1 Killed, 14 Injured In Crash Between Van, Fire Truck On Staten Island

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — One person was killed and several others were injured, two of them seriously, after a fire truck responding to an emergency call collided with a van carrying disabled adults on Staten Island Wednesday.

The victim has not been identified.

The crash happened at the intersection of Richmond Road and Burgher Avenue in Dongan Hills.

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The FDNY truck from Ladder 81 was heading to a car fire on the Staten Island Expressway, with its siren on moments before the crash.

The van then made a left from Burgher onto Richmond,  witness Ali Alsaede said. The fire truck then crashed into the van’s rear driver door.

The critically injured passengers were rushed to Staten Island North Hospital. Six firefighters were injured in the crash, as well as six civilians.

Traffic on Richmond Road was diverted in both directions.


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  1. rdmlbny says:

    I ,hope some good could come out of this senseless tragedy

  2. educated says:

    the van driver had a green light going into a blind turn…how quick we are to pass a judgment on someone when the professionals still haven’t been able to…..im sure he saw the fire truck with lights on barreling down the road looked back and said we got this guys and floored it……and maybe the fire truck said lets teach these passenger cars who is charge….or maybe it was just a tragic accident…lets not be a**holes.

  3. lonnie says:

    the van driver is wrong 100%.we all must learn to stop when all emergency vehicle’s have there light’s and siren’s on.

    1. NY490 says:

      YOU OBVIOUSLY WEREN’T THERE LOONIE. And I think YOU are 100% wrong for so adamantly pointing fingers at someone involved in a situation you know nothing about.

      1. reason says:

        Quick question. did they stop for the emergency lights and sirens? If they had, then how did the fire truck hit them?

    2. Mike says:

      the van driver had a green light. The Firetruck has to make sure the intersection is clear before going through

      1. reason says:

        the van should still have stopped.

  4. jnb757 says:

    First comment is correct.. you hear a siren you stop.. the driver made a left turn in front of a fire truck… that is obvious… And obviously illegal and no regard for the safety of the firemen or his passengers

  5. Me says:

    Was there a fire? I see these trucks go through lights all the time going back to fire house no sirens all the way just at intersections to get through the light. Was there an emergency or food just getting cold?

  6. GeneralMills says:

    Been there done that sucks and never gets better. Trucks seem more likely to be involved then engines hmmm maybe people have the ahhh factor going when a big boy truck with shiny lights are coming down the road…. who know what they are thinking….

  7. mo says:

    Ellen can comment if she would like to – she has every right to. And she noted ‘sounds like’ – in other words, ‘it appears so’ – but not 100% confirmed.

    Uptown Publisher – you are the one who needs to take a step back.

    Sad story. And Ellen, you are correct – when you hear a siren – you have to pull over to let the emergency responders pass by.

  8. Pherd says:

    It sounds to me like the van turned left at the intersection and the F.D. was coming down that street. They weren’t behind him. Either way, it was a tragic accident.

  9. Homie says:


  10. Rich says:

    Tragic. Though it’s not the first time this type accident has occurred.

  11. edy says:

    I bet the van tried to beat out the fire truck

  12. edy says:

    I bet the van tried to beat the fire truck…I see it all the time.

  13. JoeyNumbNuts says:

    The story wasnt clear on directions travelled but If the van was hit on the drivers side while the van was making a left turn, it means either of: (1) fire truck blew threw red light T-boning the van (I will assume the van did not blow the light as there are no witness accounts of that). or (2) fire truck hit the van while speeding in the same direction up from behind assuming the van made the left from the left lane, if there even is a left lane there. If it hit like that, probably the fire truck was driving on the wrong side of the road, or passing traffic while at best, straddling the double yellow line. I see a lawsuit as one needs to give way to a fire truck, but risk taken vs. reward says let insurance pay for a burning car vs. putting innocent lives at such a high risk. Also, for those who don’t drive so much in NYC, typically one needs to wait in the middle of the intersection while waiting to make a left and go when the light turns yellow or even red for a break in the oncoming traffic to finally be able to make that left. Usually the cross street does not go immediately green, so one making a left has a few seconds to finally make that left clearing the intersection after the light goes red. Good chance, that is where it happened. Van turning left once it’s light goes yellow or just red, and speeding fire truck crushes it.

  14. ExChief says:

    Heading to a car fire to put the fire out so the tow truck can bring the car to the junk yard to be scrapped.Doesn’t sound like the fire company should take lives just to put out a car fire like that,one dead and 14 injured is a pretty heafty price to pay just to squirt water on burning metal and plastic that is insured for replacement if it does catch fire.This was a preventable accident as soon as the call came into the fire house…………

  15. justasking says:

    Related to the Driver, perhaps?

  16. rono says:

    NYC public school system at it’s finest.
    This is what happens when English is taught as a second language.

  17. General says:

    Ellen is correct, when you hear the emergency sirens the law is that you pull over or stop (if at an intersection) to allow the emergency vehicle to proceed. If the driver of the van could hear the sirens or see the fire truck, he should have yielded to the emergency vehicle not take the left turn. In the city cops and ambulance drivers can be heard all the time over a loud speaking telling people to move over so they can pass when responding to a call. It is sad that someone had to die because of this incident.

  18. Robert Senn says:

    no one is to run red lights not police ore fire ore amblance only horses

  19. Rugbyball says:

    Unfortunately NYC is the only place in USA that emergency vehicles, including fire trucks, must come to a complete stop at red lights when responding to a call with lights and sirens on. They can continue through a red light if its safe to do so. But they must stop.
    To me that’s not the best policy although I do understand why it’s in effect. Because NYC drivers tend to be tone deaf and when they do hear the sirens think they can beat out the truck. If NYC had more open rail road grade crossings you’d see a high incident of accidents there as well I am guessing.
    Its a shame, with as many lights as NYC has, it can add precious minutes to a response to a emergency call, either medical, fire or police.

    Usually the front seats of a fire truck work in tandem when responding to calls, the driver (aka chauffeur) looks for traffic and lights, the officer (Lt or Capt) look out for pedestrians or other none traffic hazards, the officer also works the air horn via a foot pedal. This combo works very well. But with the trucks now equipped with computers and receiving continuous streams of information on the emergency the officer could take eyes of his/her surroundings to get an update on the scene. They need to do this so they can be prepared to go to work as soon as the rig stops.

    This is a sad situation for all involved. My condolences to the person who lost there life in the accident.

  20. Sally says:

    Focus on what’s important, stop whining and stay focused.

  21. Ellen says:

    What a sad story, but I was taught that when you hear a siren you pull over and let the fire truck or police car go by. Sounds like the van driver is more at fault here.

    1. E Dawg says:

      Ellen you know nothing about the accident. Back to your cave honey!

    2. UPTOWN PUNISHER says:


      1. reason says:

        good English “if you was’nt there” try If you WEREN’T there

      2. Glenn says:


    3. See both sides says:

      A van full of Disabled Adults can be a loud and disconcerting environment. If one of the Vehicles went through a Red Light, or disobeyed a Stop sign, they are at fault, it could be either vehicle. Red Lights and Sirens does not mean that you can do whatever you want on the road without concern for others, if that is the case here. I’m not placing blame on anyone here, the driver of the van may be at fault or it could be the Fire Engine. It’s tragic in both instances. Someone lost a family member today because someones property was on fire.

    4. Adowe Osman says:

      yo see i weren’t there but now i cants help stopped to think bout its cause done this is tragic and me hoping that all peoples are recovery okay.

    5. Adowe Osman says:

      see i weren’t there but now i cannot help stopped to think bout its cause done this is tragic and me hoping that all peoples are recovery okay.

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