Bloomberg’s Approval Rating Tanks In Latest Poll

Former Mayor Koch: New Yorkers Are Simply Bored Right Now

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s popularity has taken a huge nose dive, with New Yorkers giving him his lowest marks in eight years.

But why?

CBS 2’s Marcia Kramer talked to an expert who’s felt both the love and the lash of the electorate, former Mayor Ed Koch.

Not since he raised property taxes in 2003 has Mayor Bloomberg been this unloved. A new Quinnipiac University poll found that only 39 percent of voters approved of the job he’s doing, while 51 percent disapprove.

LINK: Full Poll Results

So Kramer asked former Koch what’s going on. The former mayor said the public is simply bored and needs to see Bloomberg do something new and exciting.

Of course, Bloomberg has given voters a few things to be unhappy about. There was the bungled blizzard, the controversial pick of Cathie Black as schools chancellor, his remarks about the Irish and his decision to seek a third term. Koch, who served three terms himself, said it’s understandable.

“He’s now in that third term. The people who are angry about all the bike lanes or whatever they want to fasten on, the third term, envy of his success financially, there are a whole host of issues,” Koch said.

Quinnipiac University pollster Maurice Carroll said he thinks it’s what happens when leaders have been around a while.

“It’s sort of the third term blahs coming together,” Carroll said.

But there are other findings the mayor might want to think about:

* 84 percent say that when the mayor leaves the city he should say who’s in charge

* 74 percent say he would not make a good president

* And 56 percent say they don’t believe Bloomberg when he says he’s not interested in running for president.

When Mayor Bloomberg looks at the poll results he has to ask himself whether this is just a temporary lovers’ quarrel with New Yorkers or whether it’s permanent.

WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb with the numbers and analysis

“Demographically, he just is down on every possible point,” Carroll told WCBS 880 reporter Rich Lamb.

Carroll said the only borough that approves of Bloomberg is Manhattan.

“Is it the snow? The third term ‘blahs?’ The weekends away? The presidential chatter? I don’t know. Whatever the explanation, he is down,” Carroll said.

In October 2008, Bloomberg had a stratospheric 75 percent approval rating, Carroll said.

In 2003, 51 percent disapproved and 37 percent approved.

Maurice Carroll tells 1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks the numbers suggest Bloomberg would not do much better in Washington

Other city officials are currently experiencing their highest approval-disapproval poll numbers ever, such as 44-16 percent for Public Advocate Bill de Blasio, 54-16 percent for City Comptroller John Liu, and 55-25 percent for City Council Speaker Christine Quinn.

Police Commissioner Ray Kelly gets a 67-20 percent, including 57-27 percent among black voters.

Things aren’t so rosy for the new Schools Chancellor Black. She got a 17-49 percent rating, with 34 percent undecided.

New York City voters give President Barack Obama a 70-26 percent job approval.

Are these poll numbers on target? Sound off in our comments section.

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One Comment

  1. J says:

    Bloomy is sick with ambition and drunk with partial success. He thinks he is gods gift to New Yorkers. We need a Rudy who was somewhat of a communist, but got the job done!

  2. midi-man says:

    Wow this article is funny. They ask Koch like he was a a great mayor. Rudy was a great mayor he did everything he said he was and keep the money in line. Like the MTA and property taxes. Bloomberg is just a tax and spend Mayor any one in nyc can do this job.

