Online System To Make Fighting NYC Parking Tickets Easier

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) – Got parking tickets? New York City is now making it easier to contest them.

Instead of having to appear in court or send paperwork via mail, you can submit all of the evidence you have gathered to fight your parking ticket(s) using your computer.

WCBS 880’s Rich Lamb reports on the new ticketing system

“Prior to implementing this online system, you could write a narrative of what your argument was about why the ticket was unfair, but now you can actually attach evidence to it. You can attach photos, pictures, documents, anything that you want,” said Finance CommissionerDavid Frankel.

Frankel says the point is to get all the relevant material in front of a judge.

1010 WINS’ Stan Brooks reports on the new way to dispute your traffic ticket.

“It’s much easier for the person who got the ticket, they don’t have to take off work and come into one of our centers to challenge the ticket,” said Frankel. “Plus, it’ll be more convenient for the judges.”

More tickets will probably be disputed, said Frankel. Right now, 48 percent of tickets are paid immediately, but nearly half the tickets that are challenged are dismissed.

Nine to 10 million parking tickets are projected to be issued in 2011.

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One Comment

  1. Chocko133 says:

    People Don’t be fooled. I got a ticket one time that was not properly filled out by the Traffic officer and the court was eager to get me to pay. I was railroaded to one section asking me to pay a protion instead of seeing the Judge. I knew it was getting thrown out and refused. What got me was that the rep saw the ticket was no good and still initimidated me to pay. Always check for mistakes and request a hearing. Just My advise. I wonder how many people got robbed.

  2. vic says:

    Personally I would not choose this option. Mr.Bloomberg found a way to cut an overtime for NYPD officers, who are required by law to appear before a judge, so the defendant can have a chance to present his case. If the NYPD officer is not present in the court room, the case is usually dismissed. However in this case defendants wouldn’t have that benefit and NYC automatically wins the ticket.

  3. Mike the transformer worm says:

    I solved my parking ticket problem I take the train

  4. zeppel mudder says:

    Who in their right mind would park 5ft from a fire hydrant? I received a ticket stating that I parked 5ft from hydrant. Born and raised in NYC, I know that it is 15ft. I knew that before the officer that wrote the ticket was born. Even with pictures,the ALJ said that is not enough proof. I am appealing his decision, and waiting to hear from the city

    1. Richard Allen says:

      Take ACTION people…. mark off 15 feet and spray a yellow line on the curb….people have done it here in queens just to prevent these types of tickets

  5. Sockman says:

    It will be so much easier for the person on the other end to click DENIED as well.

  6. nyjoe says:

    It is rare to have a ticket dismissed. When you appear in person you are given the choice of accepting a reduced fine or going before the judge. I bet you will not have this option when filing online. The only reason Mayor Gloomberg would change the system is to bilk the working class for more money

  7. ART S says:

    Guilty until proven innocent and even then you may not be found not guilty. You can be found guilty even with proof.

  8. ARLINGTON W. KIRK says:

    I, for one, will not enter Manhatten on any account. I have had three parking tickets given to me in this city and I believe that each one was strictly given out due to a “Quota” requirement. Each ticket was given while parked in a “Parking Allowed” zone. Explanation — No parking allowed.
    Bill Kirk

    1. Richard Allen says:


      If you think a ticket was “a quota” ticket do what I did…I filed a complaint with Internal affairs they ticket my car saying i was in a crosswalk proof no pictures…then towed it 5 minutes later……

      The ticket was dismissed and the lady officer has a mark on her record….

  9. Neil says:

    It’s such BS. I used this to fight a ticket that the ISSUING officer told me I should fight because he TOLD ME that he issued the ticket in error. The “Judge” simply said oh..not enough evidence, ticket was fine” and I was sent collection notices from the DOT. It’s an easy way for them to tell you the ticket was valid not to your face.

  10. Jay says:

    I went in front of a judge who said my evidence was unclear. I took better, EXTREMELY CLEAR pictures of the signs, showing I did not violate and appealed my postal mail and was denied and had to pay. I am sure in person is the way to go.. I cant see this system working well or fairly.

  11. Holla.... says:

    Let’s file a Federal Class Action Suit against NYC, that will make them regulate themselves effectively!


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