Exclusive: Man Accused Of ‘Parking Space Rage’ Tells His Side

NEW YORK (CBS 2) — A man charged with felony assault against a woman over a parking spot is speaking out, saying he only acted in self-defense.

CBS 2’s Derricke Dennis sat down with 35-year-old Oscar Fuller, and his attorney, for an exclusive interview.

1010 WINS’ John Montone with details from the case

“I did not know, in no form or fashion, that she was physically hurt like this,” Fuller said.

Fuller said he was surprised by the serious injuries in the now-infamous fight over a parking space in Manhattan’s East Village.

Lana Rosas, of the Bronx, suffered a critical head injury and was left in a coma, though Fuller said his one punch was not responsible.

Parking space rage

Parking space rage victim Lana Rosas' car. (Photo: CBS 2)

“They’re saying it was so powerful a hit,” Fuller said. “I hit this girl one time.”

Two Fridays ago, at around 11 p.m., Fuller said he saw Rosas standing along East 14th Street. She was physically holding a parking space, apparently for her boyfriend, who was circling the block.

Words were exchanged between the two, and then, Fuller said, Rosas threw the first of several punches.

“Bang, bang, bang, bang, she’s just hitting me, hitting me, and I’m like ‘whoa, whoa,’” Fuller said. “So I hit the girl, jump back in my car and pull off.”

Rosas’ family tells a different story – that a petite, 100-pound woman was hit so hard that she flew off her feet and landed in the street.

The police report said Rosas is in a coma, and her skull had to be opened to relieve pressure on her brain. Rosas might die, stay in a coma or have permanent brain damage.

“They’re saying I’m some big guy – I’m only 5’7”…I weigh 150,” Fuller said.

Fuller’s attorney, Thomas Kennif, said there is surveillance video of the fight that he believes will show his client acted in self-defense. That video is in the hands of prosecutors, and has not yet been released.

Fuller said he’s praying for Rosas’ recovery, but that he hopes to have his day in court.

“Some female that I never met in my life hit me, and I hit her back,” he said. “Do I feel I was right hitting this woman? No, I do not. Do I feel she was right in hitting me? No, I do not.”

CBS 2 has made several attempts to contact Rosas’ family, but no one could be reached for comment.

Oscar Fuller has been charged with felony assault, and has a court appearance Monday morning.

At last check, Lana Rosas remained in critical condition.


One Comment

  1. Johnny says:

    This is an unfortunate incident. Hopefully she recovers. I can’t say that she attacked him first, but that is his position and there doesn’t seem to be any contrary evidence at this time. Sure it was unwise for him to leave his car, but maybe he was attempting to get her to observe her duty to retreat. He wanted the parking sport. It’s doubtful he would have followed her if she released it. He may have also been attempting to prevent her from occupying the spot in hopes that she would realize that she wouldn’t be able to use it anyway and just leave. She was illegally in the street anyway. He also had no assurance that the attack would stop when he turned his back. She may have stopped after he reentered his car and clearly was leaving, but does he have a duty to subject himself to additional attacks to find out?

    I don’t know this guys background, but I have martial arts training in Tae Kwon Do and running away from an ongoing attack is not what you’re taught. You’re not taught to grab or subdue. You’re taught to block and counter attack. Let me stress counter attack. You don’t think you react. I’m 5′ 7″ and when I was younger, I fought a guy who was 6′ 3″. I know because I asked. I weighed 135 pounds at the time. I estimate that he was at 235. I eventually ended the fight by striking him in the throat. It’s the height of folly to fight someone that much larger than you unless you’re really confident about it. She was either expecting her boyfriend to come back soon or she thought that she could fight him off. Either way, her intention was for Fuller to get his butt kicked.

  2. leroy says:

    If it was me I’d have capped her taco eatin a$$.

  3. judy4justice says:

    This man is a bully! He had no right to attack her, even if she did do the wrong thing and hit him.He should have manned up, and walked away! I pray for her speedy recovery, and also that this man gets what he deserves!

  4. Aj Edwards says:

    In the case of self-defense, if someone is attacking you, you have every right to strike back, regardless of gender.

  5. Danny says:

    YES you is a creep, OSCAR!! You definitately do not HIT a WOMEN! or Girl.

