Residents: He Comes At Night; Cops: Lock Your Doors

YONKERS, N.Y. (CBS 2) — A quiet section of Yonkers was more than a bit nervous on Thursday because someone has been breaking into homes while people are sleeping.

You see groups of neighbors everywhere in the Bryn Mawr section of Yonkers. CBS 2’s Pablo Guzman met some that were talking about the five homes burglarized since March 17. It happened to Joseph Pasqualoni’s next-door neighbor. Pasqualoni said he got very concerned when he saw a lot of cops one morning.

“I said what’s the problem? He said he was burglarized. They broke into the house while they were sleeping,” Pasqualoni said.

Police said the person they’re looking for has burglarized the homes at night while people are home. It happened to one man’s family. He drove from another state to be with them.

“They said someone came in through a window that was open and whatnot. They stepped up on an air conditioner. That’s how they got in the house. They are bold, actually. It’s getting crazy,” the man said.

Resident Marilyn Lynch told Guzman she knew one woman it happened to.

“One was a widow on Wicks Avenue. And the man came through the kitchen window and also went right to wear she was sleeping she gave him $100,” Lynch said.

Police are saying the same thing the neighbors are saying: lock your doors and windows. Police believe one man is responsible for the burglaries. So far, no one has been hurt.

Earlier in the year Yonkers Police warned residents to shovel their driveways and paths or run the risk of  break-ins.

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