Spaghetti Dinner Leads To Full-Blown Brawl On NYC Subway Train

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Who thought that eating spaghetti on a packed subway car could cause such problems?

Well, it did. A video posted on YouTube shows a woman riding on a crowded subway train eating spaghetti from a styrofoam container.

Warning: Video contains profanity Click Here to See Video

Now, there is a code among straphangers that eating on the train is just plain rude. But so is drinking, listening to loud music, talking loudly, etc. It is certainly annoying but a sad reality for those using mass transit in our city.

Most times the offending party will just get dirty looks. However, sometimes someone will speak up.

Like in the case of the passenger sitting across from her spaghetti-eating nemesis in the above-mentioned video.

The details of the incident are scant: There is no date, nor mention of location and subway line. All we have to go on is what is seen in the video–and let’s just say, it’s not pretty.

All hell breaks loose after a passenger is heard saying, “What kind of animals eat on the train?”

Oh boy. Watch for yourself and let us know if a situation like this has ever happened to you.

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One Comment

  1. LU says:




  2. Just Saying says:

    I got nothing on this. I drive 20 mintes to work (one way), can eat, smoke, listen to music or scratch my balls if I so desire. Glad I don’t have to live with a mass of humanity that lives like you folks in NYC. If that;s your thing, not my business. But life is too short to put up with that from my limited perspective. Like I said, I live in the country. There is something to be said for quality of life. I say move out of the city, meet your neighbors, and relax. Life is too short folks to live it angry.

  3. clemdane says:

    Don’t provoke a dangerous animal in the wild. First lesson in life.

  4. Your Momma says:

    Hugo = Troll

  5. Gina says:

    The two young women in the video are wrong and should be arrested and prosecuted. Let’s be clear: they violently attacked a passenger on the subway over a simple disagreement. They behaved like violent criminals and should face legal consequences.

    1. Tony says:

      if the lady would’ve minded her own business, this wouldn’t happen. That’s what you get when you ride the transit system, an array of quality of life issues. As long as the spaghett patron wasn’t directly on top of me, slurping in my ear, I wouldn’t say anything. Buy your own car and drive where you have to go, so you’re not burdened with people who do what they want to do and nothing is enforced.

    2. anti-racist says:

      Actually, GINA, Watch the video in slow motion. The fat white / spanish lady starts the fight, continues the fight, is the first to stand up, AND was the first to make physical contact. The two young women were not wrong, as a matter of fact she was just sitting there eating spaghetti.

  6. Subarustiguy says:

    America has the worst subway system, and as witnessed by plenty of these types of videos, the passengers are rude and disgusting. Eating on the subway is low/no class and there is no excuse. You can cry like a baby that your life is so hard and you don’t have time but it falls on dead ears when every single other person on that train that is on the same schedule. A snack is something that isn’t wafting smell throughout the car. Has nothing to do with race has everything to do with how poor people from self-proclaimed ghettos/hoods raise their children. If u saw the video there were two black gentlemen that were breaking up the fight. Has nothing to do with race and everything to do with economic class. With all the cuts going on to the school systems and planned parent hood be prepared for many more videos like this.

    1. Bets says:

      @ Subarustiguy

      FYI – America does not have a subway system.

  7. Cousin It says:

    If the woman just accepted the fact that she is an animal by eating on the train all would have been over. People are tired of dealing with low class, no manners, no respect for anything types. Had this girl had half an education, a father in her life and a proper upbringing I highly doubt she’d be eating on the train. The issue isn’t only the eating, but that half these animals either put their stuff under the seat when they’re done or just leave it there.

    1. Big Bad Bill says:

      To assume that the woman only has half an education and no father in her life is racist! No where in the article does it even reference the name, education or family history of any of the people involved.

      1. Clemdane says:

        No it’s based on her behavior. I’d be surprised if she even had “half an education.”

  8. Diane says:

    I used to to eat on the train while I was a full time college student and also worked full time. I didn’t think twice about it. I don’t think that makes me an animal. It just meant I was hungry and strapped for time. I had to eat. As I got older and time was no longer an issue I stopped doing it. I don’t like eating on subways because they are dirty.

