Jersey City Teen Accused Of Threatening Belleville Boys On Facebook

JERSEY CITY, NJ (WCBS 880) – A Hudson County teen is facing several charges, accused of cyber-bullying and making some scary threats via Facebook.

WCBS 880’s Levon Putney reports from New Jersey

A 14-year-old Jersey City boy is accused of harassing and threatening to kill two 12-year-old Belleville boys.

“We have no information that these kids have ever even met,” says Essex County Chief Assistant Prosecutor Walter Dirkin. “[He] threatened immediate bodily harm and/or death.”

Dirkin said the teenager also got the boys’ phone numbers after they posted their contact information on the social networking site.

“Phone numbers and addresses and things like that are dangerous things to publish to the world,” says Dirkin, who adds that this is another reminder to watch what you post online.

Dirkin says the Jersey City teenager believed he had a special relationship with a girl and that the two Belleville boys were somehow threatening that relationship.

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One Comment

  1. victor says:

    this 14 yro has a anger problem and needs phsycologicial treatment,,,he will be in prison before he is 19 if he doesn`t get hold of himself,,,,,where are this kids parents, out sucking up a few beers at a bar somewhere, on wealfare,,doing drugs, or what, that. the kid is our of control and running the streets, probably not going to school, or in some gang waiting to be killed…what color was he, we aren`t told, but probably was Black

    1. Annie Jenkins says:

      First of all why does he has to be black-you are profiling-Secondly, that child parents might be well off and live in a very good area. You on the other hand needs to know all the facts before you jump the gun-People like you give kids a bad name

      1. AB says:

        He is WHITE. Just like Jefrrey Dahmer. 🙂 The Craigeslist Serial Killer, Charles Manson… need I go on??? Lol…

    2. ab says:

      Darn. I mean Jefferey Dahmer (Typo).

      Getting used to my new ergo keyboard.

  2. Mr. Armenia says:

    These are just kids…TO charge with this seriousness of a crime I think is too much.

    When your friend request someone and leave your phone number on the page then stalkers can bug you

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