  6. Capt Lou says:

    In due time, someone will be doing the “Bristol Stomp” on this “Girlly Man”.

  7. 1608 says:

    What’s taking so long with the video?

    EVL KITTY get well soon.

    OSCAR good luck.

  8. eddie ramos says:

    i feel sorry for her god bless her the guy is a puck go to jail.you will learn a lesson.

  9. MRS I. UNDERSTAND says:

    Wow..if he did that we can only imagine what he has or will do to his girlfriend.

    Beware ladies…miniature Mike is on the loose.

  10. Sammuel j. says:

    This man is a creep get him off our streets! You dont hit a women! He took her life away now lets take his! What goes around comes around you filthy moron!

  11. Jeffrey says:

    This guy is a jerkoff. Give him life in prison thats what he deserves for hitting any lady..

  12. JAJ says:

    There is s simple solution. The city should make this mandatory you can’t hold a parking spaces, To many cars not enough parking spaces. That way someone in the near future won’t have to pay with his or her life. May God bless Lana Rosas and prey that she recovers.

    1. DAS says:

      Such law is already on the books.It is an administgrative code of NYC which makes it illegal to hold a parking space for self or anyone else. Obviousely – doesn’t help.

  13. Bob says:

    She was not holding a parking spot, she was protecting the parking spot. She was there to make everyone else who wanted the parking spot go away. She was defending a parking spot she did not own. She was already in defensive mode before anyone came along. Pity the person who would want to take that parking spot away from her. Along comes a guy who wants the spot…..and the story begins. Can’t wait to see the video.

    1. steve says:

      you are so right bro

  14. Kimberly says:

    John you are the kinda guy every girl wants! Too bad half these men writing these comments will never get girls in their life hahaha!

  15. John says:

    Men who hit women are losers and need to be destroyed!!!!

    1. Matt says:

      People (men or women) who break the law (attempt to hold a parking space) and then physically attack the person who calls them on it deserve to be beaten in self defense. Being a woman entitles one to no special privileges. The man in this case did nothing wrong whatsoever.

      1. Sammuel j. says:

        Im sure no lady will be with you your a little creepy thinking what he did is normal!!

    2. Brian Breese says:

      @John…Women who hit men are losers and need to be destroyed also.

  16. Bridget says:

    No one deserves to be beaten into a coma. However, she started the whole thing. How stupid is this woman? Seriously, she got herself seriously injured for what? because she was holding a spot for her idiot boyfriend. Now she will sue the guy and win.

  17. mezzomomma says:

    He doesn’t think one smash to the head could leave a person in a coma? What planet is this guy from? He punches her in the face and then flees the scene. He claims he never saw her fall to the ground. Yeah, right. If she attacked him, he should have thought then and gotten back into his car and called the police. Can’t wait to see the video.

  18. William says:

    This man was attacked and he defended himself, he has that right. The woman brought this problem on herself

  19. Abraham says:

    willie you have a peanut for a brain if u really think this

  20. Janine says:

    What!!!??? She started it!!!??? Oscar saw a woman holding a parking space, and CHOSE not to move on! Instead, HE got out of his car TO CONFRONT HER! A 5.7ft, 150-160lbs man vs. a 4.11’ft, 100lbs woman. I say, “There was no contest!!” But she tried, and now she lays in a coma. I whole-heartedly agree with Mauro! Would Oscar have gotten out of his car if it were a man holding that parking space? I THINK NOT!!! Oscar is a proven coward! Instead of sticking around after he punched her and saw her fall to the ground HE CHOSE TO RUN. And I dare say, not for the fear of COPS who may have been on their way to the scene, BUT FOR FEAR OF THE SOON ARRIVAL OF ANOTHER MAN!!! Lana’s boyfriend was coming, and Oscar didn’t want to wait around for what might have been ANOTHER UNFAIR BATTLE, BUT THIS TIME NOT IN HIS FAVOR!!!
    Oscar is another one in the male species who do not deserved to be called a man! They want to beat on their chests in the face of women, but are MEN WHO RUN FROM MEN, MEN WHO BEAT WOMEN, AND MEN WHO HURL BABIES ACROSS THE ROOM AND PUNCH TWO YEAR OLDS TO DEATH, WHEN WHO THEY ARE REALLY ANGRY AT ARE THE BABIES’ MOTHERS!!!

