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Sweeny Murti
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After his performance Wednesday night against the Orioles, it will take an awful lot for Ivan Nova not to be in the starting rotation when the season begins.

The Orioles brought a pretty good lineup to Tampa–Nick Markakis, Adam Jones, Vlad Guerrero, Luke Scott, Mark Reynolds, Matt Wieters…I mean, a lot of major league hitters. Nova faced 19 of them over 6 innings and didn’t give up a hit.

He plunked the first batter of the game, then retired 10 in a row (including a double-play ball). After another batter reached on error, Nova retired 7 in a row. It was the kind of performance that would have you calling your friends and saying, “Turn on the game right now,” if it wasn’t in Spring Training.

March success doesn’t always add up to April-October success (see Burnett, AJ and Weaver, Jeff), but when a job is open like it is in the Yankee rotation, this is all you have to go on. And at a time of spring when pitchers are being stretched out and being measured a lot more closely than before, Nova threw lights out.

While the day began with the possibility of Nova opening the season at Triple-A because of how well both Freddy Garcia and Bartolo Colon had been pitching, it now seems almost laughable that a healthy Nova will not make the Yankee rotation.

Listen to Ivan Nova talking to reporters after his 6 no-hit innings against the Orioles:

Sweeny Murti


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  1. Markstrpes says:

    All of this talk about the Yankees rotation being subpar seems overblown. They have an ace in Sabathia, an all-star in Hughes, and Burnett, was more solid last year than the Red Sox #3 guy, Beckett, who only won 6 games with a higher ERA. I wouldn’t be surprised to see Nova match Pettitte’s 11 win total of last year, and Garcia won 12 games last year for a White Sox team that isn’t anywhere as good as the Yankees. With Banuelos and Betances waiting in the wings, and with their bullpen, the Yankees pitching should be fine.

  2. sg says:


    Please enlighten me. Why is is that the Yankees best hitter bats 5th (Cano). No other major league team puts their best in that spot. Is Girardi afraid of hurting someone’s feelings?

    1. Hector says:

      simple, Tex is a switch hitter with more power and is a better RBI guy. Love Cano, he’s a better hitter, no question, but Tex is a better clutch hitter with runners on. One bad year in hitting for average for Tex and fans want to send him to the back of the line.

      You’re making hitting 5th like it’s a bad thing. Tell that to the opposing pitcher when there’s runners on base & Tex at the plate, A-Rod on the on deck circle & Cano waiting at the top step with his bat.

      Also, on any other major league team Cano would bat 3rd or even 4th, not on the Yankees.

      1. James says:

        I don’t understand it myself, guess they’re not true Yankee fans. This team will score the most runs in MLB. Arod will be back to form, Teix and Cano will bring some too. I see Burnett winning 18 minimum, remember that’s the same Burnett who dominated those beantowners, year after year and reasoning for signing him. Granderson couldn’t have a worse year if he tried, and what do you think Gardner and Swisher will do to add to last year’s performance. Jeter does have to show himself. Posada being full time DH and a back up in Montero just helps the Yankees even more. Now, we get to the bullpen, any which way you match it up it’s unbeatable. Soriano can pitch 7-8th even closing it some days when the score is a blow out. How can the beaneaters have a better team? Beckett is hurt, and he’s not showing it, crawford never hit more than 20 HRs…I’ll take Gardner any day over him and glad the Yankees didn’t waste money there. To everyone surprise when Lee’s back starts barking it will be the Yankees who came out on top. Get ready for it, because the Yankees are coming, and we’re bringing it…don’t forget the weapon we have in Banuelos. Lets do this!

  3. James says:

    Sweeny, it’s locked up. He along with Garcia will make the rotation, if Garcia doesn’t cut it look for his replacement and that being Banuelos within a month. Please tell me why the media has counted the Yankees out, when Pettitte chose to retire. We have a more potent lineup in a better year for Granderson, Teix, Gardner and Cano. Even Jeter will be better for his own sake. A full time DH in Posada and Montero backing up. The media aka folks at espn called the Yankees out, we’re going to deliver another World Series in 2011.

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