Judge Finds New Jersey School Cuts Unconstitutional

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) — A judge has found that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie’s $1 billion in school aid cuts last year left the state unable to meet its obligation to provide all children with a “thorough and efficient” education.

In a report issued Tuesday, Superior Court Judge Peter Doyne found that Christie’s cuts hit high-risk districts the hardest.

The state Supreme Court will now consider his finding and whether to act on it.

The Supreme Court has ruled repeatedly that the state needs to do more to improve schools in New Jersey’s poorest districts.

Last year, Christie cut state funding for all districts, including the needy ones, saying the state government couldn’t balance its budget otherwise.

An education advocacy group sued, saying the cuts deprived students of the quality education mandated by the state constitution.

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  1. jlippinbike says:

    The NJ Constitution apparently has a mandate that NJ provide its kids with an adequate education. But it also has a manadate that it balance its budgets, too. When a budget is not balanced, then all welfare entitlements must be cut so revenues will exceed costs. It seems to me that education is a welfare entitlement, and when it must be cut since there is no money to pay for it, then it must be cut and such cutting is constitutional. This story was a little off base when it said a judge decided. The “research assistant” might work in a capacity as a judge from time to time. But as a research assistant he was not working as a judge. Furthermore, judges are known for being able to listen to facts. They are not proven to be very good at doing primary research to find facts. I hope he didn’t get paid for his research work because he didn’t do a very good job of doing the research obviously.

  2. Capt Lou says:

    I think the judge who made the decision needs to pay more taxes.

  3. Lisa says:

    The school’s curriculum has been made toooooo easy. Not only that, most parents don’t take the time to help and/or supervise their child(ren)’s homework. Most schools today no longer give homework to their students.
    What used to be taught 30 + years ago is no longer taught today. Our children can’t read, write, much less communicate with each other and others in correct English.
    English is the language of communication in the States, not: Spanish, Arabic, Egyptian, Iranian, Pakistani, etc. I think you may get the idea. The standard language of the country is English.
    All students (and their parents who are not speakers of English) must learn the langange of the country they live in, go to school in, play in, and being protected from the vampires who prey on our children.
    In the public schools, many children and teenagers are like barbarians; undiciplined at school, permitted to run wild, etc by their parents who want the teachers to be the ones to train them for the future.
    The teachers can’t be the diciplinarian and teach well. Why can’t parents train their own kids to want to get ahead without lying, cheating, stealing?
    Students who play the whole school year should not be passed on to the next grade. They should be tested especially whether they can read & write, do maths, etc. before they go on.
    I had to pass all my subjests with a C or higher before going on. There was no pass or fail grade. We all also had to learn a foreign language or two. I VALUE EDUCATION! My children value education, they all have good jobs. We must make sure that our educational system has the best teachers and money availabvle for our children’s future. AND the standards raised. Why do we have no good American Math teachers??? Why are we getting them from Asia?????
    Make sure that all our children get a good education but remember that not all children learn the same way, so education must be adapted to the children’s learning ability.

  4. Shore Guy says:

    .If you think teaching is so good then why did you do something else for a living.Teachers were getting off all summer when you were in school right ? How about prosecuting Christie Whitman for not repaying the 43 millian to the pension.

  5. a cool guy says:

    maybe he should cut his food budget.. nj will have a surplus then

  6. SLSHarris says:

    Christie sends his kids to private Catholic Schools and backs school vocuher so that we can subsidize his daughter’s education. This NOT a swparation of Church and State!!!!!

    1. Ann Marie Kellett says:

      Obama sends his kids to a Quaker school . Does that mean Obama is a Quaker?

  7. Spanky says:

    Time to cut pensions and right size the departments. I am not for cutting teachers but I am for reducing overpaid superintendents salaries and retirements with full pay and benefits.The same goes for city employees. The days of “Super Size Me” are over.Right size everyone in the system. Heck I wish I had the summer off with pay!!!! Give me a break!!!!
    We also need to right size local governments. We don’t need to be top heavy. We need feet on the street.

    1. Michael H. says:

      The only reason it is “summer off with pay” is because their salary for the 9 months they’re actually working is spread out over the year. Many teachers have to work in summer school to make ends meet.

    2. TEACHIT says:

      I don’t know about New Jersey, but here in California teachers DO NOT get summers off with pay. I only wish.

  8. P says:

    I could have sworn that those perks were there to make up for the poorer pay over the years.

  9. Trishe says:

    What can people esxpect from a judge that backs the unions.

  10. r bolt says:

    The usual whining by the teaching communities entitlement mentality. It has nothing to do with the quality of education but everything to do with their bloated pension and health care plans. Walk in the shoes of a private sector employee and see what the real world feels like.

    1. jhut says:

      WAsn’t aware that a judge was part of the teaching coumminity. I’m sure you are for the Constitution uless you are against something that is in the Constitution. Please conduct search for your missing brain.

    2. mellow says:

      Walk in the shoes of the teacher. 4 years of college – plus a masters degree – plus additional graduate credits – plus a full 7 hours per day – plus take work home to mark it on your own time – plus prepare a lesson plan at home on your own time – plus put up with uninformed idiots like you – plus all studies still show that teachers are paid less that private sector wpokers with equal education and experience.

      Learn your facts before you run off at the mouth.

  11. Muriel says:

    Christie: the perfect example of a bully

    1. Kazoo says:

      we’ll take him in new york, at least he will stand up to silver and the teachers. in no time the schools would be better

      1. mellow says:

        The schools will be better in NY if the parent(s) take full interest and support their kid(s) education. Tha means making surer that the kid goes to school … making sure that home work is done … going to parent teacher nights … meeting with the teacher personally to find out the teacher’s evaluation of their child …

        It does not mean making foolish remarks like the one you did.

      2. Michael H. says:

        Mellow is right. The ONLY thing that will make education in this country better is if the parents take an active role in their children’s education. Too many kids today are completely unsupervised in the evening hours and the parents don’t care one bit about their grades.

    2. Tom says:

      And people say he should be our president? 😛

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