Brooklyn Woman Accused Of Killing Pet Hamster

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — A Brooklyn teenager, who had been on the lam for months, was arrested Tuesday for allegedly killing her family’s pet hamster last summer.

Authorities said Monique Smith, 19, killed the hamster with her hands and then threw it into the street during a dispute with the owner of the animal on June 7.

Joe Pentangelo, Assistant Director of the ASPCA’s Humane Law Enforcement division, said officials unsuccessfully looked for Smith at her home and at places she frequented.

“We believe that she knew that APSCA agents wanted to speak with her and interact with her as a result of this but she was not cooperative,” Pentangelo said.

The Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital determined the hamster suffered blunt force trauma, liver damage and a hemorrhage.

“Even though the hamster is much smaller than other household pets the hamster was precious to the children who viewed the hamster as their pet,” Pentangelo told 1010 WINS. “The ASPCA is ready to find justice for victims of animal cruelty.”

Smith has been charged with cruelty to animals and endangering the welfare of a child.

She faces up to two years in prison and/or a $5,000 fine.

“We don’t rest in cases like this,” Pentangelo said. “We are dedicated to finding justice for victims of animal cruelty.”


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  1. Ive Escribano says:

    Look I don’t think what she did was right but… Are you serious?? Euthanasia for shoplifters next? They should arrest me for a hamster after they arrest the judge for eating chicken for dinner. They don’t have money or space in jail for a rapist but for this kid gets thrown in jail for a hamster, how stupid.

  2. Big Nard says:

    Future serial killer.

    1. crusty says:

      Kudos to the ASPCA!

  3. jerseyjoey says:

    Its a rodent, So What. Think its more about Liberalism gone wild and revenue collecting.

    1. demetre says:

      you shhould care ass its a living creature lik ur f _____ng mother

  4. Jodie says:

    It’s about respect for all life which is significantly lacking in this world of human egotistical self importance and superiority.

  5. Lawman says:

    oh great! kill a hamster-go to jail. kill a person while driving drunk- get off scott-free!

  6. Christopher Koulouris says:

    Two years in jail for a pet hamster? Could you imagine what the sentence would be if she flushed the goldfish down the toilet too?

  7. Trish says:

    OK, I don’t understand….you get a year in jail for killing a hamster and a fine if you kill a dog or a cat. No wonder the rat population is exploting in the city. Why is the district attorney wasting his time and our tax money on cases like this?? Why is CBS doing the same??

  8. Chris V says:

    I think everyone’s missing the point of the violence. Cruelly abusing/ killing a living creature in front of the individual who owns or cares for the animal, iis a form of abuse and control over the other individual. The size or type of animal should not make a difference in prosecuting her for her crime. She deserves what she did, done to her.

  9. D Arnott says:

    Where exactly do you draw the line? a deliberately tortured insect, wings pulled off flies, legs pulled off ants, a strangled hamster, a drowned rabbit, then a cat with a firecracker up its but (how fun!), then a dog, punch a sibling, bully a nerd and make them want to commit suicide, then abuse their own child..And then they probably will own a gun as well. Tthe problem is, arresting this person won’t fix the mental illness, and the callousness in her diseased mind. That probably is permanent, and reversal is doubtful. But if you don’t stop it now, or at least try, then the blame is no longer theirs.

  10. teresa says:

    I wish our penal system went after child abusers like they do for aniimals

  11. Jeff Willprecht says:

    its just a rat why all the fus

  12. Morgan says:

    YOU are a loser

  13. ASPCAsupporter says:

    Well, the young woman took a child’s pet and beat it to death. Definitely keep her away from pets, babies, and any creature smaller than herself!

  14. Judge Rheingold says:

    you are not allowed to kill insects anymore either. spiders are considered protected. children are urged to turn their parents in if they witness the killing of spiders in the home. each occurrence mandates a $10,000 fine and 5 years in prison. children who turn in their parents will receive a reward of a Playstation 3 or X-Box 360.

  15. RabidSquirrel says:

    Justice for all!

  16. Rory Calhoun says:

    I guest the criminal system do not have enough problems..putting people in jail for killing a hamster…get real next time someone will be going to jail for killing a rat in the street….aren’t the jails full already…lets go after the real crimes……..

  17. Bc Icedog says:

    stop wasting these important forums with ridiculous comments! If you want to learn something today read this ANIMAL ABUSE AND CONDUCT DISORDERS

    Animal abuse is NEVER a normal part of childhood development. If you want to know how serious it really is Google – Conduct Disorders DSMR IV early psychiatric intervention is crutial even if the victim is a hampster. You will be reading about this troubled teen in the headlines again for something much more horrifying.

  18. jen says:

    really?? its just a flippin hamster. no different that killing a mouse or a rat! fet over it . Why dont you arrest the thousands of hunters in wtf

  19. Really??? says:

    What? So endangering a child is no big deal, but killing a hamster means you’re a complete MONSTER.

  20. Ed says:

    What a loser she is!!! Rot in jail you nut!!!

  21. ryan says:

    Haaa now this is a part of the government that should be cut. INstead they think they need to cut spending in teachers, police officers and fire fighters. Our government is a joke. ANyone that has time to pursue a teenager for killing a hamster for months should be gone.

  22. GOING H.A.M. says:


  23. ryan says:

    Haaa now this is where the government should be cutting jobs and pay, not in the schools, police department and fire departments. Our government is so screwed up!

  24. Too funny says:

    This is news? Hey, does anyone know if Charlie Sheen f arted today? Enquiring minds want to know.

  25. Winner says:

    They have to post something since they fired Charlie.

  26. Mike Wade says:

    She should have drowned the kids like Andrea Yates, Yates got off free,

  27. Domino says:

    People who don’t think this is a big deal are psychotic. I mean that on a psychiatric level, it’s true. How sick can you be? I hope she goes to jail.

  28. A Roberts says:


  29. E, correa says:

    no matter what, she killed a beatiful animal and she needs to pay for what she did, if we don’t find justice, then it would be a green light for people killing animals.this people don’t have no heart a little animal was not bothering her and she kill it, she needs to face the music!!!!!

  30. jtorres says:

    This is not funny. Hamster are tiny, harmless pets. If you’ve ever had a pet you know how attached you become. She did it to punish the owner. She’s a cruel, vindictive vicious individual. No matter what kind of animal, no matter the size, if you kill it, you should be punished, period.

  31. steve says:

    All based upon neuroses caused from money problems and victimhood because of her race.

  32. A Roberts says:


    1. m says:

      unless she killed it with her mind, I don’t see this as a major news headlien

    2. nitrofitgirl says:

      Was it someone’s pet and did you crush it to death with your hands? Didn’t think so!

    3. nitrofitgirl says:

      Was it someone’s pet and did you crush with your hands? Didn’t think so!

    4. Bc Icedog says:

      You r missing the point- it doesn’t matter what the animal was humans may B next – this was a family pet and she took pleasure in the kill and the horrified reactions of others

  33. Lieutenantdan says:

    I am not sure if this is child endangerment or not but someone going to jail for killing a hamster. This story is nuts! There just has to be more to this.

  34. Jon says:

    Cruelty against any other living thing should be reflected upon the criminals themselves, I want this whore to get the same injuries.

  35. mari says:

    Don’t they say serial killers start with animals?

  36. petlover says:

    Maybe someone in jail will slam her to the ground!

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