    1. casper says:

      Punching her was wrong, but “holding” a parking spot doesn’t make sense.

  21. Mr. Armenia says:

    The way it sounds is that Mr. Fuller was acting in self defense over a selfinsh woman illegally holding up a parking spot. People do this all the time in tight parking spots.

    The victim here is at fault for instigating this.

  22. Olufemi Osinowo says:

    First of all I wish her speedy recovery to tell her side of the story.
    Two wrongs make no right. She was wrong to stand on a parking lot and wrong to hit him first (video). He was wrong to come out of his car and shameless to hit a woman. Better to run from an irate woman than hit her back. He was lucky he did not receive bites or get his clothes ripped off. Which ever way you cut it things are not looking good for both sides. I hope folks learn from this tragic story because people do it all the time.

  23. cobra says:

    If the victim was a 200 lbs man , would he even dare to get off his car?what happened to the men of this country? Look at the comments.

  24. Mauro says:

    i believe this man is a coward…i wonder if it was a man who was holding the parking spot..would he have said anything or just drove away..im pretty sure he wouldve drove away…if he felt he was the victim why jump in your car and drive away..im pretty sure his story was made up by his attorney…

  25. Shane says:

    She got it coming. If you’re ready to hit someone, be ready to get hit back. Or just because she’s smaller, she thought she had every rite to beat any bigger person up? Give me a freaking break

    1. B says:


  26. KMA says:


    1. mezzomomma says:

      Right back at you!

  27. Shakra says:

    Look people…he got out of his car. If you had an irate person coming towards you, what would you do? He was the aggressor, not her.

  28. P Tatum says:

    I don’t know what happened, but I do know how women can act when they think they’re entitled to something they aren’t getting. I wouldn’t be surprised if she was asking for it.

    1. Shakra says:

      Unbelievable! Blaming the victim, as usual. The man got out of his car and went up to her. You’re saying he wasn’t spoiling for a fight? Let me guess, you have to pay child support and you think it isn’t fair.

      1. P Tatum says:

        Sorry, I didn’t realize you were there. I’ll defer to your first hand knowledge on the subject. After all, I pointed out that I didn’t know what happened, I was just speculating on a hypothetical. But please, go on, you’re doing a great job.

  29. Sassy says:

    This man is using the classic abuser tactic, Blame the victim. Lawyers advise them to do this all the time and the courts, because they use well connected lawyers, side with them. Women die at the rate of 4 per day in this country, that we know of and can prove because they are victims of murder/suicide, and the press, law enforcement and the courts allow it to happen because they are still controlled by men who have the same deviant behaviors. Wake up America, a lot more women and children are dying at the hands of these men then you hear about. Over half the children are killed by their fathers, but you hear nothing of it.

  30. Renee says:

    Sounds to me like someone needs to check this Rosas woman’s immigration status… perhaps that’s why the family is not responding the media requests for an interview. Inquiring minds want to know

    1. Shakra says:

      There are a lot of people who refuse to speak to the media. Renee, just stop. Seriously…stop using your prejudice to justify this crime.

  31. RLE says:

    He should not have hit that woman.
    Something like this happens the man should just walk away.
    I don’t care what size he is, men do not fight women over a parking space.

  32. Woody3691 says:

    This guy is going to do serious time. Doesn’t matter if he had technical argument for self defense. She weighs 100 lbs. She’s minuscule. He could have helped himself by staying on scene and getting help. Now it’s like a hit and run.

  33. bobby says:

    only a coward PUNK hits a woman .I could see there are a whole lot of you PUNKS commenting on this story ….

  34. Jayson says:

    Women lie, men lie. The video wont lie. If she attacked him then it’s her fault she is in a coma. When keeping it real goes wrong.

  35. Greg says:

    The video doesn’t lie. She probably thought she was just gonna beat on him cause she was a woman and how dare he hit her back. Unfortunately she got what she asked for and now she’s in a coma.

    1. bobby says:

      Hey Greg I can see your a PUNK …I GUESS YOU HIT WOMEN ,Do you have a Mother,Sister,Daughter,Girlfriend or Wife ?Would you like some Punk hitting your female loved one >?ONLY A PUNK HITS A WOMAN …..

