L.I. Cops: Suspect Dies After Swallowing Drugs During Arrest

UNIONDALE, N.Y. (AP) — A Long Island man who was being apprehended by police died after authorities say he swallowed what appeared to be crack or cocaine and went into cardiac arrest.

Newsday reports that police say they witnessed 43-year-old Benjamin Jackson involved in a possible drug deal early Sunday and approached him on Planders Avenue in Uniondale.

The newspaper says officers heard a crunching noise and saw Jackson spit out the suspected drug. The officers placed Jackson in handcuffs and called an ambulance.

Police say Jackson went into cardiac arrest before the ambulance arrived. The officers performed CPR and regained a pulse, but Jackson was later pronounced dead at Nassau University Medical Center.

Newsday says Jackson’s family and friends declined to comment Sunday.

The medical examiner’s report is pending.

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  • Trishe

    This is sad. What is sadder are the comments. It seems that no one understands addiction and that addiction does not discriminate.

  • Moral Truth

    Look for the graduation photos to appear from the victims family as well as a shot at free lotto as they will sue the police dept and thats the moral truth.

  • Raymonduk

    when a person dies it gotta be sad. fear / who knows what made him do what he did. sure he should be taken off the streets.. lets see the cam from the police car//..if it aint gone missing

  • Mac

    Brandon Scott is a fine example of brainwashed, culturalised, politically correct. This is what has destroyed our society and our country. Truth is no longer truth and the obvious is now subjective.

  • Brandon Scott

    Insensitivity and racism is a disease. Maybe one day people will learn to empathize instead of criticizing something that they have limited or no knowledge of. You hide behind screen names when you make statements that are filled with ignorance and stupidity because the irrefutible truth is that this type of behavior is cowardly. I pray for peace for this person’s family to deal with such a tragic event and I also pray that these misguided find there way. Take care.

    • Isaac

      Life is tough. It’s a lot tougher and shorter if you’re stupid.

    • Richard Allen


      We ALL wish one day black people would get the message:

      What white people want is for black folks to commit crimes at the same rate as white people.

      Think of how much better our country would be……I have a dream

  • issa

    i thought they said they saw him spittint it out!!.what did he really died from?

  • claris

    Don’t tase me Bro! I feel there is far more to this, the story isn’t right. I say he may have swallowed the drug, but why didn’t they have him taken to hospital right then, they knew he did it, so make the call. But I feel it will come out they tased him loads. They Tased Him. VIDEO CAM where is the CAM CORDER

    • Today's Chuckle


      Go tase yourself.

    • turaks

      who cares….street is safer without him around..

  • KW

    Finally some good news.

  • cusanus

    Is that him in the photo? He looks ok.

    • issa

      you funny

      • tommy boy

        Flyte tyme???

  • jerryquarry

    and exactly why is this headline news? wgaf

  • .

    The suspect should have eaten before his drug deal….. LOL…..

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