N.J. Bakery Raising Money For Dog Found In Trash

RUTHERFORD, N.J. (CBSNewYork) — The bakery in Rutherford, N.J. that brought you the Charlie Sheen “Tiger Blood” cupcakes is now selling their confections for a cause.

Sweet Avenue Bake Shop is donating a portion of their proceeds this week to the Associated Humane Societies of New Jersey after hearing about a heartbreaking story of a dog defying the odds.

WARNING: Photo below contains graphic imagery

On March 16, the dog was found dumped in the garbage of a Newark apartment complex after apparently having been put in a plastic bag and thrown down a trash chute in the 22-story building.

If you would like to make a donation toward Patrick’s medical care, Click Here

When a maintenance worker discovered him, the pup – who was hardly more than a skeleton of a canine – was rushed to the trauma unit at the Garden State Veterinary Specialists, where he received a blood transfusion and was later named Patrick.

Patricia Scavelli, an administrator GSVS, spoke with 1010 WINS Tuesday and said when hospital officials first saw Patrick they “didn’t think he’d make it through the night.” Now, she said the dog was “getting better and better.” While extra precautions are still being taken, Patrick does not require any additional blood transfusions.

patrick N.J. Bakery Raising Money For Dog Found In Trash

Patrick the dog was found in a garbage of a Newark apartment building (Photo Credit: AHS)

As Patrick makes a slow recovery, the Humane Societies are offering a $2,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

Click here for more information.

  • jo

    I so would like to kich her $#%#%#$# ass

  • Nicky

    I broke into tears at the sight of the poor dog. I always try to get into the mind of others to figure out what make them do the things they do. For the life of me I cannot come up with any logical explanation why a person would do something like this. I makes me sooooo angry when people abuse animals. Every life is precious, but I would take a dog over many humans any day!

  • MJD

    I am a dog lover, I have a beagle named snoopy, You come to love them so much, and he is such a big part of my family, that I can never see my life without a dog. All I know is that when I get home from work my little guy is standing in the window, wagging his tail waiting for mommy to come in the house, and that just melts my heart. Poor pup, I hope the judge she faces gives her more then just 6 months, and a larger fine! in jail. They should throw her down a chute!

  • http://hiddenattictreasures.wordpress.com pickinchicks

    The people that do this to animals should have the same thing done to them. On the animal rescue channel it seems the people that starve these animals are most the time big fat pigs, you would think they could throw a little food to the animal. how can anyone look at a dog in that bad of shape and not do anything to help it is be on me.

  • east

    i was wondering if you have had anyone wanting to adopt her yet????

  • Cookie

    “The greatness of a nation and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” ~ Mahatma Gandhi

    There’s a special place in hell for the person or persons who did this.

    • Sara Gabrakirstos

      you are 100% right. there is no room on this planet for people like that. you’ve got to be a special kind of f***ed up to even think something like this. this person I’m sure was that kid with the magnefying glass burning ants in the sun.

  • Jo Ann

    I hope they catch the person who did this…..This is a miracle he is alive. I pray he goes to a loving home. If he can’t I am gonna get him for myself….

    • Harry Kline

      If not you, me

  • JM

    How does this person sleep at night????

    • Jen

      I’m thinking that she doesn’t get much SLEEP as she’s a classy porn industry “manager”…according to her Facebook profile.
      By the looks of her pictures, she gets herself baked when she really needs a few ZZZZs. I’ve never seen “wasted” better captured on film.


  • Capt Lou

    The ghetto has no meaning or respect to life; be it human or animal.

    • dp

      A very sad truth Capt Lou….
      I hope the dog finds a happy home.

  • Micha

    That picture is heartbreaking. How can anyone do this to an innocent animal? We REALLY need stricter animal cruelty laws. What the heck is our government waiting for? It’s sad that we don’t value our animals as we should. They can feel pain, hunger and suffering as much as a person. I hope the pieces of garbage who did this are arrested and at least thrown in rikers for a few nights. Let them become someones butt pirate…

  • Roger1981

    I hope the person who did this will suffer a very slow and apinful death. What a waste of space and air some people are….

  • Juan Gabriel

    Sad day when someone would abuse such a small animal. If they could not afford it or not want it, they could have given it away to someone or taken it to a shelter. What is even sadder is that people are doing it to other people too.

    I rescued a small chihuahua-toy terrier mix puppy from an abusive home where she had learned to fear boys and men, had a scratched and infected cornea and couldn’t chew well because of an infected tooth. It cost a fortune for my family as pet insurance would NOT cover pre-existing conditions but she has now been with us a year and she has more than payed us back with the love and affection she gives us every day. She is no longer afraid of me or my son, eats well and is a beautiful companion for our other 2 dogs and 2 cats.

    I know that when they catch the soulless idiot that committed this crime will not even get a slap on the wrist, but I can hope that this will trigger a movement for tougher animal cruelty laws.

