Debra Nicholson Writes Letter To ‘Hot And Sexy’ Gov. Chris Christie’s Wife

SPARTA, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — Debra Nicholson, the woman who floored New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie by calling him “hot and sexy,” is putting her feelings in a letter – to Christie’s wife.

Nicholson stunned the governor with the compliment at a town hall meeting Wednesday night.

Christie recovered his composure quickly, and quipped that Nicholson should put that on paper in a letter to his wife of 25 years, Pat. He said it would help “keep [Pat] on her toes.”

Nicholson apparently followed Christie’s suggestion. She told the Daily Record of Parsippany she began the letter by writing, “Your husband asked me to do this.”

Nicholson, 55, is a married mother of three. Her remark was caught on camera and quickly went viral. She told the Daily Record she has been inundated with 86 voicemail messages.

Nicholson insists she was just making a play on words, and was referring to a Quinnipiac College poll that found Christie to be “hotter” politically than Barack Obama.

Nicholson’s husband isn’t worried. “It’s amazing how some people are taking it seriously,” Phil Marcellus told the Record.

What do you think? Is Christie “hot and sexy,” politically or otherwise? Leave a comment below…

  • DeeMee

    Fat people Are ruining the environment

    • Darty

      Why don’t you liberals get a new grant to collect ‘fat farts’ the way you stole billions to study ‘cow farts’ for the ‘environment’? Stop whining, make use of the fat you seem so obsessed by. Since obama is ‘thin’ (because his wife breaks a finger every time he reaches for the food, she wants it all), he would be glad to give you billions of taxpayer dollars, and she might be the first to donate some fat farts. Maybe you could invent a car that runs on fat farts, think what you could do for the country! Now stop the whining and GET TO WORK!

  • Trish

    Why is this news?? He is FAT period.

    • darty

      You’re right. It isn’t news. Just like you being stupid isn’t news.


    instead of writing too the big republican golem,,she should have sent him some donuts..fried in lard..sick of cristy the clown too!!

    • darty

      ohhhhh fried in LARD – I bet Michelle is licking some pork rib lard off her mouth reading this – but you like that right? of course hers all goes to those 6 ax handles on her hips. See, you don’t like your own stuff flung back at you, do you? This big booty travels all over the country gobbling down BUCKETS of ribs and telling kids to stop eating so they won’t be fat, and SHE’S FAT. But she’s one of YOU so you won’t criticize HER fat, right? You sit here as a liberal, pretending your party is “all conclusive, accepts everyone” but because of politics you make snide remarks about people’s weight. Then when peopel do it to YOURS, you go bonkers, talk about how “mean” the conservatives are to bash the ‘;poor first lady’. You do the same things to gays, pretend they are ‘welcome in the liberal world’ and then the first chance you get, GAY INSULTS if you think their politics doesn’t fit yours. You’re a coward and a hypocrite.

      • bee

        I guess darty you enjoy making things up as you go along, you are an A$$, that is a racist pig. The first lady is encouraging stupid people like you to push back from the table..There is nothing fat about her, I guess when you look in the mirror and see your fat but, you are a little confused.

      • Mike Hunt

        dartys just embarrassed by his fat wife. Its ok darty – she’s actually pretty hot for a loser like you.

      • Darty

        LOL – I see a struck a note in the ‘fatists’ bee and Mike.. I clearly stated that I am not fat, so for you to keep up the insults about fat is very childish and clearly a “come back” because I said something about Michelle’s WIDE booty! Well, you can’t see mine, but we saw hers; that picture of the 3 first ladies walking up the steps from behind said it all – she was wider than the other 2 together. Furthermore, even if I was fat,, or my wife was fat, neither of us are traveling all over this country, gobbling down huge buckets of PORK ribs, while telling KIDS they need to stop eating so THEY won’t be fat – that’s your “first lady” doing that! So since she considers herself such an expert in THIN, let her set an example and lose some of that wide-track Pontiac booty!

        Now maybe one of you childish “you’re fat too nanny nanny boo boo” children can explain to me – why is it YOU can whine about Christie’s weight but we are not allowed to say anything about Michelle’s? They’re both public figures and both FAT. Why do you get special privileges with the fat insults?

