Queens Woman Accused Of Keeping Dog In ‘Terrible Condition’ Arrested

NEW YORK (1010 WINS) — Humane Law Enforcement agents of the ASPCA arrested a Queens woman accused of animal neglect.

Acting on an anonymous complaint, ASPCA agents went to the residence of 47-year-old Ana Herra and found a female mixed breed dog named Julie, who was in “terrible condition.”

According to Joseph Pentangelo, the Assistant Director for Humane Law Enforcement at the ASPCA, when authorities came upon the dog, she was “very weak” and “in need of medical attention.”

Pentangelo told 1010 WINS Saturday that the dog had to be euthanized after having a physical exam at Bergh Memorial Animal Hospital.

“Her health was very compromised and she had not had veterinary attention in a long period of time,” he said.

Herra was charged with one count of misdemeanor animal cruelty. She faces up to one year in jail and/or a $1,000 fine.

“Animals do depend on us for their care and nobody has to own a pet. But if you do own a pet, you should recognize the responsibility and there are laws that involve that responsibility,” Pentangelo said.

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One Comment

  1. Eizabeth says:

    Please spare a thought for the billions of animals which are killed each year to become a meal on someone’s plate, being tortured physically and psychologically, enduring unendurable conditions and dying in pain and terror for the few moments of pleasure on the tastebuds of an oblivious eater.

    If you are brave enough to face the truth, please watch this video showing how it really is for helpless animals living and dying in a truly nightmare existence: http://www.animalliberationfront.com/Practical/FactoryFarm/USDAnumbers.htm

    You wouldn’t want this for yourself, you wouldn’t want it for your child or your pet.

    Why inflict it on others?

    Do the noble thing, go vegetarian.

    Thank you.

  2. virginia says:

    This woman who is a school teacher is teaching someone child if she would do a animal this way i would not trust her with my child i think she should get more than 1 year and 20 years in jail but to me animal is like a person to people are so stupid .

  3. Michelle Andretti says:

    Where is it written that she was given back by the ASPCA? It was the Brooklyn ACC BIG DIFFERENCE.

  4. dale says:

    would we put human being to sleep if we are weak and unable ..? ASPCA DOING a great job but , i hate to say this i don’t agree on putting putting animals to sleep . unless dog is completely paralyze ..

    rescue means giving the BEST SHOT TO keep them alive.. i am sorry to say there is lot of ppl in the world put their pets to sleep , even when there is minor cases which can be corrected …… i guess ppl dont like to spend money..
    too bad these innocent creatures are born in this cruel wold and cant speak or fight for their rights ..?
    my dog who was with us for 12 years – was sick and was unable to move but my mom cared for him until he died and he went peacefully with lot of love .

    1. Pauline says:

      I agree with you 100%.

  5. dale says:

    one more thing why is this penalty one year and only 1000 $ ? .. jail term should be longer and at least 5000 ….. then only ppl should stop this abuse …. Well not for people like Miichael vicks .. ppl like that should BE IN JAIL even longer jail period and fine in millions ..

  6. dale says:

    For God sake, if u don’t loev animals or can’t take care of them then don’t take them in .. this woman deserve jail term and same condition that animal kept through …

    way to go ASPCA .. GREAT JOB

    RIP for that poor thing .. its better to leave this cruel world…….

  7. Brenda Busch says:

    To all of you folks condeming and blaming the ASPCA, stating that they are hypocrites and didn’t do enough to help this dog: were you personally there? Did you see this dog? Were you shown photographs/X-rays/test results, etc? No??? I didn’t think so. So how dare you pretend to be all-knowing and JUDGE the veterinarians attending this abused creature? Do you think they chose their professions of saving and healing animals for the money? Trust me, they didn’t. They did it for the love of the animals, and they didn’t just flip a coin one day and say, ‘gee, I think I’ll euthanize one today instead of trying to save it”. Get real people.

  8. Sherry Morris says:

    One Year!!??!! what is wrong with this picture?? Make this person suffer like that poor dog did!!

  9. debbie says:

    One thing I’m tired of hearing is the animal abuser could get 1 yr in jail and a 1,000 fine. I don’t know anyone who really gets the maximum sentence. Lets start giving the max for every animal cruelty case…PERIOD!!!!

