Proposed Islamic Center Owners Sue Over Sign

NEW YORK (AP) — The property owners who want to build an Islamic cultural center and mosque two blocks from ground zero are suing previous occupant Burlington Coat Factory for removing a sign from the building as it became the focus of a national debate.

The lawsuit filed Friday in Manhattan Supreme Court claims the May 2010 removal of the 161-square-foot sign bearing the Burlington name from the side of the building was illegal.

The papers claim Burlington ordered the sign removed from the building it no longer leased partly because of the company’s displeasure with the media spotlight turned on the building.

The lawsuit also names several sign companies and seeks more than $7 million in compensation for lost advertising income and damages because zoning laws forbid replacing the sign.

None of the defendants responded to calls seeking comment.

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  • Devenio

    While the lawsuit has no merit, the talk against Islam here goes to show the fear and hatred you people have for something you know nothing about.

    • Kris

      Fear, hatred, AND ignorance? Must be Faux News watchers.

  • Rick H


  • Diane Marche

    Everybody calm down! The sign will be going back up. Just as soon as the painting of mohammed riding a goat is finished.

  • Da Persian

    I hait al these talk abut that amiraca hate islam. We ar many intelajent then you!

    • Rodin

      I have no doubt that a lot of you are but why can’t you write proper English? I know trailer trash that write better than you.

      • Devenio

        She is trailer trash.

  • Mohammed

    Good for the Muslims ! BCF can’t just do whatever they want and take down a sign. Let me guess, who previously owned that? Hmmm. Prob someone belonging to the 51st state of America.

  • Rodin


  • Who's afraid of a Big Bad Burka?

    BCF would have left the sign for the Muslim brotherhood if only they were willing to change it to BURKA COAT FACTORY.

  • Not ashamed to be an American

    The real answer here is, we should bring back internment camps!
    Be they (muslims) good, bad or indifferent. They (muslims) will have all the freedoms they want, and most likely free schooling, food, medical and scocial security benifits, they can practice any sharia law they want within these camps,
    It worked for ww2 and it will work for us now, we were safe then. we are not safe now!
    we can give them an apology fifty yeasrs from now and make it all better.

    • Devenio

      @Not ashamed to be an American: Should that read “Not afraid to be a Nazi”?

    • Da Persian

      Your as stupid as lump of you know what

      • Devil Whitey

        Hey! Didn’t I just drop you off at the pool? Toilet must be broken.

      • Not ashamed to be an American

        Obviously you are a liberal terorist sympathizer, you would be the first tennant of such a camp! : )

  • Trishe

    GREED, they are greedy period. Has the government checked where they got the money to purchase the building??

    • Devenio

      Did you check who financed the Holocaust? Thats a good one…

  • L. Berger

    Muslims are some of the most belligerent, intolerant and bigoted of races in human history. These stone age fascists do not belong here.

    • Devenio

      @ L. Berger. First, Muslim is not a race. Its a term used for the adherents of Islam. Muslims come from all races. Black, white, Asian, etc… Second, I would thing that your comment would make you and your kind “he most belligerent, intolerant and bigoted of races in human history.”

    • Da Persian

      With a name like Berger no wonder you feel like that

      • Herbie Original Situation Raskin

        …and Da Persian, speaking of names… what church do you belong to? yea, I thought so!!!!!!

  • Bonnie Brumbalough Carlson

    They want the world? Well then, let them take it up with Jehovah God who owns all the world and see if He willl give it to them – I think not???? They think they’re having their day in the sun, using our freedoms to ursup their sataic cause but it’s eventually going to come crumbling down.

  • Paul

    who is paying them advertising income? I am confused. not BCF obviously so what are they talking about?

    • Ross

      I suspect that they expected that when they occupied the building they would also get a billboard which could bear other advertising (not BCF’s), but BCF took that down (along with its own advertising), and zoning laws, while permitting a grandfathered billboard, won’t let them put it back. That seems like the only situation that would come close to justifying a suit.

  • Wake up USA

    Wake up USA. These people are evil satin worsipers

    • Devenio

      Wake up USA: I wish you peace.

    • michelef

      What’s wrong with satin? It’s a nice smooth fabric, great for sheets. If you’re going to complain about something, at least get the name right!

      • Da Persian


      • SmartassVA

        You’re dealing with NY’ers, folks. Get off the Muslims case and go fight for better education!

  • Smokein' J

    This is all our fault anyway!!!!! We allowed this to happen. We allowed liberalism to poison our country. There was a time when we wouldn’t even have to think about something like this. It would have been shut down with no questions asked.

    • Devenio

      Have you forgotten you live in America? Land of the free how of the Brave? I think you’re talking about China.

      American – Land of the enslaved, home of the wimps. Scared little rabbits come to slaughter.

    • Smoke You J

      Yes and there was a time when idiots like you would be shut up permanently. You should be shut down with no questions asked.

    • Da Persian
  • linda

    The mosque can be built anywhere, why are the insisting it has to be near ground zero? Just to prove they can do it and to F#*K the United States. Yes, they are insane, unrelenting and absolutely indifferent to other people’s state of mind or feelilngs.

    • Devenio

      Tell me linda – is the strip club around the corner ” insane, unrelenting and absolutely indifferent to other people’s state of mind or feelilngs.”?

    • yomster

      Your bigotry stinks.. You cannot wish them away. They have every right to build wherever they can afford to buy. They have the money and you don’t.

      • Fred

        Than why are suing over a sign from a comany that NO LONGER occupies the space??????? Because it was a GOOD distraction!!!!

  • Dr, John

    we are their enemy. when will that fact get through ? they are using our freedoms as weapons against us. when will that fact get through ? WAKE UP !!!!!

    • Devenio

      Dr. John, run the sky is falling. How does one use ones freedom against them? It was your own government that took your freedoms away, not any group. The globalist took your country – the United States is no longer a country – thank Bush Jr. for that,. Wake up before you wale up and have black suited Jack booted world solider knocking down your door.

  • Gorilla

    Give these people an inch, they take the whole world. This is the mission for these people to have world dominion. America wake up – look what has happened to England/France!!!!!

    • Devenio

      @Gorilla: What happened to England/France? They still seem to be operating as they always did. The ignorance of you people is astounding! Your fear will be your downfall.

  • RItaxpayer

    This is how they show compassion and prove all they want is acceptance? Besides, who are they kidding. All they have to do is go to city hall and say, “YOU’RE DISCRIMINATING AGAINST ME BECAUSE I’M A MUSLIM!” and they’ll get a zoning variance in a flash.

    Even so, it’s a brilliant move by BCF.

  • Garland Campbell

    Burlington Coat Factory has exclusive rights to its name and have every right to remove it from the building, especially since its presence there was being appropriated and used in a way displeasing to BCF!!!

  • Noel Tate

    It was Burlington’s sign and Burlington’s name. They should have the right to remove it if they want. More insanity from “peaceful, moderate” muslims.

  • Daystar

    Signs and wonders strike again! “For there shall arise false Christs, and false prophets, and shall show signs and wonders…”-Mathew 24:24

  • Daniel P

    These peope are insane.

    • Stephen A. Fishler

      The most ridiculous lawsuit I have heard of in some time.

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