Upstate TV Exec Gets 25 Years To Life For Beheading Wife

BUFFALO, N.Y. (CBSNewYork/AP) — A former Upstate New York television executive was sentenced Wednesday to 25 years to life in prison for the brutal murder of his wife.

In the end, he expressed deep regret for viciously stabbing and beheading her, but that wasn’t enough for the judge.

“You ambushed your unsuspecting wife, and you butchered her,” Erie County Judge Thomas Franczyk said.

Judge Franczyk had little sympathy for Muzzammil Hassan, slapping him with the maximum sentence. A jury spent just one hour deliberating before convicting him of second-degree murder in the 2009 death Aasiya Hassan.

“You are hereby sentenced to an indeterminate term of 25 years to life in prison,” he said.

Hassan and his wife, Aasiya, founded the Muslim-oriented station “Bridges TV” to help combat negative cultural stereotypes.

Hassan took his wife’s life inside the Orchard Park station in February 2009.

“We know what you did – you went out, you bought two hunting knives, you tested them for sharpness, you laid in wait in a darkened hallway,” Judge Franczyk said.

Hassan claimed he killed his wife in self-defense. He told the court that he was the victim in a stormy, eight-year marriage filled with violence and threats.

Prosecutors, however, showed piles of medical and police reports showing it was hassan’s wife who was constantly verbally and physically abused.

Some of the most telling testimony came from Hassan’s own children. The judge read back the words of his daughter, Sonya.

“She said, ‘his selfishness has directed our lives since they began, and his selfishness is the reason for our current state in life,’” Judge Franczyk said.

Hassan also claimed he killed his wife out of concern for their children.

“How ironic is it that your two little ones are now without their father and their mother, and they’re a world apart from their elder siblings?” Judge Franczyk said.

Some speculated that the murder was a religious honor killing.

The Erie County district attorney said members of the Muslim community urged him to stress that the killing had nothing to do with religion. He said the brutal murder was strictly a case of domestic violence.

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One Comment

  1. Joanne says:

    I t appears to me that many moslim men are so brain damaged by their religion and culture that to expect anything less than brutality and horror in their dealings with the women and children is to live in a dream.A 12 or 13 year old girl was raped ; so her dear brother cut off her head for bringing disgrace to the family. He said he had no choice. This was about 2 weeks ago. How about the Princess that was beheaded on TV for daring to find happiness in anothers arms. In case you haven’t noticed its open season on women and children without any consequences to these animals

  2. Reesa says:

    I’m confused- how can it be second degree murder? The judge acknowledged that he brought 2 knives to the scene and lay in wait for her. Doesn’t that qualify as planning a murder? Planned murder is first degree. Someone dropped tha ball her I think.

  3. jerseyjoey says:

    This speaks for itself, justifies the hate and was started by the muslims.

  4. jerseyjoey says:

    Has anyone noticed that this CBS post is anti American in nature, Shame on you CBS, hope your day comes soon. Post at FOX they are not liberal traitors like CBS.

  5. jerseyjoey says:

    Should have beheaded Him, but we are to civilized for Barbarianism. Just goes to show you that Christians are better than that filth, Jews have the right idea When it comes to dealing with that rabble religion.

  6. Murray Hill says:

    The people who say it doesn’t matter that he is muslim would be correct if it wasn’t for two very important details. First of all he started a tv station to show that muslims are not violent people. So he brought his religion and violence into the spotlight. Secondly I would buy the whole “regular case of domestic violence” argument if it wasn’t for the fact that he cut her head off—precisely the way it is done in the honor killings that the religion of peace encourages.

  7. Trishe says:

    It had to do with religion. Muslims do not divorce, she dishonored him, he killed her and got his honor back. Sick, but that is how it goes. May she rest in peace, may he rot in hell, may the children move on without the pain.

  8. James says:

    Beauty and the Beast.

  9. Adowe Osman says:

    he will be treated quite poorly in prison

    1. w_orchide says:

      You people are cruel creatures . A life was lost and all you have to say is “haha” and “lol.”
      For ignorant people out there, what does religion have to do with this murder? You say it like people who belong to other religions do not kill or the severity and the brutality of the crime is of a lesser degree.

  10. jtorres says:

    Grow up, people. It doesn’t matter that they were Muslim. Spousal abuse crosses the every socio-economic boundary including, yes, religion. He was a control freak and refused to let her leave. I’m sure we’ve all seen it in other couples. Were they all Muslim?

    1. Face...Palmed says:


      What part of “…the Hassans started the Muslim-oriented Bridges TV network as a way to counter negative media images of Muslims after 9/11 and build cultural understanding.” are you not understanding?

    2. Eggy says:

      LMAO…Really?? LOL Shouldn’t you be spending your time picketing in Wisconsin?

    3. jerseyjoey says:

      HaHa, Liberal Idiot. You see folks, if you do not agree with them they act like this DFA.

  11. Devenio says:

    So let me get this straight. If a person of a certain faith does a crime then all persons of that faith are painted with the same brush? So all you Christians are painted in the like of Hitler? All you Jews are painted in the light of the Jews who financed the Holocaust? Some of you people are ignorant as dirt. Islam is a religion of peace. The media loves to portray the dealings of a few as the dealings of the entire group and the lowest forms of human falls for it. Just think If just 1% of Muslims were of the terrorist mind set, you’d all be dead.