    1. Valerie says:

      I’m all for this 100% & agree w/ you 100%. Until these offenders start receiving the MAXMIUM sentence for their cruelty & neglect, this type of thing will continue to happen. We need to make them responsible for their action & let them know we’re serious—PERIOD!

  10. lacy says:

    I’m writing to hopefully clarify something…i am a vet tech. i have worked in a few different hospitals where i have seen the effects of neglect, abused, loved, and misunderstood animals. even from people who truly love their companion, sometimes they overlook simple things such as an ear infection or a nail growing into the paw pad. many times if an animals health or quality of life is compromised, the vet will opt to put the pet down. most cases if the medical condition will be an on going issue or major expense…underlying diseases ect. most vets I’ve experienced try with in reason to save a pets life. but if the neglect was so far gone. it would be in the pets best intrest to put he/she down. its easy for those who don’t understand the job of a tech or vet to assume they didn’t do enough. i am all for the ASPCA…keep up the goodwork guys.bless us all. thank u

    1. Michelle Andretti says:

      Thank you for the message. ASPCA DOES EVERYTHING IN THEIR POWER TO HELP THE ANIMALS THAT CAN BE SAVED. Sometimes it’s just to late.

  11. Janice Marie says:

    Please pay attention immediately to Baby’s case..she needs your help since the ASPCA does not want to do anything to help her.

  12. Janice Marie says:

    Please, will you give baby’s case some attention ASAP. The ASPCA did absolutely NOTHING to help her and returned her to her abusers..PLEASE, PLEASE help Baby..

  13. SALLY HURST says:


    1. Donna Slover says:

      I totally agree!! No…that is to good for that LADY SHE NEEDS TO BE TREATED LIKE SHE TREATED THAT BABY!

  14. Pam Lindgren says:

    I will never Give a Penny more to the Aspca when they claim credit for rescuing a dog then having the poor thing euthenised rather than use some of the thousands they receive in donations to treat the poor soul.Disgraceful

    1. Alyssa says:

      She was beyond help,they can’t save every single animal…pay attention. Sometimes the animal is better off being put to sleep than to suffer,at least she was able to have a moment outside of her conditions. would you want to keep an animal alive when its suffering beyond help?

    2. Michelle Prieto says:

      the poor dog’s conditions may have been too advanced to treat. i’ve seen it before. it’s very sad & unfortuate but it happens. the dog may not have been able to be saved. i do understand your feelings though.

    3. Melanie says:

      Do you understand that not all dogs are able to be rehabilitated? Would you prefer that a severely burned dog remain alive or be put out of his misery and euthanized?

    4. DawnJ says:

      And we all believe that you ever gave a penny to the ASPCA to begin with. Yeah, right.

      Guess what genius. Sometimes an animal is beyond help.

    5. Ica Storm says:

      yeah i agree, the dog was “weak” i don’t see why you thought it would be right to put this dog down unless this dogs medical issues were so horrible that it couldn’t be saved, you guys say that you “rescued” this animal yet you didn’t do everything you could have possibly done to keep this animal alive. Sometimes I don’t understand you guys [aspca] you are freakin hypocrites when it comes to some cases if you ask me.

      1. Sarah says:

        Sometimes choices need to be made when working with rescue animals and they’re always difficult for those that work in animal welfare. This dog may have been so far gone mentally that using resources to save her wouldn’t have been in her best interest. Compassion is often letting animals go who are suffering in ways we don’t understand. We don’t know the whole story and pulling your support from the ASPCA does nothing to help the countless other animals that are in need. I hope you reconsider your stance.

      2. Ang says:

        “yet you didn’t do everything you could have possibly done to keep this animal alive.”

        REALLY? And you know this how? Because you were actually there? Give me a freaking break Ica Storm. The ASPCA wouldn’t put a dog down just because he or she was “weak” either. There was OBVIOUSLY other underlying conditions. Your post was about as idiotic as Pam Lindgren’s. HAHAHA!!!

    6. Erin Chabe says:

      I didnt see them claiming to bring the dog back to health. And I’m pretty sure that the ASPCA would have if able. They don’t just euthanize animals because it’s more convenient. They rescued the dog from a home and gave it veterinary care. Kudos to them for doing that!

    7. Nancy says:

      Pam – do you really belive that a team of veterinary doctors would do that? If only our human doctors had that sort of empathy.

