Queens Woman, 23, Fatally Shot In Botched Purse Snatching

NEW YORK (1010 WINS/CBS 2) — Police are looking for the muggers who shot and killed a Queens woman Sunday night during an attempted robbery.

1010 WINS’ Al Jones Talks to Shocked Neighbors

Rabie Muhammed, 23, was walking with her husband on 204th Street in Hollis at around 8:30 p.m. when three men walking up from Jamaica Avenue wearing hoodies demanded she hand over her purse.

Muhammed refused and a struggle ensued, police said. Shots were fired and Muhammed was struck twice in the torso. Muhammed’s 29-year-old distraught husband was screaming for help, 1010 WINS’ Al Jones reported but it was too late. Police arrived quickly but the muggers fled the scene without the purse. 

Emergency workers arrived and transported Muhammed to Jamaica Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. Her husband was not harmed in the attack.

Police are asking the public for help regarding this brutal crime. If anyone has information about this attack, please call Crimestoppers at 1800-577-TIPS. All calls will remain confidential.


One Comment

  1. Jerry says:

    No balance of power here only criminals carry guns??

    It’ll never change until all can carry and protect themselves.

  2. Johnny Handsome says:

    Okay, 3 guys in hoodies…. In 80 degree weather…. seems rather hard to believe. There has to be 50 cameras in that area. Its not hard to spot 3 guys in hoodies walking the street

  3. Johnny Handsome says:

    Wow and CBS lets this be remain here.

  4. candcmovers says:

    Arranged marriage. He didn’t love her. Met new women needed her dead or she get money. old story. Husband did it.
    PS: Im not Bruce Lee but if that was me I would have been at least in front of my wife. Guess he was standing behind her.

  5. Peter says:

    The husband didn’t get a look at any of them? Hard to believe! The husband didn’t tell his wife to give up the purse? Hard to believe! The husband didn’t step in after the first shot was fired? Hard to believe! The husband didn’t give chase to any of them after she went down? Hard to believe! They let the husband go unharmed after potentially seeing them? Hard to believe! The husband ………….. the husband is involved.

  6. sadi says:

    We had a similar story in Wisconsin years ago. I always felt it ws a set up, and it turned out it was. Jessie Anderson killed his wife and tried to blame it on a botched robbery attampt.

  7. sungsungwangrooo says:

    so sad

  8. marge says:

    it does sound fishy but everything happened so quickly probably within a couple of minutes. I would have given up my purse..it is not worth you life

  9. dino says:

    Two shots to her chest and the husband walks ! Wow something stinks . He is going to have to really explain himself . I know if it were my wife getting robbed in front of me thier going to have to take us both out…..this guy is bullsh—–

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      If it were my wife, she would have given up the purse. No life is worth what can be contained in a purse. Yeah, dude must not read the paper.

  10. dino says:

    sounds like the husband set her up……………….

  11. John Prewett says:

    Police asking for help. Uhhh, have description of the muggers ?

    1. Johnny Handsome says:

      yeah, 3 guys in hoodies – meaning he could not see their faces.

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