Suspect Killed While Trying To Flee Major Deegan Construction Zone

SUV Riddled With Bullets As Suspect Tries To Flee

NEW YORK (CBS 2) – More details are surfacing in the shooting death of man who witnesses say was trying to flee from cops but got caught in construction zone traffic late Friday night.

Witness Ester Melendez said the suspect’s car got boxed in when it entered the construction zone on the Major Deegan Expressway in the Mott Haven section of the Bronx.

“We were telling him to stop and he wouldn’t,” she said. “I guess they felt he was going to hurt more people, and that’s when they finally started shooting.”

LISTEN: 1010 WINS’ Steve Sandberg spoke with witnesses to the shooting

The suspect’s SUV was then riddled with bullets as the Melendez family took cover in their car. Officers fired a total of 19 shots at the SUV, killing Santos.

“I was real shocked and afraid. I’m still shaking right now,” Melendez’ nephew said.

The shooting happened near 135th Street along the Major Deegan Expressway past Willis Avenue. EMS officials said four others were transported to Lincoln Hospital for injuries.

One witness told CBS 2 that the accident and shooting was the result of a police chase.

“The police were chasing the guy and he was trying to force his way through traffic,” the witness said.

Police said Santos was wanted on an outstanding drug warrant.

The investigation is ongoing and officials told tow truck operators that they would need to tow at least four cars from the scene.


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  1. FTW says:

    Who will do the song about this dirt bag now Bruce or 50cents.RIP CRIMINAL

    1. lawyer for a day says:

      K$isha and P Diddy will do backup – and they’ll raise money for “awareness,” and at the concert, there’ll be a riot where 4 posse’ peeps will be shot, leading to a $4 billion lawsuit and a march by Farakan and Sharpton folks for “justice,” and the cycle will begin again….

  2. wellinsured says:

    oh no ju didn’t (in Rosie Perez voice) — not worst just more aggressive drivers.

  3. diversity = death says:

    wake up white man !

  4. George Nenadich says:

    Nice Mr. Goldstien, you figure Jews would be the last people to make a racist remark!!! Your a credit to your race!

    1. voiceofreason says:

      How dare you George. David is a fine upstanding mensch. You should have half the human kindness he exhibits. He’s stating the facts of the case. People like you George are why racism exists.

  5. JasonS says:

    Considering the animals they have to contend with in the ghetto, they are in fact remarkably restrained with their guns.

  6. valoispq says:

    NYC sounds pretty scary.

    1. Joe says:

      it is, especially when you take home a girl and find out its a guy!

    2. ftw says:

      its a great place to live if you are Jewish ,Gay and can not speak English

  7. jim says:

    trigger happy? try getting shot at for traffic stop,theres a bunch of idiots out there.if you think cops are time you need help call a hippy

  8. wellinsured says:

    hey guys is “SKEL” a new lingo on the block or is that cop talk?

    So glad no innocent people were not hit by this wild wild west style of taking down a “SKEL”. Did I use the right lingo?

  9. victor says:

    good for the NYPD, they got rid of another piece of trash and no million dollar court trial..they should do more of this to anyone running away from them….then NY might have less crime. although, the criminals think they have the right to do whatever they want and just get a slap on the hand….one bullet will do the trick.

  10. jgonzz says:

    This is such a poorly written article. The perp is named ‘suspect’ or ‘Santos’. Santos who? Who ever wrote this needs to get a few more credit hrs before trying this again..

  11. critter says:

    Damn spades ruining this town.

  12. Thirthton Thithertinton says:

    Cops just doing their job. Pull ya pants up, carry yourself like a human being and you wont get shot. Ghetto skel burn in hell.

  13. ks says:

    good job nypd. this skel had no regard for the people whose cars he was hitting in an effort to flee, he caused injuries, and would have continued on in this way had he not stopped. no sympathy for this devil

  14. BC says:

    Why are the police so trigger happy these days?

  15. John V. says:

    Good riddance to another Eff’n Low life. Great Job NYPD. Hope none of the police officers involved are traumatized.

  16. Yephora says:

    Didn’t he ever watch COPS? You don’t flee from the police.

    Butt out, Calvin.

  17. Calvin Butts says:

    I have Sanford Rubinstein on the telephone right now, the $400 million lawsuit will be filed Monday morning at 9 AM sharp.

  18. Calvin Butts says:

    I just spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton, the driver of that SUV had the right of way and everyone should have gotten out of his way. There will be hell to pay for this NYPD.

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