  3. slamdunc says:

    Bloomberg New York’s Night Mayor has acted like an Nazi he continue to push people around and expects every one to do his bidding without regard as to who he hurts or inconvenience. His bicycle routs are badly planned,and dangerous. He has slowed traffic down no matter what he says, it takes longer to get around town. I am not a smoker, but he is infringing on peoples right of choice with his smoking bans. His pot laws are been tied to homeland security, when the courts tell people that it is a minor offense. His push to be a union buster is way out of line and filled with lies. And he lied about the the change to Time Square as been temporary and now it has slipped out that he intends to start building whatever down along Broadway over the next two years that will block more and create more havoc in the lives of New Yorkers. He backs MTA collecting a premium levy for a bad service lies too and he has let the roads radically fall into dangerous disrepair while he thinks that his money will buy whatever he wants

    1. badman says:

      god forbid it should take you longer to drive your car around the city. did Bloomberg ever say that car traffic moves faster because of his initiatives? no. he says, take the subway, the train, the exoress bus. that’s the point, chief – there are TOO MANY CARS here.

      another New Yorker with the misguided belief that driving a car is some sort of god-given constitutional right, no matter how astronomically high the population density is. wake up.

  4. badman says:

    New York’s not going down the tubes because of Mike Bloomberg. It’s going down the tubes because of all the crybaby malcontents (like the ones posting comments here) that like to find easy targets for all their self-hating rage.

    I’m not leaving cs my favorite bar is here. It would be OK if you all left, though.

    Let the spitting and spewing begin,,,

  5. DG says:

    he’s so far out of touch with everyday people, he might as well have stayed in Bermuda ..

  6. Benyamin Ramzey says:

    I’am sick and tired they dish out 5 billion dollars a year of our tax paying money to Isreal to support that terrorist state.

  7. sharp object says:

    According to this CBS poll, Mayor Dooche has a 79% disapproval rating.

  8. Dan Kappel says:

    Basically New York City is ungovernable! Anyone that takes on the job should have his head examined. I lived there many eons ago, it was a mess then and hasn’t improved a bit.
    Moved away and don’t regret it a bit.

    1. S. Adair says:

      Oh please, that’s a bunch of BS. NYC has had Mayors that have done JUST FINE. This one however chose the route of the Duke of NY. Buying people wherever necessary and bullying everyone else. He is universally known as an arrogant rich guy who supports other arrogant rich guys. Disconnected from the constituents, Bloomberg would rather focus on smoking laws than crime…would rather take his vacations than be accessible AS OTHER MAYORS HAVE. Anyone with the balls to force a law into effect extending his term as Mayor…and then have it revoked when he no longer WANTS the job is a piece of dirt. He is grossly fake, and from accounts of people who work FOR him…an A HOLE in general. I “used” to work for the Mayors Office, but literally resigned and went back to my former job after 6 months of seeing the amount of cronyism displayed there. Know one thing…this tenure he’s had as Mayor was simply a huge show proving that with enough MONEY you can buy ANYTHING…that’s all this was. Good riddance once he’s out. I wonder how deeply the Inspector General dug into HIS finances….or rather…I wonder how WELL those same finances were able to be hidden from prying eyes!

      1. Charis. says:

        Wow, someone who’s actually informed about NYC politics & everyday life before posting an opinion (& I’m not implying there aren’t others who are informed here). Well done Adair.

  9. Jeff says:

    As a practicing NYC architect I can tell you that he has managed to bring all construction in the City to a halt with all of the nonsense rules and regulations he has passed. At a time when we need to stimulate the economy of the City and create jobs, this idiot has managed to bring construction to a halt. Let gets rid of him as the people of Miami are doing with their incompetent Mayor.

    1. Charis. says:

      Jeff, I’m amazed @ your comments about Bloomberg having slowed construction in the city. I take fairly elaborate bike rides through the city, & I don’t just mean Manhattan, & in 10 yrs. of riding I have never seen so much construction going on before – or so many potholes in the streets.

  10. JH says:


  11. Bell Branson says:

    I live in Manhattan. No help here either. This is what is to be expected. The rich help the rich. The government serves the rich. It doesn’t matter who is in office. We live in a two-party dictatorship of capital. This entire country has been bought and sold. Either working people take control and fire the bosses, from our jobs to the highest echelons, or things will continue to get worse for all but the top 5%. That’s the truth.

    1. Charis. says:

      Well said sir.or madam! Well said indeed.

