NYPD Cracks Down On Drivers Using Cell Phones

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — The NYPD initiated a 24-hour cell phone crackdown Tuesday, looking for drivers who illegally use the devices while behind the wheel.

It was part of the Department’s focus on traffic violations linked to death and injury.

The Department said “the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving a vehicle is illegal. In addition, driving while texting or talking on a cell phone is dangerous and endangers both drivers and pedestrians.”

Violators face a $100 fine and two penalty points on their license.

Police issued an average of 611 summonses a day to drivers last year for breaking the law.


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  1. Joyce Bryant says:

    I totally agree that laws regarding talking or texting on cell phone while driving should be enforced -with a much higher fine! It has been proven that it is as dangerous as driving while drinking, so it should be as much of a fine. It would save a lot of accidents and even deaths and would help resolve a lot or the budget shortfalls if they had to pay stiff fines! I was almost rear ended while sitting at a traffic light by someone on a cell phone.

  2. Auburn Dale says:

    Actually, that cell phone law has gone so long without being enforced that it has probably LAPSED from non-enforcement and needs to be put back on the books.

    1. J says:

      Cops talk on their cell phones and ride without seatbelts too. Maybe I’ll take my camera and start snapping photos to prove a point.

  3. marx engels says:

    These self-centered morons on their phones or textmessaging are driving an average 4,ooo puund machine capable of killing someone.
    This is tantamount to involuntary manslaughter. Their license should be revoked FOREVER! Get off your fat duffs and start walking, ride a bike, or use mass transit ( as bad as it is)! You’ll get some exercise, make the air cleaner, and reduce oil consumption!

  4. Norman says:

    This Law should work both way: Citizens may stop a Police Car and fine a cop talking on the cell phone. I see them all the time doing that without any fear of punishment. What do you say people? Ticketing a cop!!! Surely, this law applies to ALL!!

    1. billy thompson says:

      Read the New York State Vehicle & Traffic Law, All police in NYS are exempt.

      1. Brian says:

        Disgusting DOUBLE Standards!!!!! Are the COPS Families and Lousy Politicians exempt as well?

      2. J says:

        You need to site your source my friend.

  5. mitch says:

    I wonder…..how many of us read this article on their smart phone while we were stuck in traffic?

  6. Milo says:

    I was one of the statistics today who was fined for using a cell phone. The only problem was that I wasn’t using my cell phone. The idiot cop just said I was. Now I need to take a day off from work and spend several hours traveling to Queens Traffic Court to show them my phone records and prove the idiot wrong. This is what comes from these so-called crackdowns. They equal quota enforcements that get enforced on innocent civilians. Welcome to life in the Police State.

    1. billy thompson says:

      Just because you were holding, looking, or admiring your phone does not mean your excused from the ticket. Read the law and you will see your probably guilty even though you feel your innocent.

  7. wei says:

    the police also use their cellphone while driving too. can we make a report and give them ticket as well?

    1. billy thompson says:

      You can give them a ticket after months of a police academy, and you verify that the cop was not on an emergency call as provided by the law. But you probably have no clue. So just keep dreaming of such a day.

      1. star says:

        wow sarcasm. you are obviously a police officer.
        Emergency calls are usually 1 – 2 minutes long or even less.

  8. nyc3256@yahoo.com says:

    why not just make everything dangerous illegal.

  9. gtig@aol.com says:

    if you can barley talk drive and text what makes you think the cops can?
    its not taught at the acamedy.

  10. madison345@mail.com says:

    what ever i still use a CB / until you make that illegal

  11. Brian says:

    Texting is much worse than talking on the cell phone (I am not condoning either). I constantly see people looking ‘up then down’ under the steering wheel while driving looking at text messages and writing back. At least when you are talking, your eyes are on the road. Ever in a slow traffic jam and notice drivers around you texting? There’s usually a gap of 50 – 100 feet between cars because one driver is texting and he does not notice the cars started moving.

  12. a says:

    “the use of a hand-held cell phone while driving a vehicle is illegal. In addition, driving while texting or talking on a cell phone is dangerous and endangers both drivers and pedestrians.”

    -unless you are a cop.

    How many cops have you seen on the phone while driving?

    1. billy thompson says:

      The law states police can use a phone & civilians during emergencies, while driving. Before you judge the cops, ask them if its an emergency call.

      1. star says:

        what cop would even answer? more than likely they will lie.
        ok all police are except but most are using their phones for chit chat. i see and hear it all the time. some hide out in my work and are just on their phones talking about nothing. i would report instances of this especially if they are driving. that could cause an accident.

