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Court Makes DWI Drivers See Aftermath Of Crashes

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. (CBS 2)DWI offenders in Westchester County were ordered by the courts to listen to victims tell of their loss.

More than 300 offenders, some with their parents and probation officers, were greeted with breathalyzers at a county building in White Plains. Once inside, they viewed jarring pictures of injured or dead accident victims, and even one car crash, as it happened.

They also heard from a woman, self-identified as “Jen,” who killed her best friend while driving drunk.

“I don’t understand why he died, and I didn’t, and this is the question that I will have to live with for the rest of my life,” she said.

One offender brought his wife to the lesson to translate after he was convicted just days ago of drunk driving. “First and last, hopefully,” wife Wendy Gonzales said. “After all this, he better.”

In Westchester alone, 1,600 drivers were currently on probation for using alcohol or drugs behind the wheel.

Carol Sears spoke of losing her husband, Andy, to a drunk driver in Georgia. Their family was shattered, but is now on a mission.

“What we’re saying is don’t get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking,” Sears said. “My worry is that three months later, six months later, it disappears and they forget, so that’s one of the things I said, is to please remember us. I always say that.”

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One Comment

  1. Ron says:

    I bet at least 80% of the people in there were on prescription drugs.

  2. Stephen says:

    Every persons body is different and so is there driving ability. Reasons why some people get into accidents all the time and some don’t at all. To create laws to blanket every situation is wrong and the state knows it. This is a big money maker!! Also with having a court order to appear at this meeting is a joke. Yes some people abuse everything in life and do not care about their own life and certainly not others, and these people should be handled differently. All this is about is having the EXTREME MINORITY tell a horrific story, to further proper-gate the making of stiffer penalties and laws. Ask yourself this question, How many times have I or friends or have been in a area where many people have been drinking and then driving without 1 accident, this would be the majority!!! Before asking government to make a law for what you think is a good thing ask yourself if you are willing to give up another right!! Then ask yourself when did government ever not proceed to make more stricter laws stemming from that original law. Our freedom diminishes with every new law!!!! Be careful for what you ask for, it may bite you in the you know what!!!!!!!

    1. Realist says:

      Every once in a while some idiot comes along and tries to trump science with opinion.

      I suppose you have evidence that the moon is made of cheese, the landing was faked by the government and the earth is flat as well. .

  3. michael says:

    you know what just make alcohol illegal, and don’t spout that bs about why should everyone suffer because some people can’t handle it.

    1. Genie says:

      Sorry, your comment is out in space……people never know how much they can handle until situation like this happens……..don;t drink and drive….period

  4. mezzomomma says:

    About time the victims were given a chance to directly talk to the offenders!!! It may make a difference for only a few, but even if it gets only ONE drunk off the road, it’s worth it.

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