    I think the lady should have minded her business. I do think the two women were also wrong to assault her. Should we also yell at the people who panhandle or those who give money to pan handlers? There are signs that say not to.

  9. annie says:

    She lucky these girls are not the real Hood types. She probably would have been in the emergency room. Maybe because it was in flatbush area, i dont know. Would she have done the same thing to girls in bed stuy or east ny, or harlem Be careful.

  10. linda says:

    hmm, this is a dicey issue. Here’s my take…the old white lady was right in that eating spaghetti on the train is crazy, i mean a coffee or a sandwhich…thats ok, but spaghetti?? But SHE SHOULD NOT HAVE SAID ANYTHING to those girls! Subway code…Mind your business!! And those girls acted very very ghetto to fight that lady. But how much do I love that black guy who was the peacemaker! He was cool. But sometimes when you try to be a peacemaker, you wind up hurt! But what a nice guy he was!! He deserves a medal!

  11. kelinsometime says:

    Obviously violence on the train is wrong and should be punished, but I can’t see anything wrong with eating on the subway. The lady with the spaghetti-phobia was outside the food spillage zone so why spout off the rude comment? I don’t like people with holes all over their jeans but I won’t yell out that they’re being hobos. Anyway it’s food… you know the sustanance of life. If the woman wants to eat on a crowded and probably dirty subway let her eat it at her own risk and stop trying to control other people’s lives.

  12. Adowe Osman says:

    Spaghetti and meatballs is the bomb!

    1. Ray says:


  13. Chris says:

    Real talk, probably not. It’s a thing called loyalty. You heard of it? F O H.

  14. Jose Maricone says:

    Where was the nypd or mta police at the time.

    Out watching the basketball game?

    Yeah MTA raises train fares

    now we have to deal with two fat women
    fighting over eating dinner on the MTA Subway Train!


    1. chris says:

      that aint spaghetti, its lo mein, nam sayin?

    2. Ray says:

      At Dunkin Donuts!!!

  15. Jimmy Oh says:

    The big afro-american woman so wrong getting in front of other fat woman.

    The hunger afro-american woman should have not been eating in the train.

    If she read the sign on the MTA train. – No Eating on the train!!!1

  16. J says:

    One in a while I’ll have a sandwich on the train and clean up after myself! When you live a hectic lifestyle things are different. I mean in all honesty the trains are a cesspool of filth, but so are some of the people!

    1. J says:

      The moral of the story is MIND YOUR BUSINESS.

  17. FormerCommuter says:

    Actually, the “rules” of etiquitte dictate that pointing out others’ bad behavior in public is just as bad as committing the act yourself. Having seen someone break the rules of no eating on the subway, her proper recourse would be to inform a cop or the conductor. The spaghetti-eater should not have responded physically to a verbal attack. Both parties were both wrong.
    And kudos to the good Samaritan. “Blessed are the peacemakers.”

  18. The Dude says:

    No matter how you see the incident, the color of the the people involved makes no difference.
    It is amazing however, to see how racially biased most of you are. You think these incidents give you the excuse to spew your ignorant views.
    For example, did anyone see white youths acting rude on St. Patrick’s day on the train? See what I mean. This is not about color. It’s about your ignorant hatred.
    If you want to deal with ONLY white people, move to Kenosha, Wisconsin and black people….move to South Central, LA. See if you like it better.

  19. Lando says:

    I saw a guy rimming his nose and fingering the poll. I should have picked a fight with him.
    I did pick a fight with some ahole backpack he as wearing kept hitting me.

  20. s.mak says:

    what is the big deal? like we never saw people eat on the train!
    the attacker acted like is her first time stepping outside the real world!
    Dumb ass!

  21. LaShonda Crowley says:


    1. Ray says:

      Hello;) what r SCRIMPS?

  22. Ray says:

    I usually have a small drink or something when I’m running around, but I would never pull out a full course meal on the train, however, I see it all the time & I’m a big guy & can hold my own with anybody, but I would never say anything unless it directly affects me. People have gotten badly hurt & even killed trying to be peace makers. This is new York man, to each his own. Lady should have minded her business, that would of been the right move. My train is here, gotta go!

