Warner Bros. Fires Charlie Sheen From ‘Two and a Half Men’

Actor Responds With Bizarre, Often Rambling Online Rant

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Troubled television star Charlie Sheen was given the boot from his role on the hit CBS comedy “Two and a Half Men” late Monday afternoon.

In a joint statement, CBS and Warner Brothers Television said “after careful consideration” Sheen’s services had been “terminated…effective immediately.”

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The Warner Bros. legal team sent an 11 page letter of termination to Sheen and his attorneys, saying they were entitled to terminate his employment because the actor was not physically able to do his job.

Sheen has vehemently denied the accusation.  However, in the letter, Warner Bros. said “as outtakes of the filming show, Mr. Sheen had difficulty remembering his lines and hitting his marks.”

Warner Bros. said it was Sheen’s public admission to his partying ways and providing cocaine to friends that broke the moral clause in his contract.

Reacting to his firing, Sheen responded to the Associated Press in a text message using an expletive, and then texting “they lose, trolls.”  Sheen also suggested he was planning to file a “big” lawsuit over his firing.

Later Monday, Sheen also spoke with Access Hollywood calling his termination “so juvenile.”

“It is the work of infants. It is the work of silly infants and if this is what it had to come to, to get me out of those silly shirts then so be it,” he said.

A perturbed Sheen went even further with his comments by blasting the producers of the show, calling them “yellow cockroaches.”

“They didn’t even have the decency to call.  I put five [billion] in their cheap suit pockets,” he said.  Sheen also blew off steam on his new Internet web show on Ustream TV.

Last week, Sheen took to television networks, radio stations and Twitter to throw verbal punches at CBS.

Sheen’s raging tirades and erratic behavior were apparently enough for executives to declare enough was enough. His actions prompted CBS CEO Les Moonves to fire back.

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“Sheen is on the air quite a bit these days. I wish he would have worked this hard to promote himself for an Emmy,” Moonves said.

“It’s about time. I can’t understand why people are obsessed about a drug addict guy,” one man told CBS 2’s Hazel Sanchez.

However, some people who spoke with 1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon in the West Village had some surprisingly sympathetic words for Sheen.

1010 WINS’ Sonia Rincon gets reaction to Sheen’s firing in the West Village

“They knew what he was doing for years. It’s not like it’s something new.  We probably just found out because of all the press he just got, but they knew exactly what he was doing,” one man said.

“I respect Charlie Sheen. Charlie Sheen went up against the whole media and said what he felt even if it was kind of whacked out.  Charlie you’re still my boy,” another man said.

Sheen’s admitted drug use and wild parties also landed him in hot water with the network, who earlier suspended remaining episodes from this season’s show. In 2010, Sheen was accused of trashing his room at the Plaza Hotel and accused of threatening to kill his porn star companion. No legal action was taken.

Other New Yorkers said they were surprised Sheen wasn’t let go even sooner.

“I think it’s great. I think the guy’s a jerk, so I’m pretty happy about that,” said one man.

“It’s like getting fired for your Facebook page — he should have gotten fired. He’s unstable, there’s a lot at risk and for his own benefit he should have been fired. He needs to get help. It’s funny to watch, it’s a total frenzy but you feel sorry for him,” one woman said.

CBS said no decision has been made on the future of “Two and a Half Men.”

SOUND-OFF: What do you think about Charlie Sheen getting fired and the entire media circus surrounding his public feud with CBS? Let us know in the comments section…

  • daveinboca

    There’s a dirt nap around the corner for Charlie. He just ain’t that funny & he’s got meth-blood that’ll never thin out unless he grows up.

  • Justin Green

    He has meth addict teeth and has to wear a special set of dentures or caps when he’s being filmed. I feel sorry for his wife and kids.

  • Darryl

    When Charlie Sheen’s record is over..just like the old turntables of yesterday….you will hear a repeated sound…..only he can start it over…God, I know you allow people to fall from grace…I pray this man will find you in the mist of all this…yes, he is lost. Nobody can save him but you Lord. Yes, you gave him wealth and prosperity but we know all you want from Charlie Sheen is his heart Because the enemy has control of his mind…for now. I will ask you to Intervene because man will not. Let him be your example of what Grace can do if he humbles himself unto you….amen.

    • CharlieIsAWINNER

      You’re forgetting a major hurdle–there is no “god.” Charlie, keep on winning.

      • riffenberg

        You can’t prove there is no God.

    • Christine

      that was beautiful…..and I’m not even a “believer”. I hope Charlie finds himself whether it’s with God, or Zen, or yoga, or something. It’s sad to see someone fall apart like this. I am not a fan of his but I do wish him well. The first thinghe should do is end his addiction to drugs. I think his craziness has everything to do with cocaine.

  • robertlouis

    A drug addict on Miracle Grow……….

  • sickofcharlie

    so much meth so little time right charlie? now you got all the time in the world…..until your money runs out (if it hasn’t already)

  • Chuck Lorre

    We’re going to replace Charlie with Jaleel White. Winning.

  • Joe

    Sorry to see a great talent go to waste

    • La'Zanya Huggins


      What the fudge?! we talking Charlie Sheen here, not Rob Schneider.

  • Charlie Sheen

    Time for a tearful Oprah appearance, kiddies?

  • taoseneo1

    He is having the same kind of melt-down, final moment, all addicts have. His is just being broadcast all over the world.
    All addicts at the final stages lose their jobs, their families, their money.
    He is at a crossroads. He can sober up, get counseling and write a million dollar book about it, or he can spiral further downward.

