Trainer: Tiki Barber Nearing NFL Shape; Fassel Says UFL An Option

NEW YORK (WFAN) — Does Tiki Barber still have what it takes to absorb the NFL’s weekly grind?

Barber’s trainer, Joe Carini, told the New York Post on Tuesday that the former Giants running back has been working out at his gym every day — including weekends — since February 19.

“I think this guy is going to get back and do what he does,” Carini, owner of Carini’s House of Iron, said.

The Giants affirmed on Tuesday that Barber has requested to be taken off the reserve-retirement list. A return to New York seems impossible considering Barber’s history with the franchise.

Even Carini admits that the running back has “got a little work to do” in the training department.

“He keeps coming every day, we’re going to get it done,” Carini said. “The truth of the matter is he has no injuries. His knees feel great, his back is great, his shoulders are in great shape.”

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Barber tops the Giants’ record books with 10,449 rushing yards, 22nd best in NFL history.

“Listen, I’m not going to put anything past him,” Carini said. “I’d say he’s more motivated than before because he’s got a bug up his —. He’s going to hook up with a team that will put him in the right situation, maybe as a third-down back. The age factor, that’s nonsense. I’m not going to put anything past what we can get done.”

But what if the NFL doesn’t bite?

Former head coach of the Giants, Jim Fassel, told the NY Daily News that Barber would be welcome to play with his team, the UFL’s Las Vegas Locomotives.

“He says he wants to play in the NFL,” Fassel said. “If he wants to come play in our league, I would be happy to have him.”


That would solve Tiki’s where-to-play scenario, but not his reported financial dilemma.

Last June, the New York Post alleged that Barber couldn’t foot divorce settlement bill leveled by his ex-wife, Ginny.

United Football League players were paid around $50,000 last season, with $10,000-20,000 bonuses for making or winning the championship game, a far cry from the salary Barber was earning with the Giants.

Will Tiki Barber ever play another down of pro football? Let us know in the comments below…

pixy Trainer: Tiki Barber Nearing NFL Shape; Fassel Says UFL An Option

One Comment

  1. David CS says:

    Yea, I’de say he could play a few more years in a limited role. However, he really screwed up when he retired early. You’ve got to play as long as you can & get all the money you can while you are able or in your peak. We all know the real reason of his comeback. To get some Money!!! He is close to Broke!! I’de say he wasn[t too Smart when he left before his time. Dumb A__!!

  2. GINNY CHA'S NEW BO! says:

    HMMM! lets see, He left his wife with twins on the way for some ho bag and now the wife took all his money and he’s broke! he’s not coming back for the love of the game or because he feels he can still play, It’s all about the $$$$$.
    He will not suceed, he’s got no heart or morales! P.S. TIKI YOUR A LITTLE BIT BEHIND ON CHILD SUPPORT, PLEASE CATCH UP SO i CAN GET MY NEW FERRARI WAXED..

  3. Bob Smith says:

    Why would anyone ever want to wear that jerks jersey? I’m glad the Giants aren’t interested! I hope Super Bowl 42 stung!

  4. Cate Morrow says:

    It’s time to wear my Tiki jersey again : )

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