anything anti-JEW your a hater but its ok to bash the Irish in fun jest, but to say all the JEWS on the block think that is speaking for more than himself is it not. Funny coming from a race that thier own GOD did not save from the extermination camps but Americans GI”s of all nationalities including the GREAT IRISH did. OH but the reply to that from the Jew is Your working under gods control, PHAAA BS

  2. Capt Lou says:

    Mayor Mike does owe and apology; after all no one has commented or criticized the Mayor when he celebrates Passover!

  3. Mike Bloomberg says:

    Perhaps if I split a McDonald’s Shamrock Shake with Bono this will all blow over.
    Whaddaya say, my Irish friends?

  4. Jay says:

    typical Jew.

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    HUMMMMMMMM, not so long ago, Many a Christian Irish American GI freed the JEW from Death camps in Poland and Germany, Keep that in the back of your Jew mind Bloomberg.

  6. Herodotus says:

    They were drinking Maneshevitz Wine ??

  7. Pat Johnson says:

    It was a racist cliche remark from a rich man Jewish or not this
    is the kind of joke one hears in a country club,not from a Mayor
    of a city with so many diverse nationalities living here in peace.
    Shame on Emperor Bloomy for this”joke” you get what you deserve
    and our irish Chrissy Quinn for being his shadow .

  8. Jim S says:

    Mayor Bloomberg proves with his comments just how dumb he really is. How can he assume that people hanging out a window are inebriated?

  9. luckycharm says:

    Irish ppl deserve it for relect a dictator to a third term!!

  10. industry says:

    Mayor Bloomberg is a member of a “special minority” with the
    right to insult anyone, anytime about anything and be allowed to offer
    lame excuses for their lack of civility, manners and plain common sense.

  11. Peter says:

    The day has become just another one to get drunk. My brother was married to a girl in the family of Forgarty. Most of them died from scerlosis of the liver from the drinking and some got cancer from the cigarettes. The mayor spoke the truth and its not only the Jews who think that, but a whole lot of Irish and Italians too.

    1. jennifer says:

      Bloomberg in no way represents the jews! We hate him too!

    2. Wilfred Ramos says:

      Irish people are very lighthearted and make good friends but the truth is that when I was living in New York I personally wished that they didn’t drink so much becauce they were very nice people and they did’nt deserve bad raps.I hope they can view this as constructive critisism. I my self cannot drink and gave it up for the good of my family and friends. I sometimes wished I could drink as much as they could.Since I can’t I don’t want to run the risk not behaving correctly..

    3. Charles says:

      Sclerosis? or did you mean cirrhosis of the liver? Perhaps you are drinking as you type. The fruit cake mayor has no business speaking such racist and blanket statements about another people/culture/race. I don’t hear him speaking of the Wall Street jews who are responsible for ALL OF THE BANKING, ENERGY, CORPORATE, HOUSING, FINANCIAL SCANDALS that have rocked america and the world and yet this ultra small minority of only one percent of america has been responsible for it all. What a racist, two faced, bigoted ARSE she is!!!!

  12. Trishe says:

    To clean up an image the event needs to also be cleaned. It is sad how Saint Patrick has been forgotten and how it is remembered by everyone getting drunk.

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