    8. Jo Parker says:

      Keep in mind I work with animals.
      Sometimes putting the animal to sleep is the best option. It’s never an easy option, but when the animal is severely injured or terminally, why let the creature suffer? It’s generally a last resort option, and for an organization otherwise as credible as ASPCA, I’m sure it was for them as well.

  15. Loving says:

    I think this Queens lady should have to do her time. That poor dog had to be euthanized because of her carelessness. There are so many people out there (including myself) that would have spoiled that dog. If you can’t take care of your animals & give them the TLC that they need then do not get them. What it comes down to is this lady should be given 5 yrs (instead of a year, if she even gets it) INCLUDING 1,000 fine. Don’t let her off that easy, She didn’t care about Julie, throw her in jail w/out any food or water see how she likes it. . She deserves everything she gets. GOOD JOB to the anonymous caller & the ASPCA agents for finding Julie. At least she didn’t have to suffer anymore at the hands of this woman once you guys found her. Julie’s in a much better place now. It’s too bad the outcome didn’t turn out differently.

    1. RW says:

      This “teacher” certainly isn’t setting any good examples for her students, is she? I bet she’s a rotten teacher too. So, put her ass in jail, so that they HAVE to fire her. NYC will be better off.

  16. Jessa says:

    The correct link for Baby the abused Samoyed is http://www.justiceforbaby.org
    I am never donating to the ASPCA ever again if Baby is not removed from the abuser’s home and the abuser prosecuted vigorously.

  17. Linda Polt says:

    no living thing deserves to be left in that condition and then returned to the abuser. baby needs help yesterday.please save her.

  18. Lila goodman says:

    What’s going on with Baby? How bad does she have to be before you do something?!

  19. Jan says:

    Mr Pentanglo…Is the ASPCA accepting full responsibility for returning Baby the abused Samoyed to her owner? I DEMAND to know what is going on with Baby’s case. The ASPCA accepts donations under the “pretense” of helping neglected animals, yet, in the case of Baby, the ASPCA has dropped the ball. Your organization refuses to give ANY information pertaining to Baby…is this how the ASPCA operates? There have been NUMEROUS inquiries into what is happening with Baby, yet the ASPCA gives few details. This is a classic case of a cover-up! The veterinarian that examined and helped baby when she was in the care of your Brooklyn ASPCA stated it was a case of abuse. EVERY single person involved with the treatment and care for Baby has stated the implorable condition she was in when she arrived, yet NO charges were brought against the owners! What exactly DOES your organization do with donation they receive? I think it is time for you and your organization, ASPCA, to answer questions regarding Baby!!

  20. Bri Brown says:

    What is APSCA doing to help Baby? This dog should NEVER have been returned to her owner. For God’s akes, she had an oozing ear infection! Why weren’t THOSE owners arrested?

  21. Dena hinds says:

    before baby ends up like this poor pup did-DEAD!!!!

  22. Melissa Wise says:

    Mr Pentangelo – are you familiar with “Baby”? How is it conceivable that Baby was returned to her owner? Please investigate Baby’s case further. I implore you on Baby’s behalf. Thank you.

  23. Megan Haskins says:

    I completely agree with Perry! Why would Baby be returned to her abusers and no legal intervention take place? It is a shame that this poor animal had to suffer for her owner’s stupidity. Can something be done for the abuse victim that is still living and help Baby?

  24. Virginia Dean says:

    Can Mr Pentangelo please pay attention to Baby the Samoyed that needs our help …..obviously abused…..please can someome pay attention and help find Baby and get her where she can be treated with love ,,,,look at the pictures “Justice for Baby” website – she’s obviously abused but was given back to owners by ASPCA….come on, please help, Baby deserves better..

  25. Erica Dunn-Racz says:

    I would like to agree with Perry Caru. Can Baby’s case PLEASE get the attention it requires?

  26. Perry Karu says:

    Where was Mr Pentangelo when Baby the Samoyed was returned to her owner. http://www.justiceforbaby.com her photo is quire disturbing, this is allegedly someone’s beloved pet who the CACC felt was the victim of abuse but the ASPCA did nothing to stop her from being returned to the person who owns her. Would Mr Pentangelo treat his dog this way? I

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