      • Darthy Vadery

        By the way, “bee”, what “racist” thing did I say? Michelle has a huge booty is racist????? Your race card is maxed out – try another tact.

        And while you’re at it, learn the difference in “but” and “butt.”

  • Sick of Christie

    This woman is obviously mentally damaged. KrispyKreme Christie is just another example of the Republican Bullies who are trying to make a quick buck with their latest stupidity. By lying, twisting the truth and appealing to the ignorant and pathetic among us, of which their seem to be quite a few lately, they push their elitist agenda. Stop making believe that ideas like universal health care and decent working conditions are bad things. It just makes you look as stupid as Christie and his gang of bullies. His lies about lowering your taxes allow him to help his big business buddies who take your money at the gas pump, the store, the bank, and the doctor’s office. Idiots.

  • michael

    He’s a fat pig but maybe she likes the big boys!

  • mark

    Yeah hot and sexy in a “I’m a 400 pound slab of bacon” kind of way.

    • darty

      Mark, so is everyone on earth that is overweight a problem for you? Then you have a problem with a whole lot of people. Is his weight the only thing you can judge him by? If that is so, perhaps you’ll also want to judge Michelle, with a booty six ax handles wide, traveling around in pure luxury on the taxpayer dollars to tell children to NOT EAT while she gobbles down BUCKETS of pork ribs.

      The woman was obviously joking, and Govenor Christie obviously has a sense of humor which all of you liberals seem to be completely lacking. I think he’s doing a good job, has a great personality, and seems like a kind person. I could care less about his weight. Now if I say I don’t think the same thing about Obama, you will call me a racist, right? Maybe we should think of a “ist” or “ism” name for all you people who just want to bash someone’s looks. You’re a “fatist” maybe??

      • darty

        My guess is you are not fat due to drugs, Mark. And I’m average weight but have heavy family members that I love very much, that are FAR better humans than you very obviously will ever be.

        Now I despise Obama and the harm he’s doing to America. Should I “lighten” up now?

        Such “fatism” from you, such HATRED from liberals! tsk tsk

      • mark

        Maybe you need to lighten up a bit. No pun intended.

      • mark

        Actually I’m a moronist. I can’t stand partisan morons. I didn’t mention the First Lady in my comment but you apparently needed to. I only made comment about the governors weight/appearance. As far as I’m concerned he is a manatee in a suit. And I think you are a moron.

  • Rod Stewart

    The Gov can be called a lot of things, but “hot & sexy”? Don’t think so, unless you’re a “chubby chaser” in which case perhaps he is!

    • sstruthers

      You know what is “chubby”? Michelle’s BOOTY. Look at that thing. At least Govenor Christie isn’t telling the kids to do without because HE wants the food!!

  • Sammy

    C’mon folks, this is a little bit of playful fun. I doubt if there’s something hot and clandestine going on in the dark corners of the state house. Remember, this is the governor (I”m paraphrasing) when asked if he would sleep over, on a cot during the snowstorm replied, did you get a look at me ! He’s got a sense of hupor and doesn’rt seem to take himself seriously enough to intere with his job.

  • jagdish

    Heroism is sexy. Christie is a hero to New Jersey. Despite what is shown in the media, most people of the State support him.

    • Tom

      So neglecting the middle/working class is heroism to you?

  • no fan of his

    There is nothing sexy about riding roughshod over the poor and middle classes and helping your rich friends get richer.

    • Darthy Vadery

      Ohhh, you mean the way Obama and Pelosi ran roughshod over all of America and SHOVED obamacare down our throats even though we didn’t want it? Couldn’t agree more! Noithing sexy about those two AT ALL!!

  • Montclair Mom

    I guess the old axiom is true. There’s no accounting for taste – or lack thereof.

    Still, I’d like to know what she’s been smoking!

  • dolly

    LOL. She is a SICK pervert!!!!

  • teetotaler

    Christie bears a resemblance to the late Tv and movie actor Raymond Burr.

    • honey bee

      Christie – is like dancing Bear – wink!

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