  23. Lady Sarah says:

    I wish the mayor hunts the two teenage assailants down and has them arrested. How dare they take the law into their own hands and assault a tax payer. How dare they! They have no respect, they had the nerve to use expletive words upon an older individual they deserve the full arm of the law immediately.

    1. Professor says:

      Lady Sarah needs to see a pshcologist. you mede enough comments. Lay off already.

      1. little star says:

        Oh Lady ! It’s Friday night. The Mayor is in Bermuda already!

  24. Eric G says:

    M.Y.O.F.B. It is not worth losing your life. People will get shot or stabbed over this.

    1. TSnotELLIOT says:

      My point exactly….because too many are afraid, and have been for too long, people feel they have the right to do as they please in public. In my day grafitti “artists” left our neighborhood alone…beacuse if we caught them defacing our homes/buildings we made sure the consequences ensured they would not do so again. Car theives, if caught, served as a warning to others to go elsewhere.
      society will tned towards the lowest common denominator…and has been doing so for decades.

  25. Cookie Monster says:

    Got someone sitting next to chowing down and it is digusting ? Here’s a solution. Just start having a coughing/sneezing fit. If you hock something up, even better !

  26. Food Fight ! says:

    Do you want to know what is just as bad as this ! Young kids eating their breakfast on the subway. There is nothing worse than having a 5 year drinking their juice, while you hope they don’t spill it over you. Hey parents, get up earlier and FEED YOUR KIDS AT HOME.

  27. Not eating spaghetti on train anytime soon says:

    Honestly, not a black or white issue here. Just a matter of manners. Should the lady have called them animals? No. Should they have gotten in her face and hit her? No. We could go on for days about who’s right or wrong.

    1. Newsreader says:

      Exactly! It is about manners. Where are the MTA police ? Someone should have pulled the emergency cord and the entire car should have surrounded and stopped the violence.

  28. Lady Sarah says:

    In a civil society people do not slurp in public places it is rude and this includes devouring food on a public train. It is rude to eat your girlfriends mouth out and rub against private parts. It is rude to sit on a seat on a train with low rider jeans and leave a skid mark on the seat, it is disgusting to open your legs wide in front of fellow citizens. All of the above behaviors are animalistic in essence because they deride the etiquette that distinguishes from beasts. Once we abandon etiquette we devolve to the previous level of development as man.

  29. david says:

    I cant even fathom how classless society has become.

  30. TSnotELLIOT says:

    The comments say more about the state of our society than the video does.
    IF people mind their own business, as many suggest, then we deserve the lack of morals and manners we have on display here. We DO NOT have the right to express ourselves or conduct ourselves in ANY way we wish.
    The woman who spoke up was right to do so…though her motive may be in doubt.
    The reaction to her was borderline psychopathic and a great illustration of our society “reaping what we sow”.

    1. Lady Sarah says:

      It is not about minding your business, it is about establishing boundaries. In public their are boundaries. In private their are boundaries. If we no longer establish set boundaries then eventually people will start to bring portable barbecues and fold up beds and camping equipment on public transportation.
      Evolution of man into civil citizens was based on boundaries and the adherence to a set of morals and etiquette.

  31. little star says:

    She had no right to call that girl an animal. Ridiculous use of strong lanauge. Wrong.

    1. Lady Sarah says:

      Yes it is strong language, however it is just as strong to stand within the sight of strangers on a public train and shove food in your mouth, or kiss erotically in front of passengers. It is very presumptuous to eat in public places or fornicate. They are both insults to civil manners.

      1. little star says:

        No Lady, it is much more degrading to be called an animal simply because a person is eating on the train. Because they are hungry. If the younger woman poped fat Lady in the eye…. no problem.

      2. kelinsomtime says:

        How exactly is eating in a public place wrong and insulting? Better put down that hotdog at the baseball game, refuse those nuts on city corners, and slap the ice cream cone out of a kid’s hand. This is New York City. People are always on the move but people still need to eat.

  32. saxotiger says:

    That woman should’ve mind her own business. Perhaps her bigoted upbringing got the best of her but those girls need a lesson in ettiquette and keep their hands to themselves. Obviously they don’t have good upbrining either.

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