  12. Michael Stone, MD says:

    There are several things the mayor did that turned people off lately: the approaval of the mosque is of course a big item. Then there’s his endorsement of Sadiq-Khan – and her ideologically driven crusade to make more and more bile lanes in Manhattan — which disrupt traffic and impair busineees along the path (since people can’t park for a few minutes and make a purchase at the store across fromm the parking spot. Those are two biggies; if I had a little more time, I’d come up with some other boo-boos he’s made

    1. badman says:

      get your big behind out of the car ad see the world for a change.

      cars don’t belong in manhattan anyway. go cry in your coffee.

    2. Charis. says:

      I believe that the 2 issues you have mentioned may be a factor in Bloomberg’s popularity dip, bit I also believe that there may be more significant issues in effect. The claim that he is an arrogant wealthy man who mainly assits other arrogant wealthy men would be hard to dismiss.
      As for the current DOT campaign of promoting bicycling & pedestrian transportation, I’m amazed @ 2 things: that you as an M.D. are not supportive of promoting cycling in the city. Dear Dr.Stone, the more people leave their cars @ home & walk or ride or rollerblade, the healthier they will be, the less congested our streets will be, the cleaner the air we breathe, the quieter our neighborhoods, the less oil we will consume, the less congested our buses & subways will be etc.
      As for the claim that bike lanes hinder business, it has never been demonstrated that it is true. In most major cities in Europe & some here in the US, cycling commuters log significantly more miles than NYers do, & 1 reason is that there are significantly well maintained bicycling networks – & not only w/in cities, but also between cities. I believe that is also the case in several developed Asian nations. Why is it that the development of alternative modes of transportation receives such resistance in the US? We need our health practitioners to support, not oppose what is good for our health Dr. Stone.

  13. Benyamin Ramzey says:

    I’am sick and tired they dish out 5 billion dollars a year of our tax paying money to Isreal to support that terrorist state.

    1. ThePatriotMuckraker says:


    2. S. Adair says:


    3. Stonehenge says:

      Agreed-to the max!!!

  14. Al Pfeiffer says:

    Build another Mosque at ground zero why doncha…….Shoot for a 10% approval rating you big dummy!!

  15. Big P says:

    People seem to forget that about twenty five percent of the city are smokers. Bloomberg and the city council are getting low ratings because we resent their tactics. If they want to improve air quality go after the real polluters cars, buses planes and oil burning buildings that will injure and kill substantially more people than second smoke in a park or on the beach. How rididculous. All they are doing is making a big deal out of smoking and doing nothing to really clean the air and create a healthy environment.

    1. badman says:

      we could afford a 25% drop in population. too crowded anyway. can you just leave, or maybe die? you’re well on the way to the latter, anyway.

  16. Elias Kidd says:

    He’s using a few MILLION of NYC taxpayer money to RUN STING OPERATIONS ON GUN DEALERS IN GEORGIA.. He’s used MILLIONS MORE to sue Georgia gun dealers and their families. He’s not even capable of taking care of business in NYC, much less Georgia..where his approval rating is MINUS TWO MILLION.

    1. badman says:

      this guy built a multibillion dollar business empire and runs the one of the biggest cities in the world. Who do you think is smarter? Bloomberg or some guy who can’t keep his finger off the caps lock key?

  17. Susan S says:

    I used to live in Queens – recently moved out of the city – and every time there was a snow storm, we waited and waited for the plows. In Manhattan, you’d never even know there had been a storm. Bloomberg is NOT a friend of the “outer” boroughs – he must think they are a completely different city- only cares about Manhattan. And he only cares how much richer his friends can get no concern for the middle class or poor – witness all the cuts to programs that actually help PEOPLE who need help. Too much emphasis on catering to big business – not enough, really none at all for the PEOPLE who work for big business.

  18. Torch Bearing Villager says:

    I say we break into Castle Bloomberg and defecate. Everywhere.

    1. Stonehenge says:

      I’m up for it. I have diarrhea, an extra special treat!