  13. Major says:

    It’s about time.
    Just this morning while waiting for the light to change at Ocean Parkway and Avenue P in Brooklyn, I counted 10, yes 10 drivers going down Ocean Parkway while speaking on their cell phones.
    We can resolve the budget difficulties and assure teacher jobs if this is constantly enforced

    1. Nomi Farooq says:

      were they all mini van ?

  14. Nomi Farooq says:

    611 X 100 = 61100
    i wonder where does this money go ? the roads are still filled with big pot holes and noting is being fixed ? so where is the money ???

  15. joesmith says:

    i think every car should come mandatory with breathalyzers.. fail the breathalyzer, car wont start.. im sure thered be ways around it, but if youre drunk and alone.. you cant drive.. simple.. i wonder how many innocent lives would be saved

    1. aliciabrooke says:

      That’s what I think. Too many lives have been taken by irresponsible people. Every car should have a breathalyzer to secure the lives of the driver, as well as others on the road.

      1. p8nt says:

        You can’t cure a virus by treating the symptoms, and you can’t protect people from their own stupidity. That only makes for a society filled with stupid people, because they don’t have to think.

  16. Cal says:

    Just another Highway type robbery of the NY People, which is sponsored by the Corrupt and Greedy NY politicians!!!!

    1. rodgers says:

      … if your kid, spouse or family member is injured or killed by a driver on their phone, i suppose then you will grace the world with your negative comments as to why the cops were NOT do their job giving tickets to those who disobey the law in the first place… how about obey the law??? Then there will be no money to give to the so called greedy politicians.

      1. Mike says:

        Hey, Rodgers, are you another one of those the lazy moron bum from City Hall or a nasty cop?

  17. Geekymba says:

    I don’t understand why motorists can’t talk on speakerphone? Nearly all modern mobile phones feature a readily-available speakerphone option just a touch away. Put the call on speakerphone, put the phone down, and put your hands on the wheel. Not difficult.

  18. Blade says:

    I seen cops drive while talking..Do what I say not what I do??

    1. yroths says:

      Many of the anti-cell phone laws have exceptions for police officers and emergency medical personnel. The claim was communicating by cell phone was a necesary part of doing their job, i.e. calling other officers or headquarters, etc. Seems like a load of bull — isn’t that the reason they have radios in the car — but the exception does exist in many locals. So technically they are not violating the law when on the phone.

      They are, however, almost certainly making personal calls and I bet that is not permitted when they are on duty. Just a guess here, but I doubt New Yorkers are paying cops to chat with their wives while driving around the city.

  19. StormsNYC says:

    I’d be nice if they actually enforced the honking laws as well, they could rake in the revenue if they sat at major intersections and just passed out fines…

  20. T. Fenton says:

    Ludicrously low fine will deter only a few. And what’s the purpose of giving advance notice of enforcement??? I thought laws were in force 24/7, 30/365.
    How about enforcing red light violations and illegal turns? I live in Midtown and see dozens of moving violations being perpetrated as impunity reigns. Those so-called traffic cops just stand there and ignore violations; they’re too busy chatting among themselves.
    Note to NYPD: either enforce the laws consistently, throughout the year and without prior notice or let anarchy reign.

  21. But head says:

    Good job. Now can we have public bathrooms instead of a water front condo development ?

  22. Mr. Armenia says:

    police cannot confiscate your cell phone thats a civil rights violation.

  23. Nancy says:

    Cops should not be making personal calls on their cell phones while on duty, whether driving or on foot.

    1. Nomi Farooq says:

      i agree

  24. PaPa Joe says:

    I think the fine needs to be larger. Many people can afford $100.00 and really won’ care. I also thing 2 pointa ia too lenient. Unless this law has a lot if teeth in it I’m afraid it won’t do too much.

    1. a says:

      There is a reason the fine is $100. If they make it so people actually stop talking on the phone then where will the revenue come from?

  25. George says:

    As long as the police DO enforce the rule. I see too many of these bozos every day, driving along, blissfully chatting away. Fine them!

  26. Thomas Morton says:

    Leviathan needs money. You must serve!

  27. sawnetbean says:

    They should confiscate the cell phone until the fine is paid

  28. Josean says:

    But this action should apply also to every body, government employees and police officers while they are in service.

    1. Jake says:

      I agree with you except I think all police dept should immediately install voice activated hands free see phones for official use. These guys don’t need another
      issue to stop them from doing there job.

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