  • Amile

    I am outraged! This is intirely unexceptable! I want the people or person who is responsible for the maltreatment of this dog, they must be brought to justice!! This is such a Horrendous Crime_!( Surely once this person or people are caught the judge will put he or she away for a very long time_! It troubles me to think how this indevidual is capable of such cruelty towards animals. If this sick individual does have a child/children; child/children-he or she they are great endanger themselves_! This sick individual who ever he or she is; they must be brought to justice_!

  • km

    Really, the death penalty needs to be expanded to include animal cruelty. Any one who would do this to this poor pup will move onto bigger and better things like people. Sick, sick, demented person.

    • ejs

      NO, you go too far, its not a human being, you cannot kill human beings for killing animals, NEVER… its very, very, sad, but WE’d better know our limits, what your saying is even more unacceptable…

      • Diane G.

        So, what you are saying is that the life of a human being is more valuable than the life of an animal? That is unacceptable! The life of this precious, innocent creature is far more valuable than the life of the monster that committed this despicable act. ALL life is precious! And there is a proven link between animal cruelty and other criminal activity. Would you want the subhuman who did this living next to you and your family? I agree with km! If someone is capable of this then they should not be walking this earth!

      • Gods little helper

        you need to look at those horrible pictures and explain to yourself how this is in any way acceptable and can be forgiven? i would make up ways to take that person out if given the chance………but nothing i could dream up would ever come close to what this poor dogs has endured already

      • CODY


      • Lisa

        If you know anything about profiling, people that abuse/kill animals go on to abuse/kill people.

      • Karen Penland Baldwin

        I disagree with you totally. Any human capable of such treatment deserves to die. I guess you think we need to wait until they torture a human this time? Maybe you would like to let the person who did this treat you this way.

      • Jo Ann


      • Sam

        Maybe she shouldn’t die for what she did…but she should sure as hell should be punished for it…she almost took a life and I don’t care if it’s human or that sweet beautiful boy – she doesn’t deserve to get away with treating Patrick like nothing more than an inconvenience…he is a living creature that thinks and feels…and if can you not feel empathy about that at all…imagine this – she would have had to watch beautiful Patrick starving slowly for weeks and weeks…whimpering in PAIN without showing an ounce of human feeling…so technically she doesn’t deserve the right to be treated like a human…Patrick can’t speak for himself…he relies on those taking care of him and he trusts them…to have had this happen is just beyond cruel…she has no right to hurt him….when she took him home for the first time she had an unwritten agreement with him to love, protect, and cherish him…she did none of that…why is a ‘human’ life and I use the term very loosely with her worth more than any other creatures..we all share the same planet…and we all deserve kindness…you are as bad as her if you feel she is not in the wrong for what she did….

    • Linda

      When human beings can no longer act like decent civilized human beings they forfeit the right to be treated humanely. There is no cure for this type of depraved behavior, just as their is no cure for rabies. When something gets rabies we euthanize it because it is dangerous and incurable. This is not so different. I support longer sentences, a lifetime ban on keeping animals, a hard look at how they care for their own children if they have them and a registry (like we have for sex offenders) so the public knows who these kooks are when they’re caught. “If you don’t believe in angels its because you’ve never had a dog.” God have mercy on all creatures that suffer.

    • JM

      Yes, I agree. Death by stoning would be appropriate, I think. I hope they get that S.O.B.

    • Jo Ann

      ament to that……………a life is a life; what does dog spell backwards? GOD….remember that if anyone wants to make a comment that IT’S ONLY A DOG…..don’t every say that…IT’S A LIFE

  • Barbara Rizzotti

    Has anyone checked the apartment building to find out who did this? They surely have other dogs.

  • Margaret De Vido

    whomever did this to this poor dog,should have it done to them!!! Good luck to little Patrick!!!

  • M Loveland

    I love dogs. I can’t imagine anyone been so cruel to let this dog starve and than have the nerve to throw him in the garbage…they can’t be human, or they haven’t got any heart…hope they get the person that did this and give them what they deserve…prayers for you little Patrick

  • badman

    I will drink the blood of the person that did this to this little dog.

  • Mr. Armenia

    Newborn fetuses and now dogs too? What else are these types of people throwing out these days?

  • Julia Riccardo Vicario

    that is beyond cruel. poor guy. so hard to look at. has anyone asked to adopt him ?

  • none

    OMG.. Poor baby. I love dogs . I don’t know how anyone could do such a thing. Thank god he is doing good. I hope they catch that person. :(

    • Just me

      5 Minutes with a bat……Just give me 5 minutes with a bat………

  • Lisa Terrizzi

    What a disgrace! How can anyone treat an innocent animal this way. I’m praying for you puppy!

  • niklu52

    Newark in a nut shell

  • GO PUPPY!!

    Poor little guy, just look at the sweet face! Hopefully he’ll be adopted by a warm and loving family.

    Too bad that the person who did this didn’t fall down the cute instead. JERK!!!

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