Stamford Police Nab Prostitutes In The Act

STAMFORD, CT (WCBS 880) – Police have been watching the massage parlor in downtown Stamford for weeks after receiving tips that the store was a front for a house of prostitution.

WCBS 880 Connecticut Bureau Chief Fran Schneidau: It’s The World’s Oldest Profession

Lt. Tim Shaw says police armed with a search warrant found two women in rooms with men, one of them performing a sexual act.

Shaw says evidence of prostitution was everywhere.

“[We] located condoms throughout the building,” says Shaw. “They were hidden in false-bottom hairspray cans.”

Shaw says the women arrested were all from Brooklyn. Two men, one from Greenwich the other from Darien, were cited for patronizing prostitution.


    They should legalize this and let those woman make a living like they know how. Just keep it under tight raps, medical exams mandatory etc. Is among consenting adults anyways.

  • Richard J.Mercado

    In Nevada gambling and brothels are legal and both pay taxes and are legit businesses. We(Ct) have leagalized gambling and tax it. The girls that work in the brothels in Nevada are there by their own choice and are licenced and get medical exams. Mabe we should spend our limited police dollars chasing real crime and mabe allow and tax the worlds oldest profession. I wonder how many policemen,lawyers and judges have at one time gone to a brothel,massage parlor or strip club and touched the merchandise. Lets wake up!!! Leave the girls alone and lets all light up a joint….oh NO!!! Pot is also a serious crime,I forgot! Arrest everyone!!! Richard J. Mercado

  • johnny West

    Why not the arrest the two prostitutes that live with Charlie Sheen? Are they better than the ones from brooklyn?

  • John Client#9

    Russian girls from Brooklyn are great at this sort of stuff.

  • Elliot Spitzer

    If I was Governor I would legalize this as long as they pay their taxes.

  • free country

    Stupid amerikan morality! As all here agree, A total WASTE of police time/money.
    OHHHHHH, pay for sex is SUCH a BAD crime!!!!!! IDIOTS! amerika is a free
    country, MY ASS!!! looking more and more like islam or communism. Pure

  • GREG


  • Roy

    Better it goes on indoors at a massage parlour,than in a car or alley where the condoms are strewn about the street……………what a waste of law enforcement time and money

  • Rick

    It’s not called the oldest profession for nothing!

    What a waste of $. No not the John’s but rather the criminal justice system.

    When are we going to leagalize these kinds of crimes instead of wasting our limited tax dollars on something which has been going on for as long as history itself?

  • Charles

    The ” palor ” of course is not the issue from my perspective. It’s using police service and the criminal justice system to enforce morality issues that are just not an issue for most men. I don’t personnally care what women think because they don’t have to pay to get sexual relief as a rule…. althought many women want to rule a man’s sex urge with an iron fist….. which is probably why some men prefer to rent a woman’s affection. Many women understand this but many more women are angered by it….so be it. Don’t hire any rental men.I don’t know where you stand on the matter but I have assumed that you are against it

  • Railien

    There’s a cathouse in New Rochelle and no one is paying attention up there. The Mayor went in there looking for a massage and wound up writing a police report. If you want to see all the details, check out this blog: Talk Of The Sound.

    The other question is: what the hell was Bramson doing in a cathouse in the first place??? Is the NRPD so shorthanded the Mayor has to file reports? You never see this guy on the south end except for parades!!!

  • Charles

    Caught them doing what… men a moment’s pleasure in this world of unbelievable stress. Why doesn’t the chief of police go down and thank those women for helping men aleviate their normal urge to have sex. Don’t the police have better things to do like solving murders, arresting robbers…..hugging babies….etc etc.Who is the victim anyway. You’re starting to look like Islamists. Why don’t you pay ploice to go around hitting prostitutes with sticks in front of the public eye. Maybe you should set up a prostitute sting operation. When they did that in Edmonton, Alberta they caught a couple of cops. Heck I don’t mind cops getting laid on their off time. Like most men they will probably be much happier immediately after the event which will help them on their stressful job. Policeman we know you save us from criminals but please don’t save us from getting laid even when we have to spend a few bucks doing it. Try it…really its not that bad….and there is no paternity suit from some scammy lawyer afterward either.



    • Amber

      Say, Charles (if that’s your real name), what day and time is your standing appointment at the “parlor”?

  • Adowe Osman

    wow. these cops are heroes. let’s have a parade for them. they have saved the world.

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