    2. Shakra says:

      He got out of his car to confront the woman. He was the aggressor. Stop blaming the victim.

  36. Ev says:

    You cannot hold a parking space like that. Its wrong. Its all her Boyfriends fault.

  37. camilo leuterio says:

    That guy is lying. He hurt the girl and now in coma. It’s a different story if the girl had a gun and she shot him. How can he say that it was self defence? He’s a big man. Even if the girl punch him – he still had no reason to retaliate.

    1. Jayson says:

      You are an idiot. “It’s a different story if the girl had a gun and she shot him.” What? So only then it’s ok for him to retaliate? And since when is 5-7 150 considered big? And how come no one noticed her license plate says evl kitty?

  38. Mike says:

    THere is not enough parking spaces so I think they both should sue New York City. isnt this the American Way

  39. Leon says:

    Please note that this is his side of the story and her side has not been heard. She is after all in a Coma and might not recover. He stated self-defense/ who knows the conversation they had/Did he threaten her life during it?/ Did she actually hit him?/ after receiving a Major head trauma will she ever be able to give her side of the story and will it be allowed in court due to the damage he admitted to have done to her?

  40. foshizz says:

    there is a double standard.. women expect to be treated like a lady even when they are acting like an idiotic lunatic thug themselves, equal rights continue into
    hitting another person too man , or woman.if you are gonna dish it out, expect to get it back

  41. Matt says:

    Sounds good to me. Some out of control b!tch got in his face and hit him so he hit her back. It was called women’s lib, ladies. You won. Now you have to face the consequences of hitting somebody.

    1. Shakra says:

      He got out of his car to confront her. He was the aggressor, not her. I’m sure she felt quite intimidated by this. Stop blaming the victim.

      1. Matt says:

        He had every right to confront the criminal who was illegally “holding” a parking spot. He had every right to hit her as hard as he could and then flee, because it was in self-defense and the criminal’s accomplice was in a vehicle and soon to return to the scene.

        Tough break for the b!tch, but this will probably teach her and others to stop stealing parking spots, and then to get violent when confronted about it.

  42. Neville Lee says:

    I will not judge until all the evidence is out..I feel that no one has a right to put his or hers hand on anyone unless you want to get slugged back. I’ve worked in the nightclubs in NYC and some of these women are as violent as the men. You slug me in the face expect to get slugged back..

  43. Todd says:

    Females, understand. If you hit us guys, you had better expect it back.
    If you are big enough to hit me, I am going to hit you right back.

  44. newyorker says:

    obviously he has been advised to every word
    that will make him sound human.
    Same as a woman taking a bat to a man while his hands tied behind his back.
    I hope they teach him a lesson in jail.

    1. bill says:

      I guess you haven’t heard of women’s lib

    2. VM says:

      Why is it never OK to hit a woman? Is it ever OK to hit a man? What ought anyone to do if they are hit by another? Please give us some practical wisdom newyorker.

  45. Brian says:

    Typical dirtbag, I hope this guy goes to prison, and gets what he deserves. To be abused by some big bad bubba looking dude! I wish someone would do this to my wife, they would get stabbed then I’d show them the real reson you dont hit a woman!

  46. Alan Foos says:

    A public official I knew once slugged a native American lady in the face, but nothing happened. He was later associated with a group, including 2 FBI agents and 2 high profile attorneys, who intimidated an ambulance into closing business after having embezzled the majority of operating funds for many years. When this didn’t initially work, they got their way by draining gas from the ambulance tank and cutting battery cables, willful negligence that led to two native American children bleeding to death in the street without an ambulance. These boys all got away with it. What do I think?

  47. johnny says:

    One punch deserves another

  48. mjm says:


  49. Joe Guzman says:

    What legal advice is he getting? He needs to STFU!

  50. ellen says:

    “So I hit the girl, jump back in my car and pull off.”

    so he hit her and ran away? if it was self defense why did he run?

    1. Sal says:

      He probably thought, “If this girl is this stupid and thuggish, who knows what kind of lunatic she’s holding the space for.” I’m sorry that she got hurt, but if she started swinging, good for him.

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