CBS Sunday Morning: In-Studio Chat With Suze Orman

NEW YORK (CBS News) — You’re invited to join us here at the “Sunday Morning” set on Sunday, March 13, for coffee and conversation with financial guru Suze Orman.

The interview will take place in Studio 44 at the CBS Broadcast Center after that morning’s broadcast. There will also be a live webcast at starting at 12 p.m. ET.

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  1. Wendy says:

    I agree with Mr. Nunez. However, I also have a beef with the “don’ts” discussed this morning. Ms. Orman has not lost her career due to the housing market. Retooling and returning to school was the only option other than earning $8 to $10 an hour at a coffee shop or doing retail. This is opposed to earning $100 an hour doing designing, which I did for 20 years. I am exhiliarated with my choice to go to grad school and get a masters in psych and art therapy. It is about making positive changes in people’s lives. I may be increasing my debt load at 62 years of age, but I would never have learned my passion for helping teens with mental illness find passion in their lives and start to have goals instead of committing suicide or doing drugs… That’s the positive in my life. The debt will be paid off with love and passion and happiness.

    1. Dan Nunez says:

      Go for it Wendy!! I’m 61 and not ready to stop. My body is getting beat up doing what I now do. Too physical for my age. Gonna get me a gig where I can use my head “Crunching Numbers” Not as physical but maybe I can use my brain instead. Still have agood few years left there. GO GET EM’!!! You’ll never be too old!!

  2. Dan Nunez says:

    Jeez!! For 30+years I’ve have been watching Sunday Morning just to catch a breath of fresh air. I didn’t get Dr. Oz, Sanjay, or Dr. Phil, shoved into my face. I could count not having to listen to them.Was wearing out the remote changing the station. Didn’t want to know what they we’re “Hustlin” or didn’t want to hear them speak. Now you have Suze Orman selling her book on “Sunday Morning”She isn’t?? Then why show the same old stale cover?? You guys getting a piece of her “Action”?? At least of she showed up on QVC I know what she is up to!! God!! Where is the D Channel, HistoryCh, Fons&Poter on BYU? Dump her now Please!!!

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