  19. danny says:

    Wasn’t it the other day where he proposed a huge project at all of NYC’s waterfront? With parks and esplanades? I hope we can sleep there when we can’t pat rent. Thanks Mayor D-Bag!

  20. sharp object says:

    This doochebag raised parking fines more than all previous mayors put together.
    He is Mayor doochebag, the midget emperor.

  21. sharp object says:

    I’d like to buy you a beer-you are %100 on the money!!!

  22. GREG says:


  23. Bob B says:

    This mayor has become so out of touch with ordinary New Yorkers it is frightening. Briefly stated annoyances include: term limits scam, bloated property taxes, pedestrian plazas, endless street fairs, bike lanes, The High Line, his self appointed duties as nutrition and smoking dictator, Jannette Sadik-Kahn (what a disastor she is…note to Ms. Sadik-Kahn: this isn’t Amsterdam), construction gone wild with collapsing cranes, etc., etc. But he IS a great mayor for the tourists !!! Mr. mayor…have you driven the length of Broadway in Manhattan lately ? You are ruining the City…

  24. Sal R says:

    I don’t really know if I have a right to comment here bacause I don’t live in the city and visit Manhattan once a year or so. When Mayor Bloomberg was originally elected I thought he was going to be a good mayor and a nice guy. I’ve changed my mind. Over the past year or so, whenever I’ve seen him on the news or giving a speech/interview somewhere I’ve noticed that he really isn’t a nice guy. He has a streak of arrogance in him that he no longer seems able to hide or does not want to hide. As for his competency, my relatives in the city (Brooklyn) are having a tough time with taxes and expenses; they are old and on fixed incomes. And now, the Mayor’s policies affecting the hoimeless have added an aspect of heartlessness as well.

  25. Jack Jones says:

    Maybe his numbers are going down because of a property tax that he is inflicting only on NE Queeens coops and no where else in the city ….even articles released today state how bad real estate market is -yet he and the finance commissioner want to hike the property tax by 147%

  26. Anthony says:

    King Bloomberg is an arrogant pr_ _ k! He has destroyed NYC. He raised property taxes (the ONLY place NYers were getting a break) to the point that many people had to sell their homes since they could no longer afford the taxes.

    He has created a nightmare of traffic all over the city with his ridiculous pedestrian plazas, bike lanes etc and doesn’t care. I am convinced he did this to force congestion pricing back on the table.

    I did not vote for this idiot. Now NYers are getting a taste of what he is REALLY like. It was only a matter of time before NYers realized what a fake this arrogant pr_ _k is!

    I have signed a petition to recall Bloomberg. I hope this movement has legs!

    1. Fed- Up says:

      Here is a better idea… How about we BE-HEAD him !, and dump the remains in a river.

  27. Guest says:

    Maybe his poll numbers are down because people are seeing that he is really just about Manhattan and the special interest. Most of what he has done was improving the areas where the elite lives. And his policies in trying to make life more difficult for motorist do not help. I have lived in this City for over 40 years and his policies makes me wonder what is his real agenda is for the New Yorker of average means.

  28. Fred says:

    He will definitely run for president.

  29. kenny says:

    All he care about is manhatten the rest of city the he can less about . The rest of the is the one who pay all these taxes to keep manhatten up while the rest of city going to the dogs. Have you been on the roads potholes everywhere not in manhatten.

  30. Josh says:

    Many people laughed when candidate Bill Thomspon gave Bloomberg an “F” during a debate. Bloomberg is a leader of elite special interests and not a leader of people. He is out of touch with the regular NY’er – aka someone who grew up here. Our City budet is $20B more than it was a decade ago and the wealthy haven’t kicked in their fair share. He isn’t fiscal ly responsibility, nor is he an Independent. He is an arrogant snob. And if 39% really approve, I bet that’s concentrated on higgher income earners from Manhattan.

  31. Rocky says:

    Get rid of the BUM, Send em on his Merry way

  32. joemama says:

    emperor bloomberg will continue to eat away at your civil rights until you have none left and all the while brainwashing you into thinking that “it’s good for you”.

