Colombo: Hey Devils Fans, I’m Not Impressed

By Nick Colombo
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If I hear one more local hockey fan getting all impressed about the Devils I’m going to slap somebody. Every day, it’s the same thing – “oooooo the Devils are 20-3-2 in their last 25 games.” “Wowwwwww the Devils used to be 27 points out of 8th place and now they’re only 8.” For the love of God hockey fans, shut up. Ok, I get it, the Devils really sucked to start the reason and now they don’t suck as much. Well guess what other local hockey team turned it around after an awful start? Oh, the New York Islanders. Yes, the Islanders that everybody consistently looks down upon are, wait for it, only 2 points behind the Devils! Yet, while everyone in town is going head over heels for a team that can’t even draw attendance when it wins a Stanley Cup, nobody compliments the Isles.

I must admit, this turnaround feels good. It’s nice to see the team playing well. It’s nice to see guys playing with enthusiasm and energy this late in the season. Furthermore, fans want this season to end on a positive note. Everyone wants to leave this season with some glimmer of hope for the Islanders’ future. That being said, the Devils and Islanders have something else in common besides their closeness in the standings – they’re not making the playoffs.

Even with the amount of games to go, there are too many teams and too many points to gain for the Islanders or the Devils to make the playoffs. Luckily, the Islanders still have the 4th worst record in the league. Yes, I said luckily, and that’s because they still have a chance at an awesome draft pick.

We’ve all had our jollies seeing that the Islanders have the potential to play good hockey next year. Now, it’s time for us to all grow up and think rationally. I don’t want to hear how weak the upcoming draft is. The best thing the Islanders can do at this point is to improve their chances next season by ending up with as high a draft pick as possible.

So let everyone continue to be impressed by the Devils and their futile drive to make it into the playoffs. I am more than content to let the Islanders lay low, get their losing on, and sail towards another solid addition to a team that we all see is growing into a consistently competitive hockey club.

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pixy Colombo: Hey Devils Fans, Im Not Impressed

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  1. Josh says:

    nicky, nobody talks hockey, and when they do, its not about the devils. Unless you live in canada. I love what the devils have been doing, cause theyre committed to winning and i’m a devils fan. its a pretty big indictment of the state of the isles when they are two points behind the devils, and you are here preaching the benefits of packing it in.

  2. JIM ZANGARA says:


  3. Marc says:

    Just another pissed off NY fan who hates NJ ! Hey Columbe the giants and jets play in nj we dont need you stay in ny with the great Rangers the lol of the nhl

    1. Charllie says:

      If the Rangers are the ” lol of the nhl “, what are the Devils if they are chasing them ?

  4. Sean says:

    This coming obviously from an ignorant blogger and jealous Islander fan.
    Do you even understand what it takes to go on a run like this?
    The Devils were down and out by 31 points at the end of December and in 2 and a half months have cut that 31 to 8!
    How can you not be impressed?
    Every explayer color guy is impressed because they understand what it takes to produce night after night like this.
    I will admit they need to start scoring more.. they seem to be tiring. In the middle of the streak they were putting up 3.8 goals and now that has dropped drastically.
    You gotta give them some credit! They blew right by the Islanders.. who have been winning lately but they were in front of the Devils don’t forget.. as was every other team in the league.
    Let’s let this thing play out.. they probably could only lose 1 or 2 more games and still have a chance.. that’s alot of pressure.

  5. perpmac says:

    the Islanders have been impressive lately, but it’s only month to the Devils’ two. the fact that they are still only a few points apart means the Devils were literally twice as bad as the Islanders when the new year started.

    with all due respect to Tavares and Okposo, something tells me the Devils — playoffs or not — will have more success with their middle-of-the-pack pick than the Islanders will with their near-lottery pick. and that includes both team success and success specific to the individual they end up drafting.

  6. Bart says:

    wow man you are a hater, and probably a Rangers fan too. Listen both teams are playing great and one of them is gonna make the playoffs.

  7. joey says:

    As a Ranger’s fan, I’d love to see the rivalry with the Icelanders (hey, I got to bust on them) heat up again. As far as the Devils are concerned, I really admire Lou Lamoriello. Everything this guy touches turns to gold. He trades his captain and recycles a retired coach and all of the sudden the Devils look like the Detroit Red Wings. I don’t know how they can continue winning scoring 2 goals every night. They’ll probably make it; I wouldn’t be surprised if it was at the expense of the Rangers!

  8. lovetheisles says:

    Wow way to be a hater, plain and simple. I had no idea the Devils had so many fans that are actaully saying “oooooo the Devils are 20-3-2 in their last 25 games.” “Wowwwwww the Devils used to be 27 points out of 8th place and now they’re only 8.” The NHL insiders/ people in the know are all drinking the Kool Aid. Also nice assumption that the Isles will actuallly know what to do with that draft pick. We all know what happens when you assume. In your case it couldn’t happen to anicer guy

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