    1. DBriss says:

      I’m not saying that all Muslims are terrorist or that all catholic priests are pedophiles. In fact, I agree that in all religion, from one point to the next the name of God was used to mistreat, oppress and dehumanize the weaker class of people withing many society. I am not saying that we should hate this race or that race, this religion or that. What I am saying is that We as a whole should open our eyes and see that there are those among all forms of religion that are radical and choose to use the bible the way they see fit, in some cases to brain wash a multitude of people to kill themselves like the massacre in “Guyana” back in the late 80’s early 90’s; or those that twist its verses to take advantage of the impressionable young minds, convincing them to strap a bomb to them selves and kill as much of the so called enemy as possible. I would be naive in saying that everyone has only the “good trait” because lets face it we all have a hint of bad in us, its just that some of us choose to harness the bad over the good and it doesn’t help that these people who chooses the evil path are more often times influenced into such behavior.

      However, pertaining to case above, given what I’ve read about honor killing, I honestly believe that it is a form of honor killing. Whether is done out of anger or shame. Stabbing her to death is one thing but beheading her, that is a statement in itself. And personally I don’t believe that justice was serve with the 25 years, her life was worth much more than that.

      So to the Muslims out there that are trying to bring understanding to the outside religions that is certainly putting up a resistance, I apologize dearly for what you are going through and I hope one day we can all get pass our selfish way and live together as on, the way it was originally intended.

      To those other religions out there that are suffering from the brutality of the most radical of other groups, my sympathies and deepest condolences goes out to you all. I hope that one day the true meaning of God’s words “peace, love, happiness and harmony” will one day smile down upon us all. Perhaps then, the world will live it a state of Utopia-my utmost dream.

  12. ron says:

    what ?? no sharia law in WNY ? LOL

  13. Yvonne Proute says:


    The relationship was abusive like many others and unfortunately it ended in death. We must be able to observe the signs that we can avoid such pit falls. My sympathy goes out to her family and friiends. May God heal the pain that this has caused.

  14. me says:

    send him to a women prison

  15. Kimmie says:

    Now tell me again what a peaceful religion islam is…..oh yes, and beheading is the worst method of execution to rule through fear…

    well so much for bridges.

  16. Stephen says:

    Cultural understanding?

    Yes, we behead uncooperative spouses. But how you could assume that, given our obviously barbaric nature, we are also capable of flying planes into buildings, somehow offends me.

  17. The Snarkster says:

    Golly, where did all of the Muslim-apologists go?

  18. yproute says:

    This was an abusive relationship, but unfortunately like many others she did not get out alive. My sympathy goes out to her family and friends. May God heal the pain.

  19. Alton says:

    Unfortunately for Mr. Hassan, America is not under Sharia law–yet. For if it were, he could claim the beheading as an “honor killing.” Then he would not only be exonerated, he also be honored.

  20. on TV? says:

    Being his wife wanted a divorce, maybe he just wanted to get ahead.

  21. Benny says:

    Yep, Islam sure is a religioun of peace and tolerance!!

  22. Denise says:

    We should do the same to him or even worse.

  23. Big Nard says:

    Nice looking wife.

  24. Joe Quimby says:

    I guess he mounted a good defense.

  25. Tired says:

    25 years isn’t much punishment for a particularly brutal, vicious, cowardly murder. HE was afraid of HER? She left him and filed for divorce; it’s clear which person was abusive, jealous, and cruel.

  26. Patricia says:

    But yet another very negfative image of islamic culture and mindset.

  27. hammy says:

    hahahahahahahahaahaahaha,religions = huge pieces of feces mixed with hypocrisy.

  28. Mark says:

    How’s that “countering-negative-images” TV network working out for him?
    Interesting that beheadings only qualify for Second-degree murder. What, pray tell, would First-degree murder require?

  29. steve says:

    Ha! Let me see– beheading as a way to counter negative public opinion of islam…. I’d say he missed the mark.

  30. Clyde Howardson says:

    I think every muslim man should have the right to behead his wife if he desires. Think about it, Most muslims would do it and then the birth rate of the muslims would go dowwn and in fifty years all the bastards would be gone, Zingo, no more allah seeking idiots to polute the world. Then another group would rize up in their place, thats ok most of us will be dead by then anyway.

  31. chucky says:

    jail is no place for a person like this. When I first read this I thought is was in Afganistan or overseas somewhere, NOT in NY! These people are out of their minds. This type of behavior cannot be tolerated and I persoanally believe it was premeditated. The wife filed for divorce and the next thing you know he beheads her. This idiot is using the American system and the dumb jury is allowing it. I say make an example of this man and his behavior. I would hold an old fashioned death squad and shot dead. Why are we wasteing american tax dollars for this man. His actions are incomprehendible. I am so greatful that I don’t live in NY, this city is so far out of touch with all the immigrants and their beliefs! NY is no longer american, go ahead, let all these foriegners come there and stake a claim to the city. This is merely the first of more to come!


  32. Bob says:

    He beheaded his wife and stabbed her a multiple times. He weighs over 200 lbs while his wife weighed about 100 lbs. He is a muslim. But, according to him, it was her who abused him! Go figure…

  33. frank says:

    So he is an “executive”? He behaved like a wild animal, therefore he should be treated as one.

  34. maxx says:

    Way to go, you really showed the World that Muslims are good, non-violent people, and that the stereotypes are untrue!

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