  33. Tony says:

    He has increased the costs of living in NYC so much that I think the average American family is not going to last long or even survive in NYC anymore… To give you one concrete example, he has increased the meter parking in Chinatown from 50 cents/hour to $3.00/hour… That is an illegal 6 fold increase… He is rediculous… He is one stubborn guy… The water/sewage charge and property taxes have gone up to the roof… It’s because he is super rich does not mean that all other New Yorkers have to keep up with him… Is it legal to recall him in NYC?:)

  34. Craig Morgan says:

    approving the victory mosque is enough for his approval rating to take. how he got eleted for an illegal third term is beyond me to begin with.

    1. Marie says:

      He bought his third term- like he buys everything else.
      I did not vote for him, I voted for Mr. Thompson.

      It is no surprise to me his ratings are down- I think they are actually much lower than posted her- not that Herr Bloomberg cares….

      He has devasted the quality of life for the average person.
      If we could afford to move away, and still keep our jobs, we would certainly do so.
      He has cut essential services to the bone and wants to cut some more.

      He shows only that he is an elitist by catering to his fellow billionaires….

    2. FED -UP says:


      1. badman says:

        every election in this country is bought. have you been vacationing in Disneyland? welcome back to the real world.

        and how is someone who spends a lot of money on an election a “fraud”? do you even know what that word means?

        is there anything at all in this wold that you are not FED-UP with?

  35. Al says:

    Does Mike the Billionaire cares about his rating? The whole city can go down the drain, and he would not care.

  36. Ellis Wyatt says:

    “The reasons for the decline aren’t clear, Carroll said. “Is it the snow? The third term ‘blahs?’ The weekends away? The presidential chatter? I don’t know. Whatever the explanation, he is down,” Carroll said.”

    That’s what happens to Nanny Staters. Eventually people get fed up with the elitists telling them what to do. Especially when the elitists can’t handle things like a blizzard. I’m thankful that his popularity crash will keep him out of the Presidential race.

  37. M sherman says:

    Any American who supports an Islamic center in the area where Islamists killed thousands of our people is no longer on the same page as the non-Muslim public of the United States.
    He is well aware of the growing influence of Islam, assisted by such ‘politically correct’ positions of public servants who want to continue to be voted into office by the public which now has more Muslim money and voters.

    1. Steve says:

      Everyone has a right to like or hate Bloomberg, but M Sherman, are you for real?

      Do you know that the person who warned police about the nut-job who tried to bomb Time Square was a Muslim?
      Yes – islamic extremism is a problem, and Al Quaida and its allies can ALL GO TO HELL!! I am from the judeo-christian fold, and it “raises the hair on my neck” when I hear people say “all Jews are the same,” or “all hispanics are the same” – whatever (and what the hell do Bloomberg’s actions have to do with all Jews – shame on you people)! You sound like you should go back to your job, filling potholes, out in Peter King’s district or somewhere else.

      1. Steve says:

        Wow Steve…you sound like you’re from California there! And what’s with the comment about “filling potholes, out in Peter King’s district”? Are you against the guys that fill potholes, that are out there in the middle of the road taking care of the holes made by others? In one sentence you bash M sherman for making a comment based group themed comment, and then you do just the same…bashing everyone who fills potholes…As for the hair on the back of your neck getting raised by comments…they’re words…and you know what…they’re not going to hurt you…especially when they’re not focused at YOU. For it to bother you so much that you bring it up in public forum shows that it’s an issue that is clearly close to you…I will say THIS about M sherman’s post…

        Not all practitioners of Islam are terrorists…that is a universal truth.

        But all the terrorists we’ve seen lately around the GLOBE have happened to BE practitioners of Islam…that TOO is a truth.

  38. Common Sense Kidd says:

    That’s what happens when you overstay your welcome.

    1. Mike says:

      when the **** was he ever welcome?

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