  • mcccmar45

    its about time people saw this sad situation for what it is- the deterioration of a human being – Mr. Sheen is desperately in need of help

  • Gtrandma Josie

    He is not SICK — he is an addict

    .Unfortunately, our country is loaded with drug addicts
    -this is a wake up call to them all. Stop your evil ways or you will die –
    if not today definitely soon. Sheen never will achieve anything but his own destruction..

    • Forrest Gump


  • James Freeman

    No different from any other crack head out there. When he runs out of money, he will be a chicken head.

  • Chris

    What a waste of skin !

  • Trish

    His firing is not sad, it’s sad that he has not hit bottom yet. His family can’t do anything about it because he is an adult. Remember Brittney’s road to disaster? She was lucky because her family did not give up, but she will alway be an addict and that is very hard. The blood sucking goones that he calls friends will be gone when he’s finally living in the street or dead. This is what families of an addict go through on a daily basis for years. This disease is a very selfish disease.

    • Ed

      Trish you are right on the money so to speak….he’s the life of the party now…when the cash jar is empty so will his bedroom be…. The only ones that will make out in this case will be the lawyers….

  • Ron

    As an actor, he is very wooden. As a person, he is a looser. Typical Liberal moron. Thinks he can rule the world…………..LOOSER.

    • Chesley Uggams

      He’s looser than creamed corn, Ron.

    • Mary Weaver

      Agreed, but please learn to spell “loser”.

  • ex-fan

    Charlie deserved to be fired. He gave his employers plenty of cause. He is not going to win anything of value from this. Millions that follow his tweets are laughing at him, enjoying watching a train wreck as amusement. Anyone hiring him in this state is only looking at dollar signs and exploiting a very sick man. He needs help. I wish someone cared about him enough to tell him the truth. He needs help.

  • Chuck

    They can’t fire Charlie Sheen. He’s a member of the Union! Revolt Now! (/sarcasm)

  • Feech LaManna

    Certifiable drug-crazed nut case. Good riddance.

  • earl

    Maybe the network could hire the South Park writers for one more episode to wrap it up.

  • The Dude


  • ozarkgrannie

    Finally! Thank you Warner Bros.

  • http://thegreenlanterns.wordpress.com Hal Jordan

    As long as his friends are with him and keep telling him that he is “Winning! Duh!” he will never get any better. As soon as he is broke they will be out the door in a heartbeat and he will be alone in the dark with his addiction.

  • Steve K.

    Cant wait to see him in the remake of “Dead Zone”…

  • Steve

    Next Episode! “Faces Of Death” LOST or WINNING

  • ME

    Charlie please except help… We don’t want you to fall over one day and never waking up again. Please.

  • Gerry

    Total Meth Addict. Check him out when he was younger on you tube he is not that hyper

    Not very funny when you think about it

    • Susan Todd Barbour

      Yes he is bouncing off the walls. He needs to get help & get over his self.

  • Peregrinus

    The inability to sit still, the rocking motions, and tense facial gestures. That there is meth, friends. Sad to see, but predictable, given his never-never land upbringing and culture of celebrity.

    • Nighthhaawk

      That iIS the truth! Imagine..1.2 mil an episode!

    • Michael J. Fox

      He reminds me of…me!

  • Bonnie

    Hi dad and brother had better have him committed before they no longer have a son/brother. This man is walking off a cliff. What’s the matter with all you people? Can’t you see he’s in real trouble??

  • melissa

    Sheen’s Korner is better than ANYTHING on TV. Go Charlie! Defeat the trolls!!

    • Go Charlie

      Yet, He truly is a great actor, he is really funny. Sonia Rincon going to the West Village to get an opinion of something, and CBS to thence portray it as an average opinion , is really funny also..

  • Doc Jake Tyme

    This is train wreck in slow motion – can anyone say METHHEAD!

  • Jimmy J. Dean

    Irwin is a loser. Time to move on.

  • Joe Bulla

    Sounds like a bunch of PAMFERS’s on this link.

  • Keifer

    When you lie down with dogs you can’t be surprised when you start to itch. I wouldn’t do a series with CBS for twice what they paid you.

  • dee

    Get “Joey” from “Friends” to play Charlie on Two and a Half Men. He would do a great job.

  • Derek

    Only 159 people know the truth??? come on….The trolls did it, look it up, open your eyes…there everywhere.

  • Hector Centeno

    He hits women. He’s a coward and a punk. Doesn’t belong on the Tiffany of the networks.

  • Hector

    He slaps women around. What would you do if it were your daughter?

  • mcw1142

    Anyone notice that Charlie Sheen’s ramblings are sounding a lot like Charles Manson’s ? Charlie Sheen is mentally gone and he’s not coming back.

  • kool5

    So is this “winning” thing working for ya Charlie?

  • Mumaarr Galaffi

    ..sound of crickets chirping…

  • b'luvd

    charlie sheen, tiger woods, bill clinton etc. — men with “bad behavior”– it’s all woman’s fault – – – JUST JOKING

  • RobertKarl

    Herb and Judith will get a divorce and Herb will move in with Alan and Jake, and the comedy will continue.

    • Murray

      That sounds perfect! Send your idea to CBS! Herb is hysterical!

  • Margie Rivera

    Love ya Charlie!!!!!! Going to miss ya….

  • Bill Willis

    See ya Chuck!!! Now you can smoke all the coke you want.

  • regular white guy

    hang in there charlie. you are the best!

  • Charkie fan

    What are you gona watch now,
    Tew and one half Mench?

  • Shari Hensley

    It’s OFFICIAL…….The Drug currently known as “Charlie Sheen” has been fired…… But he’s WINNING!

  • Murray


  • wendy


  • karen s

    4 words – what took so long? not sorry charlie.

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